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  1. Hope not, don't need another striker. Unless they want to swap him for Didier Woody.
  2. Oh dear, County's Facebook page is embarrassing. They're claiming that Colin Nish would be a great signing.. Really?
  3. Surely we're going to offload a few players?! I.e dead wood such as Mark Corcoran, Garry Wood and Steven Craig.
  4. Goalkeeper Michael Fraser has joined on a 1 year deal.
  5. Would give you a green dot, but I'm on my iPod. What a load of bollacks.
  6. Is Swankie not a winger anyway? Dargo must be getting on a bit, plus he's small and shite, so no thanks. I imagine Del has already got someone lined up to replace him.
  7. Hope not. Says on his Wikipedia that he has joined Dundee.
  8. Especially when two of them consist of Garry Wood and Steven Craig.
  9. I remember watching the Hibs game when they drew with Motherwell 6-6 and Smith was absolutely horrendous.
  10. Thank f**k the power is back on, sitting there counting my sheckles, came back on and thought f**k this.
  11. He's keeps pulling faces I would expect to see on Only an Excuse.
  12. Iain Gray is a wierd looking chap
  13. Some right fuds on TalkSport!

  14. Fat Boy Slim - Weapon of Choice. Music video =
  15. This is the same as me, didn't really get into it. Think I'll get it in the near future though as it sounds pretty good.
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