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  1. To be fair to Spittal since he’s returned he’s been a different player, he’s really taken his chance. Really tidy finish
  2. Cat botherer shouting at the TV wearing a fedora with absolutely nothing positive to say, backed up by some other nutters, with a RAF logo in the top right hand corner, what’s not to like? ”I’m a business women who does business”, Jesus Christ
  3. There’s no way this clown can continue next season regardless where we finish
  4. Another penalty conceded just about sums up this bunch of diddy’s
  5. McKay coming off is bizarre but nothing ceases to amaze me with the muppet in charge
  6. That time where he had the ball around the half way line, tried to play a long ball but hit a Caley player 10 yards in front of him, then lost the header was absolutely pathetic.
  7. That’s a regular occurrence, we’ve had four players subbed at once on occasion. 4-5 months in and he still doesn’t know his strongest team.
  8. I haven’t disliked a County team in quite some time as I do with this current one. Whoever comes in the summer will have their work cut out.
  9. No complaints about the result, we are absolutely excruciating to watch
  10. Hard to believe we’ve still got a chance of staying in the Premiership
  11. If only we had two wingers on the bench that can play left wing instead of a centre midfielder out there.
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