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  1. Oh boy, another week of punting aimless balls to White up front. We look utterly devoid of any ideas of how to break a team down.
  2. It’s been the same shite so far this season. We look utterly clueless when we have the ball. We barely manage any shots on target, never mind scoring. Here comes the centre half up front now, f**k me
  3. Noticed “Union” Jack wasn’t either. Hope Napoli stick a few past them
  4. That first half last time out against Aberdeen was some of the worst football I’ve seen at County for a long time. We’ve got plenty of attacking options, use them ffs. I’d drop Tillson for this one, he was shocking against Aberdeen. No idea if Loturi is any good or that though yet to take his place.
  5. The bit of black duct tape hanging off him arm as an attempt of a black armband
  6. It’ll be some laugh next week when UEFA tell the UK clubs to get on with their European games, but then league games are off again next weekend for the “mourning” to restart.
  7. Seems inevitable really, which really is a fucking farce
  8. Christ I thought the refs in this country were bad, can’t believe he’s booked Mendy for that
  9. Where do Hibs find some of these diddy’s? Bojang ffs. Surely they have their own youth players that are better than clowns like that
  10. Anyway, we deserved f**k all from that. Showed Aberdeen far too much respect (hardly Real Madrid ffs) and offered absolutely nothing in the first half. Showed a bit more going forward in the second half, but dreadful stuff for the most part. Take the draw though and move on.
  11. Need to do something different here. Every time we go forward we end up having to turn back due to the zero width in the team.
  12. Pretty shite effort that for me, when it comes down in price in a couple of years time I might get it then.
  13. “Impressed on loan at Ross County two seasons ago”. They definitely based that on the Rangers fans giving him high ratings on the BBC match reports at the time, he was pish.
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