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  1. The two Caldwells *shudder* maybe?
  2. YASSSSSSS The c**t should be off
  3. Playing some decent stuff here, final ball is brutal though. They look there for the taking. Although, they’ll be thinking the same about us
  4. f**k off ref, what an absolute shocker giving a yellow for that
  5. Painful watching Dykes trying to control a ball. How can a professional footballer, playing at a decent level, have such bad technique
  6. Robertson cannot continue the second half at right wing back.
  7. McLean, McGregor and Adams all posted missing so far. State of our defending too. Get Robertson to f**k at RWB
  8. Robertson at RWB it seems, f**k knows how that’ll go
  9. Why John Hughes bizarrely dropped him when he hit a good run of form last season we’ll never know. The guy hasn’t really had a chance since. Would be a shame to see him go.
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