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  1. Ra berrzz would turn down £50m for Morelos don’t you know
  2. I refuse to believe somebody so thick earns over £80k unless he’s punting a lot of gear.
  3. If we learned anything it’s that Palmer looks infinitely better than O’Donnell.
  4. Don’t mind getting beat by a better team If we’re having a go but this is fucking pathetic. Can’t even pass the ball 5 yards half the time.
  5. Get him in the next squad f**k it. Can’t be any worse than the current lot of diddy’s.
  6. Dear god don’t go near Owen Coyle, the guy is an absolute charlatan.
  7. Staggie_93

    FIFA 20

    That Volta Christ sake what a let down Just the usual fifa but with smaller teams, absolute shite.
  8. Josh Mullin getting mixed up with Danny Mullen for team of the week.
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