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  1. Boring draw (I’m sure the feeling’s mutual) but a good chance to progress.
  2. Jesus Japan have absolutely fucked this.
  3. Class goal that, cue Dixon going “fair play”. Bitter arsehole
  4. The Qatar “singing section” is so fucking tin pot
  5. What the f**k? Who was offside there?
  6. Utterly dreadful so far. Pitch is terrible but they seem to knock it about fine. We’ve had so many misplaced passes. Our shape looks all over the place too, they seem to have loads of space in midfield.
  7. Quite astonishing isn’t it? Just how do they do it?
  8. Finished fives at 7:30 last night hoping to hear the pre-match build up on my way home for the two games on. Nope, all about Rangers right up until kick off, who weren’t even playing until tonight. Get Kenny McIntyre so far to f**k.
  9. Excellent result, some really good performances out there again. Hibs look like they could be playing this time tomorrow and still not score. They looked pish.
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