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  1. Now that this season's EOS League has been declared null and void, could Luncarty convert to the Midland League which would move them up to tier 6 and in the correct end of the HL/LL divide?
  2. Although it's very unlikely we will see a Scottish isles team enter the pyramid we have had recent cases in England with Isle Of Man, Guernsey and Jersey Bulls all entering the English pyramid system.
  3. They should just null and void it to avoid the possible ludicrous situation where Jeanfield could go up to the Lowland on PPG whilst Tranent have been top all season. Would also mean the LL can scrap relegation without extending the division further.
  4. I know it hasn't been made official but assuming the Midland League gets the go ahead which clubs would you expect to apply for its debut season? I would assume all the remaining Tayside juniors with Forfar West End withdrawing their EOS application although Scone Thistle are just below the HL line of latitide so they might opt for EOS instead. Tayport of course have always expressed their desire to be in a Tayside pyramid set up despite being just south of the line.
  5. Here is my solution to resolve the Tayside pyramid problem once and for all. Dundee clubs, Broughty Athletic, Carnoustie Panmure and Scone Thistle move to the EOS. Rest of the Angus clubs, Blairgowrie and Coupar Angus and any willing Perthshire applicants north of the boundary move to the Northern feeder.
  6. Here is how I would resolve this season's Lowland League. * League splits to a top 8 and bottom 9 after everyone has played each other once * Kelty's 2-0 win at Cumbernauld Colts on November 25th is declared null and void given they have already played each other twice.
  7. Here is how I would propose a possible Second Division regional system using EOS Conference current standings, Tayport and the rest of the West Lothian juniors bar WOS interested Harthill joining and Cupar Hearts being rumoured. EOS Second Division North St Andrews Glenrothes Kirkcaldy and Dysart Lochore Welfare Lochgelly Albert Tayport Cupar Hearts Easthouses Lily MW Ormiston EOS Second Division West Dunipace Syngenta Bo'ness Utd Juniors Armadale Thistle Fauldhouse United West Calder Utd Whitburn Stoneyburn Bathgate Thistle Sauchie Juniors EOS Second Division East Coldstream Dalkeith Arniston Rangers Tweedmouth Eyemouth United Hawick RAU Peebles Rovers Preston Athletic Livingston Utd Pumpherston Juniors
  8. If there is still no answer to the Tayside pyramid solution and Scone Thistle do apply for the EOS, could it tempt the remaining Perthshire juniors Blairgowrie and Coupar Angus to apply also?
  9. Teamfinderscot, why do you start this thread with a misleading title two months before it the season was actually called, how dare you did that you fucking w****r!
  10. With another cluster of EOS clubs getting licenced awarding Scottish Cup entry every year without having to win a certain trophy, does the Alex Jack Cup have a long term future? There will be hardly any unlicensed clubs to sustain its viability if this trend continues.
  11. Could mods change the thread title to Pyramid 2020-21? It's all about next season now we're discussing.
  12. If Terry Butcher had not broken his leg vs Aberdeen in November 1987, could Rangers have gone on to clinch the second of 11 in a row?
  13. Would the old Gretna still be around today if James Grady had not scored that last gasp winner that promoted them to the SPL?
  14. Here's how I would sort out the North of Scotland issue. Tier 6 - Premier Division - champions promoted to HL if licensed, 2 relegated Tier 7 - First Division - 2 promoted, 3 relegated Tier 8 would be regionalised Second Division West - champions promoted Second Division East - champions promoted Second Division Tayside - champions promoted
  15. The Nine has had good reviews in the six months it's been on air but yet it's still getting dire viewing figures because it is up against all the prime time dramas and reality stuff and many believe this type of show should be on at 6pm on BBC One instead renewing never ending calls for a Scottish Six. So would you prefer The Nine as it is or a Scottish Six?
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