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  1. 1. Falkirk 2. Queen of the South 3. Dunfermline 4. Kelty 5. Montrose 6. Airdrie 7. Alloa 8. FC Edinburgh 9. Peterhead 10. Clyde
  2. Prediction Champions: Dunbar Promoted: Glenrothes, Preston Relegated: Burntisland, Coldstream, Rosyth
  3. 1. Forfar 2. Stenhousemuir 3. Annan 4. Bonnyrigg 5. Dumbarton 6. Stranraer 7. East Fife 8. Stirling Albion 9. Albion Rovers 10. Elgin
  4. Would like to see the regional amateur cup winners come in at some point so for example this season you would have Shortlees (West and Ayrshire), Kincorth (North), Fallin (East), Fintry Athletic (North of Tay), Lesmahagow AFC (South) and Cupar Hearts (Fife) added to the mix.
  5. Rangers and St Mirren are never in the same home or away column unless Celtic are at Paisley or vice versa.
  6. If Brechin go back up then go back down to non-league and have their wish of moving to the LL granted then I don't think they would come back up.
  7. Really hoping the HL champions win next season's pyramid play off and Forfar and Elgin don't finish last in League 2 so two of the money grabbing diddys get flushed out.
  8. Tayport however did prepare moving to the EOS if the pyramid solution had not been resolved for Tayside.
  9. There used to be Dunoon Athletic in the West Juniors.
  10. This might be a sensible option.
  11. Here's another solution, transist the SOS into the WOS system by splitting the table into levels. 1st to 4th of SOS into tier 7 (WOS Division 1) 5th to 7th of SOS into tier 8 (WOS Division 2) 8th to 10th of SOS into tier 9 (WOS Division 3) 11th to 13th of SOS into tier 10 (WOS Division 4)
  12. Hawick will be tier 8 next season, the new EOS second division.
  13. At a guess I'd say Civil Service Strollers. They have been very outspoken against this last year and from having been there and spoken to a committee member, I'd be surprised if they changed their mind. Interesting to note that the clubs named so far who either voted against or abstained are ex juniors and ex SPFL.
  14. Thought the title of the thread meant the cup was being scrapped!
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