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  1. Speak to a broker I can recommend one if you PM me.
  2. A page from (my own website) The Partick Thistle History Archive - http://partickthistleahistory.wikifoundry.com/page/Season+1991-92 I have lots of match reports and pictures.
  3. €15 euro's for a litre at the airport
  4. Former home of Partick Thistle Meadowside had a cycle track back in the day
  5. Picked these up on a recent trip to Tenerife
  6. Scanning £47 in Morrison's Anniesland tonight
  7. Also trade as Wine Rack and own large distribution company Matthew Clark who delivers to Weatherspoons
  8. Could be Colin Walsh he played in the game the picture was on the programme ?
  9. Gerry Collins with a jaw dropping lack of respect when Thistle beat Rangers in 1993.
  10. Folk that eat stuff in supermarket's before they pay for it.
  11. Dropped my BB Max a few months back and cracked the screen (gutted) but now the screen is becoming unresponsive to touch, got similar budget £120ish, whould you just buy a straight replacement or another model ?
  12. The coopers would pull you there and then iirc
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