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  1. I ain't gonna start pleading to some false deity just for you, but I'll have another Innes & Gunn and Lagavulin and toast your health...Slanj
  2. had this couple of years ago, think I may have posted on here about it, had ache like toothache going from testicle to my kidneys and back, left it and left, coz I'm a man and I can beat anything right... wrong, I ended up in tears in agony whilst on a trip to Scotland v Brazil (Emirates game) convinced I had testicular cancer and was dying, turned out to be an infection in my pipeworks needing antibiotics... Get checked mate!
  3. was probably the worms that made him feel sick tbh.
  4. wasn't it said on here the loan deal pretty much stipulated when McKay was fit, he played? Which if true would explain his attitude while with us and Grants insistence on playing him. If it's not true then yeah you have to seriously question Murray (and McKays attitude there.) Anyway the whole loan was a waste of time, I would much rather we gave one of our own youths some game time.
  5. ^^^result of a drunken Hogmany knee trembler IMO (I know I wished you happy birthday earlier but just noticed the date just now )
  6. look at that puny arm... No wonder you needed girls to help you ETA #doyouevenliftbro
  7. that will be off by the time of St Mirrens visit on Sat mate.
  8. I only had two and can feel the effects already... walking back to my digs just now as early start tomorrow but still in Oban tomorrow night so I know where I'll be drinking
  9. some real tin hatters in the comments there FUCKINGHELL
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