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  1. jester

    The Americans

    Per month? No, sorry. It's now included in the £7.99 per month subscription. Last week Season 6 would have cost you £18.99 to buy.
  2. jester

    The Americans

    The 6th season of The Americans is now included in Amazon Prime (was £18.99 last week). Can't wait to get stuck in.
  3. jester

    Under the Dome

    Had watched the first two seasons of this. First was decent and the second went a bit "meh". Finally got round to watching the final season. WTF is all that about? Unfortunately I get a compulsion to finish what I started, so these last 7 episodes are going to be very, very trying.
  4. jester

    The Walking Dead

    So, who was on the radio then?
  5. jester


    It's been a long wait, but Deadwood is returning! I'm looking forward to this, long overdue. Will it finally bring closure to the series, or will it set up more movies, or even a new season? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAcftIUE6MQ
  6. Had a discussion with a friend this morning who was of the opinion that this may have to go down a Lockerbie type trial because of the circumstances I mentioned. He's no admirer of Salmond but is of the firm belief that he cannot hope to receive a fair trial by jury in Scotland.
  7. The news that Alex Salmond had been charged with numerous counts of alleged rape and sexual assault came as a bombshell to many of us in the independence movement in Scotland. Alex Salmond was the driving force behind our campaign in 2014 and inspired many of us who previously weren’t involved to get active in Scottish politics. There has been a long history of British Nationalists in Scotland attempting to smear the former First Minister while in office by sharing smears and innuendo, none of which bear repeating. The charges he now faces are serious and the nature of these alleged offences will come to light in court. At present he is, in the eyes of the law, guilty of nothing, and maintains that he is not guilty. As a friend and inspiration to the pro-Scottish independence movement it is our hope that Mr Salmond is indeed not guilty of the charges brought against him. This is not to say we have chosen his side of the story over the allegations of the complainants; neither side has had their chance to produce their evidence in court, and until such time no judgement can or should be made. What we do find utterly distasteful is the sheer hypocrisy of the British Nationalists across Scotland who have reacted with glee at these allegations while celebrating the predicament of a man they clearly revile. The sickening triumphalism displayed by these ‘Holy Willie’s’ is horrifying, and made all the more so by their trolling of the pro-Scottish community online, rounding on words of support for Mr Salmond with the retort of “have you no sympathy for the (alleged) victims?”. The idea would never of course enter their heads that they themselves were tastelessly exploiting these women for political and ideological gain. Mr Salmond will at some point in the future face a trial which will involve a jury and this raises a number of issues. Mr Salmond is undoubtedly a divisive figure. No Scot doesn’t know him, and few will have no opinion of his character in one way or another. We genuinely would like to think that the serious nature of the allegations would be weighed up by the jury on the merits of the evidence and the evidence alone. If the evidence warranted a guilty verdict who in the pro-Scottish independence community would be willing to give Mr Salmond a free pass merely because he is Alex Salmond? Gey few we would hope. Would the converse be as clear cut? That’s debatable. There is a significant community who have already found Mr Salmond guilty before a word of evidence has been introduced and would like nothing more than to assist in putting the rubber stamp on his conviction, even if the evidence indicates otherwise. The actions of the jury in this case will be scrutinised at a level greater than any trial which has ever taken place in Scotland, but the simple question is this; can Alex Salmond receive a fair trial in Scotland, having already been found guilty by the vast majority of the press and a significant proportion of the electorate of whom the jury will be drawn? Probably not. What should not be overlooked is that whether Alex Salmond is innocent or guilty of the charges laid against him, this has no bearing on whether Scotland is big enough, smart enough and rich enough to be an independent nation. The gutter press might like to believe that to be the case, and they will tell those who still buy their tawdry rags that this is the case, but it’s as far from the truth as any of the lies they have printed in the past. File it under wishful thinking on their part. https://airdrieforindependence.wordpress.com/2019/01/26/holy-willie-the-glee-of-the-british-nationalists-over-alex-salmond/
  8. Airdrie for Independence are delighted to announce that our next guest speaker will be Dublin based Scottish journalist Jason Michael McCann, writer for iScot magazine, host of the Random Public Journal blog and known to the social media political world as @Jeggit. Jason will be touring a number of Scottish Independence groups in the lead up to the Brexit deadline, and we are delighted that he will be stopping off in Airdrie to address us, where he will be calling on the Yes movement to create the environment where Scot’s demand their independence, and to encourage the SNP to seize the day and call Indyref2. The event will take place on Wednesday 30th January at 7pm prompt in the One Wellwynd Centre, Airdrie, ML6 0BN. Admission is free and unticketed. Arrive early to guarantee seating.
  9. Aside from the fuckwittery and whitabootery, I think we put in a decent performance and any reasonable Airdrie supporter won't be overly disappointed, having perhaps expected to come away with a far heavier defeat than that. As it was 3-0 flattered Celtic slightly. Lots of huff and puff from them but nothing spectacular.
  10. Meanwhile, at the Daily Record... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/shocking-footage-shows-celtic-airdrie-13882001 Their reporting is about as accurate as the missiles thrown by the Celtic supporters.
  11. Three episodes in. It's alright, nothing groundbreaking so far, plenty that's been done elsewhere to be honest. The main thing which bugs me is John Krasinski as Jack Ryan. I'm just not getting the vibe that he is Ryan. He looks a bit gormless, like a live action Wallace sans Gromit. I'll stick with it, but it's kind of bugging me.
  12. British Nationalists go all out to blame the Scottish government while their Scottish counterparts blame Westminster. The truth is somewhere inbetween. Unfortunately nobody is interested in the truth.
  13. It's taken a while but finally the court has ruled on Scotland's most dysfunctional political group... http://archive.is/Dy90U
  14. Our group is hosting speaker Bill Dale on 23rd May in Airdrie. Might be of interest to (some of) you. https://airdrieforindependence.wordpress.com/
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