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  1. IF....IF McGlynn goes the BoD will have an even bigger stooshie on their hands than with the Goodwillie panto!! I for one have very little faith in the BoD. not simply because of JMcG but the way they have ""conducted" themselves in recent yea5rs. If McGlynn goes I will not be back at Starks. It really says it all when a manager who has great affection for our club cannot be retained. This Board seems to LURCH from one crisis to anorher and...they have little credibility left!!
  2. I would definitely stick with McGlynn for another 2 years. Like everyone else I am disappointed we did not make the play offs, however I am also of the mind that too many overlook the situation we have had with injuries etc,,, this season, Yeah, I know other teams have injuries too, however I can only reflect on my team and there have been extenuating circumstances, not least the Goodwillie situation!! I think that threw a bit of a shroud over the team for a time. I have been a Rovers supporter since the mid 1950,s when Bert Herdman was in charge, and alongside Frank Connor and Jimmy Nicholl I believe JMcG to be one of the finest managers we have had,
  3. YOU HAVE TO CONCEDE........HE IS ...........CONSISTENT!!
  4. A glow of sense amongst the fog!! Can we all calm down noo?
  5. Do we KNOW for certain that JMcG is leaving? Sorry to sound a bit obtuse but this thread is all over the place.....I cannot see his "pending" departure confirmed anywhere/
  6. Been out of the loop for a while......IS McGLYNN LEAVING? Or is this so,eome trolling?
  8. Which round of the Trust Cup did the townies get pumped out in? I thought QoS gave us a good game yesterday....... wonder if they will overtake Hughes Hoors at the "post""
  9. DAFC fan on the site complaining about QoS!! QoS got to the FINAL on their OWN merits.....definitely SOUR GRAPES!! How far did DAFC get before they were humped out.....well done Queens for making it this far,
  10. Pleased we got as many points as we did earlier in the season!!
  11. No afore time!! DAFC have been hammering them this half,
  12. What a team !! Arbroath were absolutely magnificient tonight..... .great match for them to win.....go for it LICHTIES!!
  13. Because of Covid I, like many others optrd to watch RRFC TV. I continue to watch it but are RR TV viewers contained within the weekly reported attendances? Must be a good few?
  14. Still,,,,,,,,,,,,they will be fine in DIVISION ONE!!,,,,,I think.....
  15. An OBJECTIVE Pars fan,,,,,a rarity on these pages!! Have a greenie, Sir!!
  16. ,,,,are you referring to the post by,,,,cardle is tragic??
  17. n!!!!!! This guy is bubbling!! Clearly does not know the Wee Team reference is with us and FIFE FLYERS!! ,,,,NOT DAFC!! Sit doon min!!
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