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  1. The Hertz, ranting on about Bill Clark, who SUCCESSFULLY stood up for his club!! Listen, he's a grey heided pensioner doing a good job, got a beard and he's STILL better looking than your burd, Ann Budge!! Have a nice day.
  2. 🙂....mibbees aye, mibbees naw!! One of my nephews is a big Hibbee fan, tells me that Jamie Gullan could be coming back to us!! Jack Ross must not have JG in his plans.............can only hope it's true.
  3. Anyone know if we had a sell on clause for Kevin N, when we sold him to Dunfermline? PS Have we even got the original money yet!! ??
  4. Well, well, well!! Every days a school day, just discovered GTF, as in GTF day, means Go To Forum. Never knew that.................;)
  5. In John McGlynn............WE TRUST!!.........;)
  6. Agreed!! In all the years of being a Raith supporter Andy Walker is by far the most lazy, disinterested player I have seen in a RRFC shirt. I would have place Gerry Britton as close second. Thankfully Britton was only at San Starko for a few games on loan from Dunfermline. For me, knowing they were actually good players, when with Celtic, it really niggled to know they simply could not be arsed but were happy to pick up their cheque. Rant over!!
  7. That's correct, corner of Ramsay Road and Pratt Street. Used to go there when Fred owned it back in the day, good old guy, I think he was from Lancs or Yorks. I think he had goal scoring record for us like, 5 goals in one game!!
  8. Oh, definitely a "stick oot"......................😉.....ear, ear..... ETA; Mcmanus should not ride a bike in a high wind
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