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  1. This is how I felt after Lewis Vaughan put your team to the sword in the Scottish Cup....3 goals from the man, 1 header, one shot and one penalty. A 3-0 on Saturday would do fine for us!!
  2. John Hughes, Gary Locke, Barry Smith.........they'll dae things fur the Dark Blues!! Get tommy Wright in. Aw the best boys.
  3. Think his head went years ago!! Stick the fud on ignore.
  4. The streaming and commentary were both excellent. Crystal clear. .As for Raith, that was a master class, mostly played "on the deck" Here's hoping we can STAY CLEAR OF INJURIES!!!
  5. Is the SPELLING correct on ALL oft the words in this post? Just askin'...................... fur Joe Biden
  6. 😊....At least THEY won't have to listen to ....................... (McKinnon) " LISTEN, there are boys in that dressing room hurting, we just needed a wee rub o' the green"........... BLAH, Blah.... Glad he has finally reached his level
  7. Just watched the highlights of our friendly against the Champions designate Falkirk FC! I only realised that Big Dowds had joined them, heckuva unit, scored two tidy goals. Pity you guys had to let him join "them"....what are the odds he scores against you at NB!! They and Plastic Whistle are crowing about what they are gonna do...easier said than done getting outta that division!! All the best for 20/21.
  8. Albeit a friendly but very impressed with FFC and can imagine then tearing thro' Div One this season. Wonder what the odds are on them winning the League?
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