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  1. Well done THe Waasps!!! Favourite wee team.....;)
  2. OWN up Dees!! Yer at it with this, "we are gonna get stuffed" Aye?
  3. In McGlynn we trust!! Gaun yersel, John!!
  4. Can you imagine The Hertz fans if we beat then AGAIN!! Mind you, 3 points out of 6(so far) is okay.....AGAINST these *JUGGERNAUT* teams!! * Juggernaut* a description of a team expected to complete a season without defeat.
  5. Does anyone have a link to Neilson's rant? Thanks
  6. 😂😂.......well, who knows....could be The Fife.....but I am sure YOU will protest!! Aw the best fur 2021!!
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