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  1. I see him pretty often he's just along the road always asking how things are at the club. He had two knee replacements last year but back up and running now.
  2. I was with Mixu a few weeks ago. He still lives locally and is currently working for UEFA conducting match analysis over a variety of games over Europe do it a bit of travelling.
  3. I dont know the inernal aspects or dealings at Stirling and effectiveness or otherwise but every time I met in opposition a really decent and sincere guy who I had a lot of time for.
  4. Apologes for my preceding post multi tasking clearly not something I have mastered and given my age I suspect a reach to far. The appoitments also of Craig & Alex are a real boost. Two peope from differing backgrounds both who give fully without expectation of recognition or reward, but through an honest selfless commitment to the club. We are blessed and fortunate, thank you both for what you have done and I know you will continue to do.
  5. On a personal level delighted to see your appointment your effort and commitment is, and especially more recently has been above and beyond.
  6. Congratulations City good guys always enjoyed our trips if not necessarily the results at times. Best wishes for the season ahead.
  7. Congratulations Bonnyrigg on your promotion enjoy your evening and season ahead.
  8. Really impresive with what you guys have done and genuinely hope you go one step further via the play offs, a lot I suspect could be learned. Also credit to Montrose I have been watching for some time their progression and set up equally hope they can progress and won't be surprised to see them in the Championship soon..
  9. Sometimes best to think and reflect you act if you want to be taken seriously in life sometimes the 15 minutes of fame can approach be counterproductive.
  10. Apparentaly you say source, evidendence please. Why on earth would an unpaid board who have invested time and their own money surstaining the club to this point find today's sittuation one for the basis of a comedy production. Everyone at the club Directors, Management , Players etc. are not imune from critisism but please at least have a reasoanable basis if you excercise that right.
  11. As a life lomg Cowden fan I know our clubs have had their ups and downs relationship wise at time but I genuinely hoe you guts can see this through to the end it would be so deserved and real shake up for the Scotiish game success earned not bought.
  12. You beat me to it exactly the same thought. The moment SlipperyP became SlaveringP
  13. Has Keltydaft been on the phone passing on words of wisdom?
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