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  1. Watch out for official kit update shortly both looking great but for me away kit a stunner. Keep an eye on OS and associated media feeds.
  2. Super big thanks to all the players and a huge thank you to Aaron Marshal & Ross Cunningham for making this happen loving your work & stay safe.
  3. Thank you sir it really is appreciated and not taken for granted please be assured. The board plan to meet virtualy again on line Tuesday to try and work through plans albeit given the lack of certainty it is hard to make firm plans something of a moveable feast at the minute. The clubs aim is to survive the crisis and and for the club, players and fans & staff to come out safe and strong to take on more more normal sporting challenges. Your support and everyone and from others appreciated and humbling in equal measure. Keep the faith and stay safe.
  4. And would find equally amusing if Stenny led initiative played part in prevent that happening
  5. Couple of things firstly the idea came from the Stenny thread. Secondly sharing what we are doing with it should Stenny want to copy or take a steer from. In unprecedented times like this we re all in the same mess and good if we all help each other a little as ulitimately we need collective success in the medium to long term.
  6. Cheers a combination of my dyslexia and being in a rush all sorted.
  7. The opportunity is now there. Taken from announcement on OS yesterday, the club is using the #Club135 portal for people to donate as is attending a game. If anyone wants to take part click here In the donators box put the name of the person joining through the "virtual turnstile" and beside that the opposition club name for that match. Add the amount £13 for an adult £7 for a child.You can add more if you wish. Club then aims to publish the "virtual Crowd" figure for the game. Message the fans to thank for attending. Those attending all the remaining hime games to receive an exclusive not for sale commemorative badge for doing so. Some fantastic generous donations already made really appreciated. Nice also to see Sir David show his true colours😄 Thanks for your support please spread the word and stay safe
  8. Now landed see link http://www.cowdenbeathfc.com/index.php?act=viewNews&id=2719 Please share the word
  9. In all seriousness hat off to you I suspect clubs are going to have to rely on the good grace af fans such as yourself and initiatives such as you suggest. All credit to you sit 👏👏👏
  10. Announcement following todays board meeting. http://www.cowdenbeathfc.com/index.php?act=viewNews&id=2715
  11. Good luck with that and and hope you have a restful night and good day tomorrow.
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