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  1. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Good shout quite liked Rory McKeowan too similarly short tenure
  2. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    So for me LB Jim Markey, Sandy Robertson & Scott Linton
  3. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Yes that is reality Dunfermline 6 miles away with a relatively more prolific contemporary history , and better facilities, the same distance to a lesser extent Raith, don't forget also a very buoyant Kelty Hearts some 2 miles away. We of course suffer from the OF drain too. Not a winge just a realistic background commentary. PS Many congrats on your own promotion success it would be great to see you replicate Alloa"s performance at that level and show what part time clubs can achieve with ambition & organisation.
  4. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    The one and only legendary Raymond Allan 422 appearances so many people inside Central Park for his testimonial I was late for night shift at work 3 miles away starting at 10pm.
  5. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    A good post sir and shame if will be your only foray here. You are right to take a step back & evaluate & asses the situation objectively. I have no idea regards your board's individual skills and gaps are but it would make sense they sit and map that put & look to recruit directors based on addressing those gaps & carrying out their due diligence on any prospective candidates. I have said before from the outside key positives namely good facilities at Shielfield and a core support despite an awful season above a number in L2. The remote aspect is also a plus Berwick & Cowdenbeath have almost exactly the same populations, but with Cowdenbeath they have to compete with Dunfermline & Raith Rovers teams wit populations 4/5 times higher with better facilities playing at a higher level factor also in East Fife circa 25 minutes away. Berwick have more of a captive audience something to build on surely. The key will be focusing on the key strategic areas that will bring most effect, again apologies looking from the outside I have no idea what the engagement is like with the towns people and businesses but I would have though pivotal area. I can think of a number areas you could develop, but I guess as with most clubs you then need people on the ground to implement, I guess comes back round to building/developing local engagement. There are a number of clubs out there of similar stature it is worth Berwick going out & having a look at what they are doing and are there any quick wins/ideas they can steal. I can only imagine how everyone around the club is feeling at the moment we only had the threat hanging twice which was bad enough not the final reality, but that has made us look at things through a different lens in certain areas. I wish you all the very best, a lot of work to be done and likely a fair amount of change too which is never easy or pain free but if enough around the club can get on board and stay the distance I really think you can make your way back.
  6. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Given where Whitehill found themselves I would suggest they were unlikely to renew/retain his services for next season so saw the Berwick Challenge as an opportunity
  7. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    I really ,really fear for you guys you seem to have deep & broad systemic issues which will not fix today or tomorrow, truly horrible to view from the outside. All I can do is genuinely wish you all the very best tomorrow & hope we meet soon in better circumstances to enjoy a decent rivalry & some good banter. From Fife everything crossed for you,
  8. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Watch this space be prepared to be happy @Cowden_T.I.D video launch mate be ready nae rest
  9. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    A top bloke and a gem to interview
  10. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    One of my favourite players back in the day I am sure he was hampered a series of back injuries towards the end of his time at Cowden. Pass on my best wishes a genuinely really decent bloke.
  11. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    John Wright a class act & a brilliant guy off the park too.
  12. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Alan Paco McKenzie
  13. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Kris is a top top bloke & yes Chris Kane IMHO very underrated by our fans not the tallest but a decent CB with commitment & aggression.
  14. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    On the same bus young man remember it well,
  15. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    A disgusting horrible toxic club I remember the seethe and resentment when we beat them in the Scottish Cup up there 28 years ago. Pre match all cordial as soon as they lost post match carnage.