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  1. Looking forward to new album from the Boomtown Rats based on hearing the first single that’s being released. Album should be a good listen if single is representative
  2. Dug shite is better than Blur to be honest
  3. Recently listened to the following Runrig Recovery : still good ELO Out of the Blue : patchy but some great moments Big Country The Crossing : love it Blue Nile Walk across the Rooftops : class Stereophonics Word gets around: great album Performance and Cocktails was good too. Went to shit after that IMHO Grim Northern Social self titled: great album great band live. Sadly their one and only album.
  4. Thanks going to break out the mandolin I think. Getting too old for lugging around the old banjo. Or could really travel light and find singing session. To be honest I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. So much choice.
  5. Never been to CC before. Coming through Saturday 18th. Going to coastal Connections during the day and blazing fiddles in evening. Can anyone recommend any late night sessions be it singing or playing that you can sit in play.
  6. A bauchal of a woman in her late 50’s on bus today, was roaring on her phone to some man that she promised she had “slept wae nae c**t. Man obviously wasn’t believing her. She then swore on her bairns life she hadn’t but qualified by adding “this week”. Much to the amusement of fellow passengers.
  7. If Israel can play in Europe qualifying and Australia can be in Eurovision, maybe Scotland can move to CONCACAF. Might only be half an hour in, but this is tailor made for us. Shite football, shite crowd but plenty of hacking. Post BREXIT Scotland might have a positive side [emoji6]
  8. That beggars belief. It’s almost like he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Oh wait... He might get the Mexicans to pay for his Irish wall.
  9. Songwriting and recently took up painting. Crap at both mind but enjoyable nevertheless.
  10. Met up with Kenny a few years back and he has no idea how highly regarded he is at Cowdenbeath. He was embarrassed when I told him. Don’t really think he believed me.
  11. We’ve had a few good full backs. Boyle, Markey ,Baxter Bailey et al
  12. I saw him as a scab first and foremost. Good keeper but that doesn’t make up for it.
  13. Raymie Alan for me. Did like Ernie McGarr when I was younger . What a lad for saving penalties he was.
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