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  1. My summer so far has been great. Two trips to Skye and a week on Lewis and Harris. It’s addictive.
  2. Pat scullion is without a club having left Linlithgow Rose. Thoughts?
  3. Heard they are banning Bargain Hunt too as each episode ends with a resounding YES
  4. Lochgelly stock cars are allowed to have a crowd as long as they are in there parked cars [emoji593] watching. Maybe we could do the same around the track like auld Gronbach used to do back in the day. Just a thought. The shite that goes around my brain these days.
  5. Has anybody else noticed a lack of swallows, housemartins and swifts. Not seen a single one this year
  6. Cracking wee bird. Had one as a regular in trees around the farm yard. Could watch it for ages going up and down the trees.
  7. To be honest pumping you at EEP and stopping you getting promoted made up for most of it if not all. Watching scarves being thrown onto the pitch in a series of hissy fits was simply magnificent. How was it for you?
  8. Looking forward to new album from the Boomtown Rats based on hearing the first single that’s being released. Album should be a good listen if single is representative
  9. Recently listened to the following Runrig Recovery : still good ELO Out of the Blue : patchy but some great moments Big Country The Crossing : love it Blue Nile Walk across the Rooftops : class Stereophonics Word gets around: great album Performance and Cocktails was good too. Went to shit after that IMHO Grim Northern Social self titled: great album great band live. Sadly their one and only album.
  10. Thanks going to break out the mandolin I think. Getting too old for lugging around the old banjo. Or could really travel light and find singing session. To be honest I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. So much choice.
  11. Never been to CC before. Coming through Saturday 18th. Going to coastal Connections during the day and blazing fiddles in evening. Can anyone recommend any late night sessions be it singing or playing that you can sit in play.
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