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  1. A bauchal of a woman in her late 50’s on bus today, was roaring on her phone to some man that she promised she had “slept wae nae c**t. Man obviously wasn’t believing her. She then swore on her bairns life she hadn’t but qualified by adding “this week”. Much to the amusement of fellow passengers.
  2. If Israel can play in Europe qualifying and Australia can be in Eurovision, maybe Scotland can move to CONCACAF. Might only be half an hour in, but this is tailor made for us. Shite football, shite crowd but plenty of hacking. Post BREXIT Scotland might have a positive side [emoji6]
  3. That beggars belief. It’s almost like he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Oh wait... He might get the Mexicans to pay for his Irish wall.
  4. Songwriting and recently took up painting. Crap at both mind but enjoyable nevertheless.
  5. Met up with Kenny a few years back and he has no idea how highly regarded he is at Cowdenbeath. He was embarrassed when I told him. Don’t really think he believed me.
  6. We’ve had a few good full backs. Boyle, Markey ,Baxter Bailey et al
  7. I saw him as a scab first and foremost. Good keeper but that doesn’t make up for it.
  8. Raymie Alan for me. Did like Ernie McGarr when I was younger . What a lad for saving penalties he was.
  9. Sorry for what Berwick supporters are having to endure. We escaped twice but your fate could befall on two thirds of the clubs in spfl in the next couple of years. I fear for your clubs very existence as there appears to be so much division and entrenched standpoints as to what is the best way forward for the club. A real danger of your club dying whilst the the posturing would be saviours of the club vie for the moral high ground not noticing or caring enough to notice the clubs about to draw its dying breath.
  10. When he got us promoted back in the day, he said he would always play a 4-4-2 because at this level players were too thick to play any other formation. Not far wrong I reckon.
  11. The side he built with us was a thing of beauty. Most balanced side we have had. IMHO.
  12. Did we not set some sort of record for the amount of postponements around 1979 against Partick Thistle ? The saga went on for weeks as I recall.
  13. Where does this myth come from that sectarianism is a west coast phenomenon? Sadly prevalent in places far from the west coast.
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