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  1. A humbling moment clicking into the league 1 chatter not to gloat
  2. I had this exact problem with PG really early on (after the Thistle scudding I think). Look you've got the 2nd biggest budget in the league, go and assemble the 2nd best squad in the league, play a 442 and get on with it. It's not hard.
  3. Aye was good against Rovers as well. His performances in the run in though, wow. As a staunch Chalmers defender in the early days, I've done a complete 180.
  4. For a player who's played at a decent level his entire career, how's he so bad?
  5. Good luck to Dom, if penny properly drops with him then can get double figures easy next season.
  6. Not arsed about that one bit, good luck to him though one of few who came out of last season with a semblance of credit.
  7. He was alright, you'd think the way some Pars fans are going on that we've lost out on prime Franco Baresi.
  8. Was dodgy to begin with, came onto a game a lot and kept Efe in check. Completely phoned it in from the Ayr Utd game onwards.
  9. Yogi was exactly the same in his interviews [emoji23][emoji23]there is not a "Dunfermline Football Club". Dunfermline Athletic might be a mouthful so just stick to The Pars, lads.
  10. Liked him saying we are where we deserve to be. Refreshing after the bluster from Grant and Hughes.
  11. Happy enough with that, glad we only drew 1 league 1 side.
  12. County will be away, the rest they make up on the hoof.
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