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  1. Doovde the cradle snatcher...BEAST
  2. IMO, their way of thinking that the people who would pay 15 would still pay 20 and they'd not get that much benefit from dropping walk up prices.
  3. Felt brutal for oor Liam during the dares there
  4. Be more than happy to cross that bridge if we come to it!
  5. got an email saying about breakfast with the boss on the day the fixtures are announced so that's something I guess! [emoji23]
  6. Daily Record have us and QOS in for Kirk Broadfoot
  7. Jim Hamilton returning for a 3rd stint at the club
  8. Long as its better.calibre than 2021 [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. One no-nonsense centre half with one some-nonsense centre half.
  10. Currie and Morrison good signings like, no sure about Quitongo but guess we'll see!
  11. Heard Moyo, Richard Foster and Benedictus are signings we're keen to make.
  12. Even though the last result he had in charge was a win over 3rd placed Hearts?
  13. Dundee were 11th. If they'd finished 11th they'd have finished in the Premiership play off spot. That doesn't equate to "Mcpake relegated them"
  14. Just not true at all [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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