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  1. Based on what I've seen, I'd say aye but their fans will probably say the same.
  2. Can only piss wi the cock he's got. Plenty work to be done.
  3. Good on him from dipping out of full time football and being able to return, not an easy thing to do in your mid 20s.
  4. Any idea where this can be watched?
  5. Fair play to PG, not bitter in the slightest. Clear he was just wildly out his depth. All the best to him.
  6. Hamilton one of the few grounds I've not made it to yet so will head along. Shree points is vital.
  7. Think we still only accept cash. Backwards Fifer b*****ds.
  8. Benidorm. And it is absolutely class. Yes, I am a chav.
  9. I'd just put down a 3g pitch at East End and use that as a hub.
  10. least it was a world away from Falkirks debacle a couple weeks ago
  11. They actually never went into it at all and weren't questioned on it. Was pretty brushed over. I've maybe not worded it properly. With the new academy and all this jazz, I think it's pretty clear they were looking for a high calibre of a training ground coach to work alongside the board closely. They've spoken to various footballing people who speak very highly of PG and went with it. For the record, it's not the way I'd run a championship football club in Scotland. The plans unveiled tonight are very ambitious and I'm not sure it's really required or will be cost effective in the short, middle or long term.
  12. With the plans unveiled and hearing the chairman speak tonight, reading between the lines, I can actually see why they appointed PG in the summer. Not that it was the correct appointment whatsoever, but I can see what they were doing.
  13. Was excellent yesterday, in a national cup semi final against one of the Old Firm so think we'll be just fine
  14. More of a Stephens Steak and Haggis pie man myself.
  15. Looking forward to Tony #baller Andreu donning the black and white come January then.
  16. f**k, so he does. Mind blank there.
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