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  1. Surely decision on contracted players depends on new manager/coach (dorrans aside maybe)
  2. Base it on purely County's situation when they got relegated in 2017 and bouncing straight back that season being close(ish) to our situation the now (a league up albeit)
  3. He never even applied bud. Lifting this from the bbc article on his appointment at the time: "The former West Ham United and West Bromwich Albion coach reveals that the biggest factor in taking the Dunfermline job was the club hierarchy's approach to him, having been impressed with his Alloa side's performances last season despite suffering relegation. "They saw my CV on the football pitch," Grant says. "I don't believe in putting a CV in because, if I did, I would blow everybody else away anyway. I don't mean that disrespectfully."" Just ludicrous.
  4. 80 applicants applied when Grant got it and they didn't interview a single one of them. They sought him out specifically. The former chairman boasted about it at the time.
  5. I've literally not seen or heard any Dunfermline supporter refer to next season as easy whatsoever. More pish from you as per haha I really shouldn't be surprised.
  6. In all seriousness would love that appointment if it were feasible. It isn't though.
  7. On the manager front, I'd swap places with you in a heartbeat! [emoji23]
  8. Coming to terms that there won't be a change in head coach/manager.
  9. The Kings of Fife were the only team who never managed to beat the worst Dunfermline team in history.
  10. If Hughes was kept on and there was wholesale changes on the playing side with actual decent signings (ala Dylan Easton etc), what would feeling be like? Thoughts
  11. I clearly gave them too much credit when Openreach went down in the area late Friday afternoon and thought "maybe that's held up the statement"
  12. Definitely. If true, you'd imagine he won't get another crack at going down south. Is he good enough to play in league 1? I'm not too sure.
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