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  1. I want him to be good but I don't see it happening. Would love to be proved wrong. The 4-3 win against Arbroath that clinched play offs in 20-21 he was unplayable.
  2. He was lazy and gave the impression that he didn't care yesterday. An absolute empty jersey.
  3. I'd have taken him at the pars tae [emoji23][emoji23] (yes I realise you wouldn't loan him to a promotion rival in same division)
  4. Guys coming for each other constantly [emoji23][emoji23]actual definition of get a fucking life
  5. That's Arbroath getting another loan off Livingston. Nippy.
  6. Scott Agnew leaves the rovers, surely bayview bound.
  7. The 4-1 Motherwell game from 2007 or the Forfar play off semi 2nd leg from 2013 are 2 of my favourites and are outwith maybe the normal favourite games of the past that get mentioned.
  8. Can just tell you'll have egg on yer puss after that [emoji23]
  9. Rob1885

    Fifa 23

    and just like that, webapp is down [emoji23][emoji23] already went to work with setting up a bog standard EPL team which I use to gradually build up coins for first couple of weeks. the new chemistry system looks interesting but will want to look at it on a bigger screen before fiddling about with it further.
  10. Che Reilly is a local lad so I'd not be surprised if he ended up here on loan.
  11. Hope Mcpake chins Martindale to try get a loan in.
  12. Can't call a scoreline but Gary Oliver is a stick on to score.
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