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  1. He was superb against Ayr down at Somerset, flapped at a few crosses vs Morton at home then dropped. Mad.
  2. It's a shame cause I really like Scully and he was superb when he was with us on loan in league 1. We've seen it in glimpses this time around (Celtic away). Maybe needs taken out the firing line for a few games.
  3. Clarification of McNamara's role was something I harped on about for ages. Now I'm of the opinion that it genuinely doesnt matter.
  4. The only season when we went about things "the right way" was 13/14 and that was pretty much forced upon us.
  5. It's a harsh truth to hear but you're bang on the money.
  6. I think we'd have ended up in the relegation play offs if we kept him last season.
  7. Already played for 2 clubs this season so would go against FIFA rules surely?
  8. From conversation had with a former director today, you're going to be waiting a long time ma man.
  9. They probably mean this by the statement they released: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morocco_A'_national_football_team
  10. As much as the rule is mad, it's completely untrue.
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