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  1. That was some KO from Zolani Tete holy f**k. Old boy still got it.
  2. Nah nae danger, got outpaced by John Sutton in the 4-3 St Mirren game. Glad Fordyce has done well since but Morris was 100% an upgrade.
  3. 5er entry for a friendly is spot on, wish we'd do the same.
  4. I remember beating Hearts in the Summer of 2010, played excellent that night. About the only friendly I ever remember enjoying.
  5. Maybe inexperienced the better choice of phrase than young.
  6. Hahahahaha still have to make it about us.
  7. Tbf at the one in November when Yogi had been appointed, don't remember anyone bringing up Grant so would imagine everyone has a viewpoint of no point crying over spilt milk.
  8. Arrived yesterday, first one I stuck on was Vice City. Worth it for the tunes alone.
  9. Down to just over a score on Amazon
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