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  1. Joe Cardle and a bridie is all I'm wanting next season.
  2. How not? Nostalgia is exactly what we want from Dunfermline!
  3. If we cant get Thomas back on loan, it would he wise to put Dow back on the right. Much better there than the left.
  4. Absolutely. When we rejected the bid(s) on deadline day we were 4 points ahead of relegation play off. Hardly home and dry. The timing of the his was everything. Had we been offered the same halfway through the month, I reckon we'd have seen Nisbet leave. That said, were the bids better due to a standout performance against Dundee live on the tele in late january? f**k knows.
  5. Wow, who knew a dunfermline signing would get so much coverage. Rent free.
  6. An assumption based on a conversation my employer had with HMRC with fixed term contracts being the subject.
  7. Clubs wont be pursued for "cheating" furlough, by extending contracts on a month by month basis. 100%.
  8. It doesnt matter who the source is if the advice is incorrect. Wrong advice is wrong advice.
  9. It doesnt matter what the source of the advice is or who its given to if it's incorrect. The risk to the club for extending the furlough scheme for players out of contract at the end of May till the end of June or July - minimal/non-existent.
  10. I remain to be convinced there is/was a risk. Even if there is, I'd rather take care of players that were on our books at the start of this pandemic than signing new players and paying them full whack from the get go.
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