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  1. Wild that we got relegated that season and Raith still didn't manage a win against us.
  2. Turner playing as a number 10 was phenomenal. Top a the league lads, 22 games left. Not getting carried away but how many points are we skooshing this league by?
  3. Is right. Few creeps in this thread, Steven W to name one.
  4. Relax wee man [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Absolutely pisisng in the wind if the club think any sane person will buy the 12 quid stream when it's on council tele.
  6. Sure it was the game after the riccarton 3 press conference.
  7. Short staffed or not, surely that person cant still be employed? Is nobody going to do anything about it?
  8. Also glad to see FW's december 5th card going ahead, Yarde vs Arthur could be an absolute cracker.
  9. Canelo vs Callum Smith on 19th December. Decent fight to end the year on.
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