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  1. I daresay Nisbet will go for 8 figures to the EPL soon though.
  2. Much did we get for him £150k? Only other players we've received fees for (iirc) would be Longridge and Crossan. Neither would have been as much as that, doubt even close.
  3. Gibson was capable of roasting any full back in the division back then. Man was a joy to watch at his best.
  4. As strange as it sounds, you can be both refreshed prior to a game and feel rusty during.
  5. Aye pretty much. Done his cruciate down at Cappielow in November 2010 and we never seen him play for the Pars again. He had been immense that year but was much maligned prior to that. McIntyre seemed to see him as a right midfielder which wasnt his position whatsoever. Moved him inside and he was superb.
  6. Why was Geggan playing wide right? Not his position in a million years.
  7. Harvie was absolutely dreadful. One of the worst individual performances I've seen in a long time. Good value for our win tonight, only 2nd away win of the season and couldn't have came at a better time.
  8. Fais the only player to score 30 goals in a season in my lifetime so he got a vote from me. Great result tonight, fully deserved and could have been more comfortable if I'm honest. Ayr chucking balls into the box and us standing off for the last 10 made it look a lot closer than it was. Nisbet, Turner (x2) and Ryan all had very good chances outeith the goal. Thought Devine and Beadling were excellent and everything we did going forward was going through Ryan Dow (except the goal[emoji23]). Announce Rangers 7 figure bid for Nisbet.
  9. The standard seems worse than what it was when we first came back up in 2016.
  10. Almost view tomorrow's game as a bit of a free hit considering our away form and Ayr's league position. That being said, we've a shit hot.recent record at Somerset so you never know.
  11. Kakay was hopeless yesterday, thought he was meant to be a pler.
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