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  1. the potential list of successors doesnt fill me with much confidence!
  2. I didnt take that from his Q&A tbh, I think you're maybe looking for something that's not there.
  3. Caley minus 1 might be the easiest money I've ever made, we will get fucking horsed.
  4. Having watched Championship football the majority of my time supporting this rabble, let me be clear: you do not need a "style of play" to do well in this league.
  5. A great start and a great run in to the end of that league season. Last time I genuinely felt good about where we were going as a club.
  6. He was good that day. I'm not going to revise that thought process.
  7. Big felly would have done some serious damage in Jiggies back in the day.
  8. Dont mind Pybus tbh, I dont class him anywhere near the bracket of Mehmet, Graham and Dorrans. Todorov has had an easy ride of it but christ hes missed some sitters the last 2 games and he seemingly can't do anything wrong(for the record I actually really like him but it's funny this never gets a mention)
  9. "We turned up and gave a good showing in the 2nd half, started doing the things we've seen them do so well in training"
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