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  2. don't know if any of you guys would be interested but looks like jericho will be out for a while but if your in glasgow on the 13th may heres why----- already got my tickets
  3. anyone going to braehead this weekend? im going to both with the mrs and her sister we're 5 rows from ringside! shuld be good seeing bret again last time he was here with a wrestling company was the all star thingy he was doing was it not? it had live commentary at the event you could hear over the speaker it was funny when there was a run in and the wrestlers had to pretend they didnt know someone was behind them! very silly
  4. no your not i watched raw last night with the mrs(Shes a fan too), tears were streaming down both of our faces! watched shawn for his whole wwf(E) tenure so it is sad and emotional. undertaker giving the nod at the start of the speech to shawn saying he's left the building for the last time really got me!hes never been my favourite but always in my top 5 thanks HBK
  5. yeah twasnt so good couple of ok matches but all in all for mania in was poor but for a wwe ppv it was passable

  6. Alright dear, watching Mania, just at MITB match the now.

  7. hello princess. whats happening?

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