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  1. And I suspect a draw might put us both out......
  2. Is anybody on? All Gatewat Timeout for me.....
  3. Can I be the first to point out that Dykes scoring rate is better for Scotland than it was for Queens. Still find it hard to believe but delighted to see him doing well.
  4. Strikes me that Connor seemed to (almost) only score ‘screamers’, there were some cracking goals there
  5. Well done to the Trust, much appreciated.
  6. Well done again to the organisers of the half-time draw. A simple idea but it’s proving popular.
  7. OK , I taped the game and watched it this afternoon, beats gardening. Epic. Like others, I was nervous the last half hour, on the day I was a ‘bag of nerves’ after it went 4-3 and so tense as we edged closer ( and survived all Aberdeen could throw at us). Best ever Queens game.
  8. As I've had time on my hands, I was poking about on fitbastats.com, it has Queens' all-time records against everyone, fascinating stuff (for statos like me). We have played 3,941 competitive games, won 37.9%, drew 21.6% and lost 40.5%. So we've only lost slightly more than we've won, it just seems more losses. Particularly this season. Our most successful manager, based on win %, is who? Clue, Allan Johnson is 2nd. (He was probably first before the start of this season) . Our most frequent opponents in the league are East Fife and Clyde, 117 games each, Stenhousemuir are 3rd, 111 games. Our most frequent opponents overall are East Fife, 147 times. It even has an international section, covering that foray to Denmark and our games against Linfield, Crusaders etc.. Anything's better than doing the garden. Again......
  9. Last year set pieces was one of our weaknesses which I thought had been much better this year, helped by a keeper who will come off his line with confidence. Leaving 2 up is I think a good tactic, it ties up 3 opposition players and the hope is that if your keeper gets the ball in his hands he looks to release it quickly and set up an attack. However, clearly yesterday something went wrong, it seemed Kilday’s man got a free header and Osman seemed to be in no mans land. As others have said, a man on the post would have stopped it. Overall, it always had the look of a 1-0, we had our two best inventive players (Dobbs and Murray) not really firing on all cylinders, we lacked any guile around the box. I thought United took a risk in grinding out a 1-0, it handed the initiative back to us and on other days we could have sneaked an equaliser. Although not sure how Hamilton missed from 4 yards, that would have made a big difference. I think it was the only good save either keeper made in the whole game. Can’t have been very exciting for neutrals.....
  10. My recollection was it was a postponed game so the draw had been made. It was scores level, up against 10 men, into injury time, Albion were clinging on, and we had a corner. One unnecessary foul by us, a quick kick out and the ball was in the back of our net. Head in hands.......
  11. Enjoyed the game yesterday, desperate stuff at the end but us Queens fans are used to it. As the Ayr fans on P&B are all very reasonable, I have to say that Ayr played very well for much of the game, they pinged the ball about and kept possession far better than we were able to do. They were a bit over-elaborate in front of goal, that is something we specialise in also. That’s us half way through the season, anything could happen in the second half.
  12. See above, oldest player to score a hat-trick in Scottish football
  13. As Dobbie is signed with us for next year, when will blue be old enough to beat Kenny Miller?
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