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  1. Positives? We’ve now taken as many points off Arbroath as we did against Alloa last year. We kept a clean sheet. It was sunny. Still unbeaten in the league. Murray looked the most likely but no clinical finisher. We got into good positions but the shots were medium paced straight at the keeper. To be fair so were Arbroath’s. Thought McCrorie looked very steady. Holt best defender.
  2. By a distance. That 4 goals in 12 minutes was almost surreal..... Paton, Kidd and Oliver were all OK today, although we will have tougher opponents ahead. Nevertheless, a morale-boosting win always welcome.
  3. I thought the ref kept the game moving and was generally lenient with fouls, others could have flashed yellow card. I do think however he may have got the two penalties wrong. We await the QoS TV but if Motherwell prevented a goal by a hand ball on the line, that would have changed the game entirely. And the Motherwell penalty given was very soft, consensus seems to be it wasn’t. Although I still prefer an honest mistake from the ref than interminable VAR reviews. Maybe if it was the last game of the season and not the first I wouldn’t be so phlegmatic.....
  4. I was relying on my suspect memory! If I have time later I’ll see if I can find the original Guardian discussion, just to check I didn’t hallucinate the entire thing......
  5. As it happens, I believe the Guardian (who else?!) once had a debate on this very subject in its ‘Notes and queries’ section. Apparently it’s not possible to be just ‘whelmed’, it has to be over or under. We can all sleep easy tonight knowing this.....
  6. Interesting it’s another 2 year deal, we seem to be moving away from signing everyone on one year deals. AJ must rate him. Surprised Oliver is still only 23. I liked him when he was here before, he was always very industrious and could never be faulted for effort. Just didn’t score that many, but here’s hoping playing with Dobbs helps.
  7. Before this thread disappears I have some good friends who are Falkirk fans so I commiserate, every fan of every team have sh-t seasons (we’ve had plenty), Falkirk will be back. I was pleased to cling on to our championship status as I thought League One isn’t going to be easy for anyone next year. And pragmatically, for an Edinburgh based fan, Falkirk is an easy journey....
  8. In Conor’s post-match interview he said he was hoping to stay , get that man signed up immediately. Of those who aren’t moving on, there’s none in the ‘must rid’ category, but we need to strengthen otherwise we’ll be back in the same place next year. Suspect Fordyce won’t be retained. I’d keep Stirling, he has the ability, AJ can maybe get him producing it more often. For me, Murray and Marshall yes, everyone else maybe aye, maybe no.
  9. I recall I said before the first game that with the two most prolific scorers in Scotland and two dodgy defences, no way would we see a 0-0. I would argue Queens are a middle of the table Championship side who somehow ended up 9th. So the fact we’ve come through OK shouldn’t be a surprise. Although that was nervy out there. The occasion maybe got to both teams, but sitting on a 2 goal lead meant it mattered less to us.
  10. Well I was there on Tuesday, it was actually a close game which Montrose edged. We had the handicap of a dodgy keeper, useless central defenders, a feeble midfield, and strikers who can’t strike. Not sure why we weren’t well thumped. There is room for improvement ( no sh-t Sherlock), and Johnson will have had more time with the team. I think it will be close, Montrose will battle hard, but it’s winnable.
  11. Well it’s a bit early to shout ‘sack the manager’, but the new manager bounce failed to materialise. Surprised that Fordyce and Brownlie both preferred to (Scottish under 21) Maguire. Very surprised to see Aird start, and beyond astonished he was still on at the end. It was like playing with 10 men. His confidence is in tatters. There may be a player in there somewhere, we’ve yet to see it. Wilson had a poor game, but he was at least always wanting the ball. Conor Murray had a good game, and not just the goal. If Dobbs is fit, I would start Murray before Stirling or Aird. And get Maguire on. Only consolation is we can’t play as poorly as that (can we?) again, it’s only half time. And it’s a long way to Montrose......
  12. Welcome to all the Thistle fans, I hope you have a great day except for the 90 minutes. Frankly, anything can happen, it won’t be Partick 0 as we haven’t kept a clean sheet since January. Every time we concede a corner our fans get worried, and with good reason. Two early Ayr goals would lighten the atmosphere, but an early Alloa goal would do the reverse. But we did actually play well against Dunfermline and the first half hour against Ross. Who knows, it’s a long shot, but we might play well..... I can’t really recall a final day six-pointer, at least not at the bottom end.
  13. Must confess all of today’s results went our way, couldn’t have asked for more. So much for the teams at the top not trying, all 4 win. I’m breathing slightly easier now. Slightly.... Any sign of a Dobbie return?
  14. Enjoyed this! Doyle doing headers with the ballboy had passed me by. Ben spoke for all fans when their team is on a dismal run- why are we so bad and why do I keep going?
  15. Well that was pretty comfortable, albeit with Queens you never really relax until the final whistle. Wilson played like a man possessed, really good for a loan player. Connor Murray was also inspired, Doyle was totally committed. We scored two goals, without Dobbs. Irritating to lose that very late goal, did someone come off the back post? I think a win in either of our two final games means we’re safe. For the nerves, just beat County and let us all enjoy the final game v Thistle.....
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