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  1. Ended up getting it sorted out but appreciate you reaching out to help
  2. The first part of this is spot on, the attitude after getting relegated was pretty dreadful from the board and club in general. Statements that were basically "yeah we went down but we've got new floodlights" missed the mark so spectacularly you'd think they'd been playing up front for us. I was trying to be wary of not letting anger cloud my judgement at the time as well but the tactic of signing guys who seemed to have done alright at best at East Fife and Albion Rovers really put the fear in me. But I'm pretty pleased with how these guys have actually performed so far. David Wilson has been the only one I've felt a bit meh around but it's still early in the season and he might come into the team a bit more. I think after last season in particular we have to be wary but we can be happy with what we've done so far and long may it continue. As an aside I keep meaning to rejoin the trust and keep forgetting to do it at games. Can you join online as well, the form is from a few years ago? I figure there's some people on here who may be involved or in the know and might be quicker than emailing.
  3. The convention is that usually in that circumstance they'll let us use the home changing room and our fans in the home section but Rangers would be within their rights to not let that happen. Doesn't affect me as I'll be nowhere near a game involving a colt team. Interesting to know, cheers! Yeah I'm not wanting to attend to find out but just wanted to know what the script would be
  4. So with Rangers Colts beating Spartans we'll be the away team in our own ground in the challenge cup?
  5. I see we are without Wallace for this one which isn't ideal. Hopefully the rest of the players carrying knocks are fit to play though.
  6. John Gemmell at Dumbarton.. us winning a league game at Cliftonhill... What year is this?!
  7. Very true, I wasn't there today so I'll let the folk more in the know pick that apart. Just happy with the result
  8. A late winner against a team who have had 10 men for 70 mins is not really the way I would've wanted that to go but it's 3 points. That'll do sons, that'll do
  9. Glad to see Gray in there. I'm assuming it's a 4-2-3-1?
  10. Think we'll have Wallace in for Love and Gray in for Blair tomorrow. Don't have anything to really base that on other than its what I'd do and equally wouldn't be that surprised if we had the same starting 11 as last week just based on the managers comments. Ideally I'd want to see McGeever getting some minutes as well but can't see him starting after 10 months out.
  11. Perhaps in just being too critical about it because I would've probably liked to have done something like that back in the day if I'd had time to commit. Live out the football manager dreams and all that. It's almost certainly a great opportunity for someone, I think my issue is just with the lack of payment for what I would guess is a lot of work.
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