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  1. Things that make me cringe? Hmmmm...
  2. I put diluting juice in after the water. Aye. That's right. After the water.
  3. I worked for a Dental Practice years ago. Bunch of money grabbers.
  4. I chose McCann as he is a greetin faced wee bawbag who winges more that Arsene Wenger. Dead man walking to me. Robinson leaving Motherwell? Behave. One bad result on the opening day means nothing. He has built his team and once Kipre is replaced, will press on for a top six place.
  5. I never knew 8mile was a Prison Guard.
  6. Im out of the loop here, but 'Fat Daz P' does strike me with familiar ringtones or have you whooooshed me?
  7. I find him amusing. Can't vouch for his flegs though...
  8. Nah; too angry. More of an Alf Garnet type.
  9. One of my favourite pictures of Princess Royal Park, Banff. Home of Deveronvale. Its taken from Macduff overlooking the river Deveron. Not the most 'quircky' I grant you, but the best part is the pitch - many pro teams, including the Faeroe Islands have played there and said its the best pitch they have ever played on.
  10. Granny Danger wont like that; he is an avid Emmerdale fan.
  11. I think 8mile and McGhee are top lads.
  12. He was Dom Dom right? Than he became New Dom Dom, And then resigned that account too. Either way I never considered him to be raging - just a bit of a cheerleader who posts more than he should.
  13. Reminds me of when Denny arrived out of the blue and wanted to kiss Lisa.
  14. I wasnt replying to your question. MUST REPLY TO EVERYTHING!!!11111!!!!
  15. He knows more than we do I reckon, #SmartMan
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