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  1. Nope. Just been busy with work and family bud. Four kids, and my lad signed pro-youth so have been watching kids football these past few years so don't get to watch the grown up stuff.
  2. There is only a slim chance one guy would go there with Arlene Foster, let alone two. What was the Doc thinking?
  3. Is Big Gus still here with his Pie Reviews? He would be fucking perfect.
  4. Eddie Howe has trolled Celtic better than McGee on here!
  5. On a side note (and I know he wasn't a Well player) - I thought Andy Rhodes was a fantastic keeper back in the day. Vastly underrated.
  6. I can see your point to a certain degree, but Hollis didn't really do much wrong. He was just 'meh' to me. He was an understudy keeper who kept the No 1 jersey warm for a season until we signed Randolph's replacement IMO. Neilsen - aye I mind on him. My daughter was about 6 and asked him at the callender signing event 'who are you?' He told her. She replied ' never heard of you'. He looked crushed. Didn't feel right putting him in the group after that. Dan Twardzik was the best 4'5" goalie Ive ever seen playing fitba - behave yourself!
  7. May as well throw my tuppence worth in too... Best Motherwell keepers I've seen since I started going to Fir Park are: Darren Randolph. A very quiet keeper (I sat behind the goal a lot) but had great presence in the area. John Ruddy, Trevor Carson and Mark Gillespie too. Worst: I think we have been lucky with keepers in recent years. I think Craig Sampson was poor; he wouldn't catch a shot in the 6 yard box and the loose ball was always left by McManus, so we conceded a lot of tap ins. Connor Ripley was terrible at first, but I did really like the kid.
  8. I think the goalie is the unsung hero of the team and IMHO the hardest position on the park. Who are your best and worst Keepers you have seen play for your team? Keep in mind the mix in generations on here.
  9. That's it? Not even a 'hiya' after all these years? You won. Not even an acceptance speech?
  10. Yup. Gonna have child no 4 now! Not expected and we are both old enough to know better, but hey, it's happened and we are both excited.
  11. On my return, I have given a clean slate to all the posters who made my eyes bleed with their horrific patter. except wisbit.
  12. On the day of the lockdown, my girlfriend told me she is pregnant!
  13. Hiya Jagfox. Genuinely not Adders, sorry. I can see why you would think so with the name so similar, but after this shitfest of the thread, I think my style (or lack of) would be easily detected.
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