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  1. That would make (giving the total leave vote was 36%) other party voters having the same % leave vote ie conservative, green and Libdem also at 36% leave. These numbers don't add up.
  2. The difference between then and now is the Exchequer wasn't trillions in debt.
  3. The pro brexit vote in Scotland was 36% now according to polls would be less. I think your "substantial proportion" may be less than you make out.
  4. There should be serious questions asked of the Dolphins after last night. Players will want to play, no matter what. Coaches will want their best players on the park. Putting a players' future at risk should not be in the hands of the coaches/player.
  5. If they continue on their current trajectory then yes I agree. After independence even the Tory's may change direction and become acceptable to some. They'd have to drop the toxic name though.
  6. As was the opposition (Tory) debate in Holyrood. Then moved on to the "crisis" that is the SNHS.
  7. I'm sure that, eg, the duty/vat collected on alcohol/fuel sales, amongst other things, instead of going to HM treasury and going to a Scottish exchequer, will assist.
  8. My hob uses propane and when I replaced them just under 3 years ago,the cost for 2 of the large bottles was £128 (£64 each). Just phoned to have them replaced and the cost is now £254. 100% increase in less than 3 years... Thankfully I don't use a lot of propane.
  9. You've never met the pheasant that patrols my backies. Communist as fek.
  10. Exactly the same. "And what are you watching". Was the shout from the other side of the room. Cheers.
  11. Bird seed (the large bags) in Home Bargains has risen from £3.99 to £5.99 since I last bought it about 2 months ago.
  12. Those highlights confirm what I thought at the time, one of the mascots sneaked on at the start to take the kick-off. Some player.
  13. Tried to convince the Mrs. that a romantic weekend in Wrexham was looking good. I'll not quote her reply...
  14. After independence, that'll be one of the choices the people of Scotland can make. A discussion based on facts,hopefully will precede that decision. Not lies written on the sides of buses, or spouted by those who will benefit one way or the other. The experience of the last few years will also be considered, I would expect.
  15. Same, have used tapatalk since the app went down, Would be a miss if it went.
  16. From 10 years ago, Bonnington described as "niave" https://newsnet.scot/archive/bonnington-displayed-political-agenda-in-attacks-on-scottish-government-claims-legal-academic/
  17. If yer no wan o us, ye must be wan o them. Where have I heard that before?
  18. That's done nearly every home game. No blue badge, expect a ticket.
  19. It may have passed you by, but any rail chaos in Scotland is neither Scotrail nor the Scotgov's doing. https://www.scotrail.co.uk/about-scotrail/news/aslef-members-vote-accept-scotrail-pay-deal
  20. Still 198.9 per litre at my local Tesco yesterday. Travelling to Dundee (24miles) for the football yesterday. Jet 196.9, Shell 196.9,CO-OP 196.9. Tesco's are ripping the pish.
  21. Speaker losing the plot because MP's clapping, but allows the lies spouted to go unchecked. Kind of sums up this charade.
  22. Struggling to do that, the person renting my "granny flat" is using it [emoji849].
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