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  1. As reported by the BBC, "a misunderstanding on the EU side"
  2. Passed a fuel station on the way here,30p a litre for fuel in oil rich Azerbaijan states the commentator at the Wales Switzerland match. If only...
  3. Ah, so not specifically Sandhurst then, just the armed forces in general. Maybe he was just bored at w/ends.
  4. Watching the Parliament channel, and the urgent question on the calamity that is the Ajax armoured vehicle procurement. I await the usual suspects who keep bringing up ferries,making a comment on this £5bn. cock up.
  5. Not all as it may seem. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/dundee/2245807/abertay-students-faced-severe-backlash-after-complaint-about-classmate-sparked-free-speech-row/
  6. I'm interested, "he could have emptied her" with what?
  7. Next door (which is a holiday cottage). Owners are up for a fortnight (from England) and have just informed me that they are fully booked for the next 4 months. Having a debate with myself whether to burn it down, or get the banners out, and the protests started. [emoji849]
  8. Tickets are normally on sale from the club shop up until kick-off.
  9. Did he even turn up to FMQ's today?
  10. https://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/13152265.scots-genetically-incapable-making-political-decisions/
  11. Hope we don't rip the arse out of this with season ticket prices. Good chance after the last year or so to shift a few. Keep it sensible please. Thank You.
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