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  1. Did they not reverse that after the Govt. said it would pay 80% of their wages?
  2. Just been to Tesco Blairgowrie, not a single sheet of bog roll to be seen. World's fekd.
  3. I believe we're a better team with Gowser than without. Always available to take the ball.
  4. That would be an interesting poll. Best strike partnership. My top 3 ( that I've seen) 1:- Coyne and Wright. 2:- Hemmings and Stewart. 3:- Sara and Caballero.
  5. Maybe have a word with the UK "fishermen" who sold their licenses to foreign boats about this.
  6. Hence my point about "union of equals" . As long as there is a majority of English MP's in Westminster, no matter what colour, then what the ruling party decides is best for the UK(England) will prevail. Even if it is not, as in this case, in the interests of the devolved nations.
  7. This sums up the situation perfectly, no matter what the result of an election(s),where public opinion sits, or what opinion polls show the Scottish Parliament can be ignored. This is not a "union of equals" but the Westminster Govt. imposing its will on the devolved Nations Parliaments.
  8. I think the problem is that for quite a few, they still cling to the belief that Labour can form a Govt. In Westminster. Hopefully recent elections will allow them to see sense.
  9. You are aware that not every Labour/Conservative/Libdem voter is pro- Union
  10. Receptionists who struggle with a colouring in book, GP's who can't use google. Your perception of a GP surgery does you no favours. Is everyone in our public services useless?
  11. 120 ÷ 7 (number of GP's and nurses) ÷ 20 ( number of working days in December )= less than 1 missed appointment per doctor/nurse per day. If the working day is from 9-6, with an hour for lunch,and 10 mins per appt. that equates to less than 1 missed for every 48 per day. Yes I agree that it is wasteful, but hardly ridiculously high.
  12. Same here, you go online, tick what medication you require, wait a couple of days, then pick it up at your nominated pharmacy. Looks like the part of Scotland I live in has also moved into the 21st century.
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