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  1. Thanks Glensmad...we are actively seeking applications for the vacant managers position
  2. Yeah we gave you two right good games both which could have swung either way Unfortunetly just one of they seasons, young boys never lost a game last season with the 19s and have learnt the hard way that they cannot make silly mistakes at this level! We supplement the squad with experience brining in players from the league above etc and of course it is our managers first management job at this level so hopefully just a big learning curve to be built apon next season
  3. Hi can you give me your team it's for the highlights.



    1. daza93


      Danny Gray, Euan Smith, Matt McClung, Tommy Sloan, Johnny Dunlop, Liam Fitzimmions, Trialist, Cammy Ross, Mitchell Ewing, Jordan Ryan, Jack Hainey

      Red card for McClung, goal by Dunlop. Barry Ross replaced Fitzimmions 

  4. Thanks for the comments! We threw the team together at the last minute(last night we had 8 players) Matty the boy that got sent off is a goalie and the sub we brought on was the manager as we had no one else I thought the boys have a great account of themselves away to one of the strongest teams in the league
  5. Due to New Pebble Park being unplayable Saturday's junior cup tie has been switched to Dam Park
  6. Tomorrow Annbank will play Auchinleck Talbot in a friendly at New Pebble Park with a 2pm kick off
  7. Hamilton have one of the best youth set ups and they had first team players in there aswell, we had a few trialists that we are looking to add to the squad so it's a nice mix of Experience juniors and youth from Ayr u20s but as you say that's pre season for you
  8. Hamilton 20s won 7-0, very talented young side
  9. On behalf of the Annbank United committee I would like to say a massive thank you to Beith. On Wednesday night in the Ayrshire Cup tie they allowed us to take the full gate instead of taking there half...this is the second time they have done this for us recently. what a credit to Scottish football
  10. We were left with no game on the 6th May despite both Kello and Lugar being free(two games left to play after Saturday) so we requested a match and then they put it on
  11. Appreciate that, jack at the back struggled a bit at first but when he found his feet he got stuck in, number seven is a fantastic Wee player and will run the length of the park all day
  12. I have to agree, we do have a lot of youngsters in the squad from Ayr so they are learning the game and on this occasion st Rochs were just more experience and handled the occasion so much better
  13. It's weird the way things come around eh? I've never watched st Rochs before so looking forward to it just got a shift to do in work the morning before
  14. Not ordinarily no, will mostly be dads, committee and the usual few suspects maybe a few extra cause it's the cup
  15. Thank you, I've never been in the 5 years I've been involved with the club so looking forward to it.
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