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  1. Was it the turn the lights out guy??
  2. Short person without short person syndrome. f**k me preseason gets weird
  3. Mario Vs Rabbids gets quite difficult for a period. Cracking wee game. Looking forward to spyro appearing soon. That will bring back memories
  4. How old was your old phone??? I haven't had a remove battery phone in about 5 /6 handsets and a nano SIM has been present in the last 3 at least. As been mentioned you get a wee key to open it (sometimes contained in the earphones included) the tray should have an image on the SIM part to show which way, my current one the tray shows the SIM and the memory card / second SIM spot. But at least you have it done now. Enjoy installing all your apps again and trying to recall all your passwords. That's the real PTTGOYN about new phones.
  5. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    It's been brilliant fun going through it again, vague memories of quests but having done oblivion not too long ago it meant the faction quests where slightly muddled. Just got made guild master of the thieves guild... That I didn't recall the slog for that. Oh the nukaworld. So much potential so badly done
  6. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    I'll be replaying it next, have gone back through oblivion, fo3 foNV and currently in Skyrim ( on switch rather than the Xbox). Hoping that having played all the others to hand I might forget the quests and enjoy it properly again
  7. Page 1, just every comment about child abuse . Obsessed was a term used regarding the admin and liquidation process but that's beyond obsessed that. That's unhealthy that.
  8. When your app signature randomly reappears on a post..
  9. Tbf he had a light touch and a good eye... Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  10. 720dpi docked and 540dpi in handheld mode apparently for Witcher. Currently playing Skyrim on it, tell you what no where near as crashy as the 360 version was
  11. Wait for July 1st when the free agents are available to sign
  12. Recommended a Nintendo switch. Spend time together and avoid that pish
  13. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    Fast travel is good but you miss out on exploring random places and random encounters. I found the settlement building to be a complete time stealer. Spend hours getting it built up and tidied out. And then the raids on your places. Could have the best turrets in the game but you still need to show up to watch them explode things.
  14. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    I usually sneak everywhere to get that skill up, you also get a wee bonus if hitting them undetected. Using an automatic weapon helps on the more populated areas. Load up on stimpacs and radaway (use that to get the red bar away) Can't remember the bedthing for people unless that's telling you how many beds to people you have.
  15. Vimto Salt and vinegar hunky dorys Wispa
  16. Got this recently https://www.fossil.com/us/en/products/gen-4-smartwatch-explorist-hr-smoke-stainless-steel-sku-FTW4012P.html fair to say picking a different face when it suits is quite handy
  17. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    Bran saying he only came down to be made king and telling Jon he was exactly where he was needed smacks of it being made out that for all the fighting and politicking that sitting on your arse watching everyone kill each other is the way to get it done ( and let's face it, bran can't even wipe his own arse). Personally, I would have loved a greyworm and Jon trial by combat where if greyworm won, Jon dead he's happy and if Jon won he got to go to the now defunct nightswatch. That way the dullest character going could have been offed for his war crimes.. At the end of it, you need to remember that George Martin is against the old tropes of the heroes win the day and love happily ever after. So it was never going to end like the herd wanted it to.
  18. It actually was grand in person, the pics on the site are shite
  19. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    To be brutally honest, before she crossed the sea she had a kingdom, the unsullied, the dothraki, 3 dragons, trusted advisors and was in sight of her ultimate goal. She's lost 2 dragons, most her armies, her advisors are dropping like flies and at each stage the goal is what keeps her going. They should have made this an 8 part series, they could have drawn out the decent into madness with episodes before winterfell where the tension is building and the advisors are locked in massive war meetings intertwined with goings on elsewhere (Yara taking the iron islands maybe) and another afterwards where the impact of the loss, maybe have missandei and rheagal going early in what is currently episode 4 and her getting angrier and more irrational. Basically I think the rushed feel of the episodes make her losing it seem a short term plot device rather than a long running showing of seemingly odder and more deranged decisions (possibly showing the loss of advisors as pivotal in keeping her in check). In other words the show writers appear to have gotten off at Haymarket
  20. Went here a couple of years back. You get a studio villa. All inclusive and there is on site waterpark and zoo https://en.magicnatura.com/m2/
  21. Oh boy have I got a thread for you to read. Commonly known as the BRALT it documents that one half of the old firm failed to turn a profit is a spectacular style, resorting to swindling the tax man and cheating on player registrations to avoid the SFA getting wind. Apparently the team that replaced them are just as financially hilarious
  22. Well out style of football at times has been murder Da jokes, here all week (and next season no doubt)
  23. We thought so too at end of last season where he hit a purple patch. Got injured and never recovered really, just headless chicken when on pitch afterwards. Had quote Rob there but quote picked up non fash related comment. There's a football player in there somewhere but mostly a passenger and serial physio room visitor
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