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  1. The same but black and red... Third is black and blue I'm making this up
  2. I'd say a reply along the lines of: Police are there to uphold the law and catch lawbreakers, going over the limit is against the law... The speeding is taking police away from catching robbers, people like you are the problem not the police And wait to be unfriended / blocked
  3. It's a cursed title. No one holds the title very long.
  4. Why is it whenever a proposal is made, rangers try and hijack it with utter shite? Colts have been rejected rightly for years, if they allow it they will just hoover more youngsters up from everywhere else and keep the best whilst the rest end up elsewhere. No more youngsters coming through and being sold on for the good the developing club. The biggest joke is they rarely bring their own youngsters through the main team so what's the actual point?
  5. Put the thing in airplane mode to charge. Stops it doing other things and charges faster. I forgot about the days of having an apple device. Bloody things died halfway through the day and spent their lives on charge.
  6. I set the near two year old on the 5 year old when that's needed. He packs a wallop
  7. Looks like shes a wee bit grizzly between the legs And to back up the conversation above. Sidney devine is shite.
  8. Had a dream where I found a frozen bee on the ground, then heard buzzing behind me. Woke with a start and was checking the pillows. 7 am on a Sunday. No chance going back to sleep after that
  9. I still have my cube and four controllers, I also got the adaptor for the wii u to play smash on it
  10. Didn't oldco try and sign Daniel cousin after going into admin or am I remembering incorrectly. So adding to the outgoings whilst not paying the current dues is in the culture or however it's phrased. I know some places using furlough aren't allowed to pay out bonuses or dividends, I'm not sure if refurbishment would be entirely rules out if it aids social distancing or was preplanned.
  11. We were advised to also move the legs as if cycling but slowly. Apparently helps trapped wind move. He has absolutely no issues now. many an evening an absolute ripper is picked up on the monitor and causes a few laughs. If the wee git would only start sleeping through on consecutive nights instead of alternate, I'd be a happy and well rested man
  12. We live out in farm country. Tractor had been sat next to driveway for most of the day She say to me what they doing ? Looks like it's broke down Later a flat bed turns up. 5 mins later, what they doing? Looks to be trying to get the tractor picked up. They are taking too long, why they taking too long, it's blocking the drive. Yup, middle of lockdown, no visitors bar the postie in 10 weeks, but more than 5 mins to move a tractor that's broken down into a flatbed and move it appears to be cause of a new round of 20 questions to someone with the same information as herself. Please tell me they get better with age. Please.
  13. That one has the caveat of the age you are going to be this year. Obviously learned from it being pointed out before. Can't wait for the fresh wave of it on Facebook.
  14. https://youtu.be/9tXGXkhff10 All fucking day Edit: the screen capture doesn't help much. Listen to it.
  15. Been revisiting the magic Street Preachers - holy bible Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart is still amazing
  16. Cork accents? Seriously? Maybe east or south, wesht is a whole new ball game. I'd love to see wesht cork and Doric meet. I'm from east of Inverness so spared the ruubarrrr bumparrrs min.just get told my accent is a soft reminder I'm scottish. It's not harsh it's not indecipherable ( unless a few local drinks have been imbibed)
  17. It's a b*****d, you have no idea what side they are going to go on. And sometimes it's on both but that tends to stop the car. Philpy is learning to dab as we speak just incase
  18. More importantly, does it come with those orange flashing lights on the side? Many a modern car appear to not have selected this apparently optional extra
  19. Apparently it's able to run on the switch. Just not as pretty. It will run on all current gen and even mobiles. Just scaled to system ability
  20. I remember seeing them on the forever delayed tour and one of the lads with us must have only listened to the album and knew next to nothing about the band, they were setting up the stage and when Nicky wires mic came out he asked what the f**k is that. Then of course the videos at the start, clips of videos and gigs, flashing the words you love us, we love you and straight into the gig. Fucking magic. First time I heard roses live too.
  21. Can't play till room is tidy, certain chores are done etc also appears to work. My 5 year old has been playing Mario kart on my 3ds and getting him to tidy his room or the homework set by the teacher has been alot easier with the reward of an hour of two on it. Plus it keeps him quiet for a good wee while.
  22. It was on the high street, think CEX is in where one was, could be wrong, been a year since last in Inverness and god knows how many since orange and rangers had shops there I'm sure there was an image of it before doing the rounds. Was the ICT shop not up the back of old eastgate side. Just after the clock?
  23. There was a leak last year suggesting a Mario franchise game, a 2d metroid game and a Mario world's type thing with levels from 64, sunshine, galaxy etc would all be this year but nothing announced, then this appears out the ether Found a link remario, not Mario world's but Mario remasters. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/super-mario-bros-35th-anniversary/
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