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  1. Oh boy have I got a thread for you to read. Commonly known as the BRALT it documents that one half of the old firm failed to turn a profit is a spectacular style, resorting to swindling the tax man and cheating on player registrations to avoid the SFA getting wind. Apparently the team that replaced them are just as financially hilarious
  2. Well out style of football at times has been murder Da jokes, here all week (and next season no doubt)
  3. We thought so too at end of last season where he hit a purple patch. Got injured and never recovered really, just headless chicken when on pitch afterwards. Had quote Rob there but quote picked up non fash related comment. There's a football player in there somewhere but mostly a passenger and serial physio room visitor
  4. Not sure but take him. Shadow of a player. Too many injuries I think
  5. The defence of devine are confusing as f**k. He is not a footballer. Miles storey missing from some of these like he was missing his usual sitters. And why Nathan Austin hasn't been mentioned is beyond me. He runs and that's about it
  6. 35 and only even seen 1 solitary grey hair, called it Derek and helped him off to his new life after being shown to the wife before being dropped toilet direction. That was 2 years ago so either his replacement has been good at hide and seek or my hair learned it's lesson. Was actually told by a colleague that they would find me attractive if I went grey. Which was weird and came from nowhere so that's nice. Oh and she is a wid.
  7. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    I forgot they went and dragged him out the water with magic chains, I mean at winterfell he barely moved his hands and those long dead in the crypt awoke but not the freshly killed dragon that wasn't in a tomb...
  8. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    Has euron maybe just seen a volley of attacking arrows or something from a new iron island fleet led by Yara? Ie ironborn coming after him. Lots of out there pish being spouted in places, one thing I was told had been on Twitter or Reddit was that drogon was female and had dragon babies during the period drogon had gone missing and that was them joining the fight. Dragon armour didn't sound right as you would be ages making it or does fast travel include super smithing?
  9. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    Fully expect him to be killed by pod for some stupid reason and pod taking it all as his
  10. Do you say seconds mins hours . So why not year month day?
  11. I had a tape made of songs I liked from both albums and called it reloaded when I had a paper round many many many many moons ago ( the word tape may give the many years ago away)
  12. I agree with you on this, it should have been prudent spending up the leagues with the type of players you are signing now to build a core then add better quality that cost a bit later. Instead splashed it earlier (wages being the main culprit on older players with little to no sell on potential) and it's biting you in the arse when you need it most. The best hope is to find more like Morelos, little out and potential big returns to sort the previous mismanagement of money. That's an outsider looking in, obviously you have fan appeasement to consider, which at times has hamstrung you in terms of more sensible approach Vs business as usual. Look at the signings of the likes of Kevin Kyle for instance, he's even on record saying the wages offered where far higher than anticipated for the league played in.
  13. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    Battle starts, camera flies between heroes and vilians in various situations, fades to black, generic shouting we have won can be heard, camera pans out and GRR Martin is napping on a chair in front of a fire with a smile. Ends
  14. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    Forgot about that, but he's been reborn by lord of the light. You never know. Was slightly disappointed that catelyn wasn't buried in the crypt and had risen, that would have been a nice nod to lady Stoneheart. Instead was maester lewin
  15. weirdcal

    Game of Thrones

    Thought Jon snow was meant to have targaryen blood, wouldn't that stop him burning or are we waiting on that reveal later to make him king and to get Dany to believe?
  16. As all with two and the second within the year would ask.. How. How how how how and what the f**k were you thinking and how
  17. So let's get this right, it's a celebratory year for Killie. They want to do something for the fans and reduce the away fans to accommodate this. The away fans see this is a massive conspiracy against them.
  18. ^^^ this We have a 3 year gap. Got to the end of the having to change nappies, change each item of clothin, feed and really do everything for him as he loves to do it himself to start it all over. Plus the second time round is a piece of piss compared to the first. You know what to expect and what to do.
  19. Between the laugh and the name. Sex wee. Sex wee everywhere
  20. And it's not that we fucking notice unless it delays things. No man is ever going to say that top doesn't go with the skirt or some shite like that. It's all for other women to notice I'm sure. Either that or I have completely missed the point in going for a drink.
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