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  1. Flushable wet wipes are how we got our 5 year old to do it right. Though he went through them by the pack to begin with
  2. Been using ours near two years now. Outbreaks are at a low. We noticed a difference within a day or two. We also use fragrance free child's farm cream and bath crap
  3. We got an eco egg as my youngest is also allergic to detergent. It does a job keeping clean and reusable and it has helped loads with his and especially the volume of washes kids clothes need https://www.ecostore.ie/p/ecoegg---laundry-egg---720-washes/eele720
  4. I want this laughed out of court, I really do. Hearts want the equivalent of the top three premiership prize monies combined for winning a grand total of 4 league games all season Partick want the equivalent of finishing 3rd in the premiership for winning 6 games all season and being bottom of the championship. Budge got her chance to save her arse with reconstruction and couldn't muster the backing. The member clubs voted on it and vast majority rejected it. Season is over, you finished bottom. Get doon
  5. Why does the home one look like a da has pulled a top on over a white shirt and red tie?
  6. Whilst bored of repeated games, I don't think too many teams. Would love to know how hearts think this is a good idea Season ending early within league rules. Hearts took part in vote Budge was appointed head of reconstruction task force to avoid it. Between them, partick and Stranraer they won a total of 12 league games all season. Hearts had 90 points to play for and got 23. Lost 50% of games played. Get Doon and as uncle Roy said, take your medicine.
  7. On ye go hen, I'll finish the garden. Oh look it's taking longer...
  8. No one mentioning the Dundee utd statement yet? Website isn't loading but along the lines of the sun story regarding hearts and partick trying to block promotion is true and they are appointing lawyers. It is a joint one apparently with 2 other clubs - noting the expulsion comment regarding it needing requested by 3 teams makes this look like an interesting swing
  9. The questioner is called donathan, seems eerily like the name of the chief puddle drinker, l4l
  10. Who else will cause us reason to interact with other people during the off-season?
  11. It is a source of much hilarity, can be found around the seaside.
  12. I think the real issue with this is particks record against Inverness this season...
  13. Those who cannot and will not learn to work computers to a basic competence at an office related job should be cleared out. Absolute waste of time and resources, if not sitting there absolutely glaikit at username and password, they are then disturbing everyone else with their inherent mooing about not being able to do anything and if anyone else is incapable of remembering a user id and passwords I have not been in the office for 14 weeks and this still boils my piss
  14. Ah yes, nothing more time consuming and infuriating. Here's s wordy pdf/PowerPoint that we are all going to read through together. Quick, pick someone with a monotonous voice and reads at the pace of a snail that will ensure people take it in
  15. Or share the PowerPoint and skip the meeting altogether...
  16. Check shopto.net they are usually good on prices and fast delivery. Showing me at €70 for a pair and won't bloody change to £ for comparison for you.
  17. With the low chance of promotion still lingering, the talk about a 27 game season if remaining in championship etc I assume we are keeping powder dry until we know what is happening. I will continue my tradition of not buying one however out of principal. Principal being it's an absolute fucker of a trip for me to get to home games, or away games, or any games really
  18. Update over 3000 emails there in the morning, including one hilarious one from the other end demanding we stop sending them emails. A quick reply explaining that it is an autoreply loop and waiting on IT to turn it off, they might want to try their end as our outsourced IT might take a while to respond... Just a reply of oh, we thought you were sending them manually. Jesus wept.
  19. Oh no, it happens to break when the series X is released. Might as well buy the newer one...
  20. Just got a message from a colleague making up time, apparently our mailbox is stuck in an autoreply loop with another. Getting 5 responses a minute. Don't have admin access to the mailbox to turn off auto reply Have created a permanent delete rule but as it's shared it needs manually run. Going to be a catastrofuck in the morning
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