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  1. she pulled her self onto the bar and was leaning. a mate of mine, who is paralysed from the waist down, does it at bars when she wants served quicker !! anyone hear the nurse say fizz's baby had 10 feet then correct herself and say toes ? edited cause fizz is baby sounds utterly wrong and slightly perverse
  2. cheeky bas its this with the symbols going down the way in album order not stairway order.. lassie had the symbols and asked me if i wanted to climb the stairway to heaven.. cheesy but a rides a ride for all that if pic wont work *countless edits due to this sodding picture milarkey*
  3. my mate got a tattoo on the same day as another mate and they werent telling each other what they got. they were waiting to show them off at the pub later.. i arrived to find the two of them standing slightly apart looking rather sheepish. its only when i saw the tattoos i realised why... they both got their names done they looked like some sort of gay couple standing there, with their bepanthen covered arms, with matching craig tattoos
  4. im with accies1 here my 1st one was 2 1/2 hours of outline which i felt snd the shading was apiece o piss (right forearm) and that was with various colours (lion rampant on shield with a slatire background) 2nd (believe in chinese) and 3rd (metallica ninja star with a red outline) the outline again and that was one on either wrist 4th not finished. but i have pulled cause of it.. zep iv symbols on left fore arm (guy with lantern to be added around symbols with lanterncoming onto my chest)
  5. after losing four hours of gameplay.. its taken me 6 to get back where i was. now if i can only turn off my touchpads click function, i'll be happy as larry and wont shoot anyone important in the face by accident again
  6. im having to go back four hours to my save there.. made a very silly choice and accidentally killed someone i shouldnt have lets just say my autosave results in lots of me death
  7. the leg part i'll give you, but half a brain?? take a peek in the old firm threads. they seem to survive with less
  8. esp if she gets half of everything. you walk funny with one ball. true story
  9. he used to be a fan when it was out selling ps3. but since it turned round and playstation is on the up he swapped machines..
  10. Star Wars VI a new hope. lukes aunt and uncle who get crispified at the start. their house gets torched looking for r2d2 and c3po. it pops up on the screen with the pipboy character and a ....
  11. also found aunt beru and uncle owen in nipton.. haha brilliant
  12. anyone else choose the random encounter perk? or find indiana jones just south of goodsrpings ?
  13. no no no no no no no. the 4 dates not to get engaged on are : her birthday, christmas, valentines day new year. reasons being, if it goes tits up, you ruin that day for her forever. and you dont want her remembering you for that!!!
  14. trust me, even when you think like that now. theres loads that can happen to change it just do your self a favor and let it progress as you feel right.
  15. very very very true leaqst i have my psp and GTA to keep me amused .
  16. When i got engaged to my ex it was after three years together. it was on our 3 year aniversary (i had asked her MUM for permission the month before). she wasnt too well at the time, so we couldnt go out, could do much indoors either and i had been waiting for the best opportunity to pop the question. needless to say, we swapped aniversary presents (her idea), she had got me a psp and about 6 games, i had got her a set of crystal lead drinking glasses (2 of ) and a bottle of bubbly to pour in it. which we duly did. obv at this point she was thinking she had spent best part of £200 on me and i had skimped on her... as i had said she wasnt well and she was feeling rather emotional, so she hadnt quite noticed i had got down on one knee. was gettting the ring out my pocket , when the cat decided she was wanting to play, so mid semi prepared speech / comforting her cause she was upset, i am having to deal with a psycho jealous cat trying to get the ring box out of my hand. i eventually blurted out the "marry me" part of the speech. got her a ring with two diamonds (april is when we got together and got engaged. the month stone is diamond) and aquamarine for her birthstone. needless to say me arguing with a cat while trying to propose got me a yes and a ribbing for the next 12 months or so . sadly it went wrong after a year and we parted ways. c'est la vie
  17. umm 1 time caught speeding on the A9 at Daviot. over 90mph got the full 6 whack in one (d/q under NDA.) guy going faster than me got only 4 points. i think it was age discrimination as i was only 20 at the time and the guy was in his forties (we were heard on the same day) . and my pimped up driving machine ... a 1.3 austin Maestro.. such a boy racer.
  18. failed my first time with 0 minors and 1 major. apparently too far back on the reverse parallel park, past 2nd time with 4 minors. then lost licence under new drivers act for speeding then repassed 1st time 4 minors . they key to it is put your rear view mirror slightly out so you HAVE to look at it. and your first wee daft mistake you think you have made, think you have failed. once you assume you've failed you drive better as the stress is gone oh and i have never had an accident or written off a car, yet know people who pass 1st time who have done both and worse. your test is all about a set of circumstances on that day. some people get an easy ride and are left unprepared for real life, yet others get a once in a life time incident and have to deal with it. it happens
  19. sadly my lass has decided ,after appearing to be bright and switched on, to come out with this gem. "the religious troubles in Ireland is between the Catholics and Christians" she will not accept that Catholics are Christians and its between Catholics and Protestants. apparently its a case of what do i know, i dont believe in religion so i am bound to be wrong .
  20. think this tgread should be locked in 10 pages and moved to gold... the ultimate annoyance will be the page number
  21. a-team 8/10 (russian retail copy) only downside was its a bit on the long side and jessica biel stays far too clothed for my liking esp when cuffed
  22. to be fair to gazza, somewhere in that fairground of a mind of his, he probably thought his celebrity etc would solve this amicably. maybe saw in moat a glimpse of his own tortured sopul and reached out.. either that or he was selfishly trying to get himself some free good publicity (in his mind) as a good guy trying to help out even if he knew it wasnt going to happen. or in a drink addled haze , he saw a ginger cnut and thought f**k its chris evans
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