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  1. How the hell will a junior/3rd division club afford mcgregors wages? Let alone the steve's wages and every one else's. Oh and very very very gutted to have missed 1690. Damn 2 for Tuesday's
  2. After reading no8's prattlings Wonder if he will accept 6p in the pound on his next wage because his employers are wanting to replace the equipment? Don't worry, there is plenty of other people getting paid in full, but he seems to make more because of where he is...
  3. I thought the politicians weren't allowed to get involved as per FIFA and uefa rules? Mind you, neither was CoS and we see how that went
  4. In 5 years time, once the saga is over. Any new person to p&b should be directed to the diamond forum for this one thread. It must be read from start to finish before they are allowed to post
  5. So what your saying is, wages that were cut, would still be paid to the players upon transfer. So the money isn't saved for creditors as such, but for the players. Players selling for agreed price will get their full salary due to them on some form of work now pay later scheme. Thanks
  6. And if rangers are liquidated.. Not much will need to be paid for these 'assets'. I used 2 players as an example. Let's add in Davis and his 25k and again we will down it to 5. That would be 320 saved over 16 weeks instead of 400k Add to mcgregor and Whittaker and you would have saved £1m 40k In order to make 900k And again if it is deferred its 800k now needing paid to just 3 players from the creditors pot So in order to make 900k d&p missed out on saving 1040k And that's just on 3 players how many are on rangers books??
  7. The bbc need to sources to report something. They may only have one source for that, hence the wording of the first paragraph. Besides this, reducing them from 20k each per week to say 5k is still 80k per player in last 16 weeks is still 15 dorises annual salary. (between the pair of them) Again, when they could have let the two players go. Saving 480k instead of 640k when there is sufficient cover within the squad. Then to have people bleating that 'people lost jobs' when the club haven't properly cut costs is ridiculous
  8. Were you sleeping in march? We had deferral gate, where instead of taking cuts the players 'negotiated' pay deferrals, with sell on clauses inserted. You getting round to changing that team in your profile soon? Eta: Evening news
  9. They took a wage deferral, not a cut as has been mentioned A wage deferral implies that the full wage has still to be paid albeit later than due The point was people lost jobs saving a lower amount than removing two high earners who are easily replaceable squad members (alexander and a.n.other) and saving alot more money for the creditors,
  10. Give the f**k over. It's called living in your means and your club couldn't do it,. Imagine the shagger and whittaker (both apparently on £20k pw) were punted in feb Just for giggles, say that was 16 weeks ago. Saving 40k x 16weeks 640,000 Say Doris is on £15k p/a to clean the offices etc You could pay 42 dorises for 2 muppets
  11. i was just adding on two years for funzies really. its more realistic than 1 year
  12. 1 year ban would cost rangers £750,000 apparently (see 'journalist' Jim traynor) Rangers havent paid tax of £14,000,000 (at date of going into admin) i think 20 years (allowing for inflation) ban should be adequate
  13. come on, as someone who would go to cathouse if out in glasgow, picking horrific club photos is like shooting fish in a barrel
  14. Is now worried about his sexuality as I have a holiday booked for September
  15. Promote one from each league 3rd have 9 team league Next season =1 extra relegation spot for all leagues When they eventually fold and newco it means start at the bottom and all leagues revert back to prev rules
  16. If I win that pesky euromillions on Friday and rangers are liquidated I will out bid green for the stadium and turn it into a music stadium. I will then rename it international bands rox park (I.b.rox park) Ibrox is saved and fans may actually get to go there an enjoy the songs for a change.
  17. So a club up to its knees in ious has won the right to sign more players it cant afford once the debt is wiped out by hook or (more apt) crook. Sfa have to either show their balls or lube the arse. The football fan in me says balls, the sense in me (and cynicism for our governing body) says the ky is being warmed as we speak
  18. cheers, and i believe the apps will come.. slowly but they will come.. xbox game integration would be great.. like a fable game where you can earn stuf for your character or something
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