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  1. which part of musselburgh you in ? i do pizza deliveries there and some of the streets are just rubbish to get down
  2. put it this way, if i had kids and i was in and they did that to me, cashier would have to get someone to return the items whilst i told the manager in no uncertain terms what a stupid erse said cashier was. should i leave said kid in the car ? should i let them run amock around the shop? leave them standing at the door where anything could happen ? idiots
  3. ______________________________________ ________________^^^^^ watching a lassie drinking the drink he spiked
  4. Is that the one who thought giving head was slapping a penis on her face? Oh and she admitted that was her so no need for allegedly's
  5. try asda the jewell, the useless feckers stand in car parking spaces and give you looks if you try and park in one.
  6. N gage. Sweet Whit? Was the tv deal not the same as last couple of years? No rangers there so more chance others will win more money Jesus freaking h Christ they are stupid
  7. 3300 pages? Ten more and it's a Nokia (please remind me to make a Nokia/nuclear joke)
  8. c***s that drink too much on a Saturday night so they call in ill on Sunday night so you're the only driver on and everyone is complaining how long it's taken to deliver stuff. Thanks knobache Oh and the in laws dug that needed out at 12:45 and 5:30 to only go shit in a corner. Genius
  9. Sakes Guess who from your old team joined mine.. The wee pregnant one. Wait, you move to Thurso and she's preggers...
  10. No matter how shit it feels, trust me there is no greater pain than being the go to guy in your team and getting fuxk all for. No thanks no recognition just infamy as the one who knows the answers If you can think for your self, do formulae or work basic fuxking office functions on a Pc., do not work in pensions. And don't get me started on credit stealing fuckwits complaining that you haven't presented your email in a way they can fwd and remove your name from.. Arseholes Oh and add to the list of things you can do: speak English, spell, not speak monosyllabicly, can work think for your self speaking of which, where's bobby skidmarks? He's been missing for ages f**k it, it's beer o'clock
  11. Sounds like Brian Reid watched the rangers bounce game.. Apparently we know how they play
  12. Think the authorities should punish these diddies for the songs their fans sing I mean, these rules only apply to diddies so spl big teams are spared..
  13. So fake plastic rangers are giving a fake Plastic licence to play a ramsdens cup game. Wonder what their fake plastic fans think of that?
  14. ted - really funny in parts, some great cameos and one liners. ending was predictable but even then some really funny comments made (not if you are brandon Routh or Taylor Lautner) Wahlbergs accent begins to grate. by the last 20 mins i was practically willing him not to say much . 8/10
  15. how can they afford them if hearts cant ?? so much for furthering your career though.. SPL ? na, 1st ? na, 2nd? na 3rd ? yeah, thats good. scotlands FOURTH tier is my level..
  16. bingo, on the f**king money, i never understand people who complain about tv shows etc, if you dont like it, dont f**king look at it. simple enough i dont like house music, so i dont go to places that play it i dont like fords so i dont drive one i dont like big brother so i dont watch it wait a minute, 4 showed twilight, better complain it isnt real vampires.. what the actual f**k ? 1000 channels and you feel the need to complain ?? edit: to add astrisk on sweary words
  17. What do Ross county have that rangers don't? Besides spl status, a squad of senior players, a fan base who supports them, a 100 year + history, trophies and sfa licence? Oh yeah. Money. Sevco more likely to admin before ross county
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