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  1. yes, cause last year it added to 110 and next year 112 ... year after 113
  2. my point is why should our cities and towns look a mess while we have unemployed people desperate to work. its technically a job, they get paid, the outcome is tidier streets etc and the workers can feel they earned the money. instead of it just being handed to them.
  3. the jobless should be made to clean up neighbourhoods for their benefits
  4. 1st one is Popcorn ;- its an old horror film 2nd one is hard without a pic
  5. did you read half that pish ? secondly did anyone understand any of it? highlights for me are he internet proposal - kb'd as there was no 'rock' and the comment on the neil lennon page. a generic 'hail hail YNWA neil' very imaginative, suppose kudos for spelling 'neil' correctly oh and wtf is a 'mosk' ??
  6. salesman for the evening news just came to my door. 'excuse me, is your mum or dad in?' haha im 27 and live with my g/f i havent lived near my mum and dad since i was 19 needless to say i didnt sign up for a discounted £2 for 6 papers
  7. gas hob : electric fan assisted oven. and george foreman grill. (perfect for pre bbq cooking btw)
  8. weirdcal


    missed it so far. i like 13, she purdy
  9. weirdcal


    its never lupus
  10. keep getting a phonecall from some chappy who thinks he is 3 mobile offering me a new contract as mine has ran out.. im with o2, and barely 9 months into current contract..
  11. 3 and a half hour road trip back from nairn.. and the dogs got the runs. this is going to be fun
  12. no like cola, makes me feel ill. but cheers all the same
  13. Sober night cause I'm driving the mrs n her mum to the airport in the morn, then sober sat as I'm driving to Inverness on sun for a funeral. Waste of a weekend
  14. strange, it worked for me ..

  15. either delet them, or set them up on their own list.. and turn it off so they never see you online
  16. my cousin. stupid bint is one of the usual facebook attention seekers. well sadly, she picked the wrong day and event to try and get attention. my aunt died in the early hours of this morning (my cousins dads twin) she was only 55. i live about 180 miles away yet saw her more in the last 5 years than my cousin who lived in same town. she was doing the whole woe is me act on facebook without saying what was up. cue a shitload of the usual whats up *** etc etc. then the 'i dont know how to get over this' posts, still not saying what. i went on to the post and said 'if only you gave this much of a f**k about her when she was alive. still raging got a feeling my preggo sister is going to knocker her coupon about
  17. typical baxter. im pure wasted, been drinking since new year, its now march.. mental next breath. been doing my mma training till midnight every night, body is a temple. off the drink now. been a while. a regular moon beams.
  18. lol, haha she does look weird. mind him telling us all that he will be cruising in his mini. coming into work.. noticed the turn up for his 2 (3 ) leaving nights. think he took the hint and had the grace not to turn up for the third hahaha rocket to the moon
  19. did you not see her post about not getting any cause of his training ?? its like him buying that mini yet he doesnt drive (its his mums) wait for the engagement. its bound to happen soon
  20. He'd probably tell you he was!! He floats like a moth and stings like a cloth
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