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  1. Great news indeed.
    After a bedding in period, the positive signs were there for all to see so I'm delighted to have the chance to see James Keatings flourish.
    On the other hand, the absence of Tom Walsh is a mystery to me. Have I missed a bulletin?
    Fucked a metatarsal on other foot, same injury as last season, same layoff

  2. I have just this very week managed to write my car off,we have bought 6 cars off Arnold Clark in the last 8 years with no problems.But as my wonderful daughter last year fucked off and abandoned her kids we cannot afford a new car so had to go and buy a runner for £1200 today.On the bonus side my wife is driving it and I get her 67 plate Tucson8)
    Having seen your posts on parenting thread, you a doing a sterling job.
    With the runner, I ended up doing similar when my civic went a wee bit rusty and for cost of fixing I got an 08 grand scenic roughly same price. Thing has been magic since. diesel is cheaper than petrol here and getting about 60 miles a gallon. Lot to be said for a cheap runner

  3. Fraser started crawling yesterday. He's a toucher. Nothing is safe. Catherine was the opposite so the house is now having to be baby-proofed.
    Jamie is like Fraser. God help you. He's running now and in every cupboard. Found a dummy missing for two weeks in my tool bag which is in utility room behind the airers, no idea how and when
    If anything like Jamie he will go mad when cupboards are baby proofed
    It's also going to leave you wondering if you had him first would you be thinking something was wrong with Catherine as she never bothered with half of it. We do with Alex all the time. chalk and cheese kids

  4. Was it you who wrote them?
    I, thankfully, have never set foot in alness. One of life's greatest achievements right there.
    But no, if you read the bits under her name, unless she has a fetish for men with 2 children and wait till both are a particular age...
    She's even posted the ex with her image on it.

  5. zero implications, sports direct cases are a consequence of the previous boards criminality and even with them we are still making more money than we did previously as for the cold shoulder its a nothing consequence thats you lot had another one of you nonsensical fantasies about being much more severe, see res 12 , made up baloney about ffp, the ebt nonsense and others for other examples of this nonsense
    1. It's Dave kings board that broke the deals
    2. I had zero idea that my team are involved in res 12. We did however have a say if the new club would replace the old club in the top tier, 10 said no, 1 abstained and only the old club said yes...

  6. I'm not sure the implications of having a chairman with an effective cold shoulder would have on potential credit facilities with close brothers.
    He's not doing you favours with the sports direct cases, if he's breaching contracts and then court orders then he is going to be more a liability than an asset.
    As that is another court branding him a liar surely the sfa have to be looking at their fit and proper guidelines to see if this is a beach

  7. My missus moans about some of the mugs being stained at the bottom.

    This is the same daft bugger who never finishes a mug of tea, and leaves the dregs in the bottom and never rinses it out.

    Despite the connection between these two things being pointed out to her on regular occasions, she still does it.
    Bleach and a thorough clean. Her or mug you choose

  8. Week 40 update

    A case of fortunate timing this week, as I had to go and fix Granny Sanchez's heating this morning. That meant I was delayed with this update, which gave enough time for Ginger Baker to pop his clogs: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/oct/06/ginger-baker-wild-and-brilliant-cream-drummer-dies-aged-80
    I can't say I've ever listened to Cream, or any of the other musical projects he was involved in during his life, but he was clearly a talented and influential musician who could play a range of styles and genres. He died at 80, so he's worth 45 Base Points. He was also a Solo Shot for [mention=13784]ICTJohnboy[/mention], so he gets an extra 50 for a total of 95 points. As a result, the standings now look like this:

    1. Oooooft 728
    2. Ned Nederlander 545
    3. alta-pete 530
    4. chomp my root 461
    5. Bishop Briggs 424
    6. sparky88 410
    7. DBA 364
    8. Once A Rover always a Rover 357 

    9. Lex 309
    10. cdisaaccie 308
    11. The DA 303
    12. Savage Henry 301
    13. Mark Connolly, Miguel Sanchez 294

    14. 10menwent2mow 276
    15. gingette 269
    16. peasy23 267
    17. JustOneCornetto 265
    18. Fuctifano 264
    18. JamieStevenson 259
    19. RadgerTheBadger 256
    20. HI HAT 240
    21. Karpaty 237
    22. Ross. 233
    23. The Naitch 222
    24. Ziggy 217
    25. Blootoon87, ICTJohnboy 213
    26. Indale Winton, LoonsYouthTeam  201
    28. Meden89, nessies long lost ghost 194
    29. statts1976uk 190

    30. microdave, sleazy 164
    31. Musketeer Gripweed 152
    32. Arabdownunder 148
    33. cambozpar, qos_75 139
    34. psv_killie, Willie adie 128
    35. lolls, weejack, weirdcal 123
    37. lichtgilpead 115
    38. Melanius Mullarkey 110
    39. atfccfc, mathematics 109
    40. thisal 101

    41. Arbroathlegend36-0 95
    42. Ben Twilly 93
    43. wellinwigan, BWAClyde 92
    44. ICTJohnboy 91
    45. Sweaty Morph 89
    46. Lofarl 84
    47. AyrTroopMajor, gkneil, Sloop John B 82

    48. Billy Jean King 75
    49. Bold Rover 69
    50. Bert Raccoon 66
    51. choirbairn 61
    52. Sergeant Wilson 49
    53.  killiefan27, Henderson to Deliver..., Kilbowie's Finest 46
    54. expatowner 45
    55. Bert Raccoon, Eednud, ToBeSomeone 36
    56.  pub car king 30
    57. MixuFixit 27

    58. Everyone else 0


    The spreadsheet has also been updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NlaNlT-7ZGlQGqszGFfBb49tVzFpWITUAR7BUjApJUc/edit?usp=sharing
    Gets 95 points, shows 91..

  9. Not disagreeing with the premise but do you think there has ever been 'dozens' of women even signed up? Seems much more spotty boy trainspotters in anoraks in their mother's house to me.
    Can only think of a handful of women on here past and present that I am aware of.
    There was a ding dong between the honest saints fan and xxx facesmashedoffkeyboardofparadise xxx or something like that a few years back, possibly in the gold forum.
    Rowan is another noticeable female on the site, couple of amusing comments from her down the years too in the gen nonsense forum that jump out, think recently educated a few on snowballing.
    Lisa cuddy is another I am aware of but not seen a post from her in a while.
    Not to forget Vicki the Viking who was in the same b and b as one of the lesser intelligent rangers fans on here.
    There was also the one who followed a player around swapping teams as he did but name escapes me.

    After that I'd struggle to name another either not noticing posts or not aware so I would agree that there has most likely never been dozens

  10. Obviously the work didn’t extend to educating their own fans.
    To be fair they can explain it to them but can't understand it for them, I doubt going lower then monosyllabic for some of the hangers on ( I refuse to accept they are fans, more sadsacks who buy into it as a cult, as a way to live your life rather than merely supporting a football team) is possible

  11. Started breath of the wild, it's overwhelming, truly humongous map, really smart design.  Don't expect to finish it this year.  
    Don't like the constant breaking of weapons but i'm assuming the further you go the stronger they become.
    Only annoying thing about it is the constant beeping from the shrine locator thing. Can you turn that off?
    You can alter what it searches for and that can keep it quiet though I think. It's on the map screen and options.
    Not played in a while so not sure if I recall correctly

  12. Use to love subbuteo. Didn’t have the floodlights or the stands, but had the scoreboard, fences and team names. Hours lost only playing that. Did anyone ever have tomy super cup football?

    Yes, worryingly cheap in Woolworths, great fun. Noisy as f**k if I remember.
    Also remember one of my friends had it and for some reason put all the colours on a side each. Made it hard as hell.
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