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  1. Both my boys came out the sun roof so the last bit has been thankfully unaffected. NHS and hse cases so not a bean paid. All covered by relative health services. Any afters dealt with for free. Although over here they are absolutely desperate to send kids to physio or other therapies. Our youngest, now 18 months, was referred to physio for not lifting his head right at just shy of a year. Appointment not come through but the wee bugger now grabs kitchen chairs to move to counter under the treat cupboard and climbs to raid the treat cupboard.. I get the feeling he'd pass physio no bother
  2. A former team member of mine was *mutually consented* out the door and his leaving email was about leaving to upskill himself and better his employment prospects. Absolutely everyone who received this email instantly knew he was punted and the reasons why. It's coming up 3 years since, he's not been replaced and productivity and service levels have massively improved. Go figure...
  3. I have 7 seater grand scenic and managed it. Also the seats in the back, are yours individual or both have to go up? Loads of space left if using only one. Oh and they are fitted like a smugglers car, compartments everywhere
  4. I did a pre Christmas clear out of unwatched films she recorded over two years old to make space for things she was setting to record Half of them got recorded again in hd this time.. taking up more space. Seriously who watches Xmas movies after 24 Dec. Kids aren't even bothered. Oh and the recording love fucking island and watching it as it records... What the f**k.
  5. Ah she is getting to the cannot be arsed being pregnant stage. The complaints about being pregnant and you are getting to get grief. Our first was an emergency section, that's fun for you. Second was a planned one that was dull, she was on a fast from 10pm and it was 4pm before she went in for it.
  6. Use that and run with it. What exactly are you accusing me of.. Are you seriously suggesting to get days off I am killing family members? Do I go to HR or the police first about that accusation? Make the bitch squirm. (She sounds crazy, do not insert cock, repeat do not stick dick in crazy)
  7. Over here the arseholes dawdle between stops. Pain in the tits when they are doing around 30 in a 60 with no room to overtake.
  8. You should move to whitecraig mate. He wouldn't venture there. Or more to the point he wouldn't venture out of there
  9. Close. Changing the clicks to lefty is even better
  10. Feeding one year old and chucking my store bought steak bakes in whilst doing so. Wee felly is allergic to egg and we have to try and introduce them slowly to his diet and I am watching him with his boiled egg like a hawk. Smell a burning smell and realised in my haste I had put oven in grill mode not oven. Absolutely cremated the steak bakes. And the wee git ate everything but the egg, which was launched off the back of his brothers head the second he turned away.
  11. We stopped being the current holders of the Scottish cup?
  12. Bloody malteasers advert.. just a snog. f**k off, as if she was going to tell you she got finger blasted after giving him a blowie behind the bins.
  13. That's at 2-2 when going for a winner and fresh legs. Doubt that useless chunt even needed a shower.
  14. Tavernier suffers from Joe hart syndrome, looks good with a decent team around him but if he's actually relied on to do his part in a poorer team he will be found out and spend the rest of his days as back up. When the rangers fans wanted shot of him it was for that reason, he was being found out. The team his had investment and improved so it's less obvious. Also helps having the mad shagger in goals.
  15. Aren't European flags made of non flammable materials as per an EU rule on materials used? Quoted wrong fucking post. Bah f**k amending it
  16. All in scotland Oh you And you Ach you as well. The point being it was mid-day, I'd get later in the evening, I almost understand the before the network struggles later on but that early. nothing good ever comes of being that early...
  17. Mario maker fairly decent, I had the wiiu and 3ds versions so not much to step up to. Smash Bros later I think.
  18. Been up since crack of dawn, I'm at work and kids driving my wife nuts so probably a takeaway and a few. She will no doubt go to bed early. Might turn the wife on and have a rare go on that..
  19. Already seeing happy new year messages on Facebook. Seriously, you are 12 hours early. Premature celebration at it's worst, is like the arseholes version of when people used to post first under a YouTube video.
  20. That's mine in. I am sure they will be happy for another year on this earth
  21. Was going to say, last profile I have of yours hasn't tweeted in a good while. Thought you'd gone quiet
  22. Did you read what I wrote or did you get to the bit about brown and suddenly stop reading? The only thing I said was the same is that it's gone on about and it's horrific patter. I didn't say one was worse than the other, I didn't say they were both equally fair game. I even mentioned that whilst both bad chat that they do pale to singing Norrie give us a wave. Fans will dig at opposition players, the better the player the harder they try to get at them. Saying your mums a slag or going on about a dead relative is trying to wind them up anyway they can. It's shite state of affairs when they go beyond personal and go after family members, especially the deceased but that's a herd mentality for you.
  23. Lets add some perspective, some go on about Morelos mother being a mattress, others go on about another players deceased sister. Both horrific patter to be absolutely honest with you and neither side see other than their own side being harmless banter. Christ, some opposition fans used to sing Norrie Norrie gies a wave towards the graveyard near East end park and I'd say that's worse than both the above. The problem with Morelos is he will react to it on the he pitch, he lashes out and does get caught doing it. He needs to mature to rise above it and he appears to have gotten better at it that aspect but until he's mastered turning the other cheek he will be targeted as a potential liability. It's not racism it's gamesmanship. They are targeting his personality not nationality. And what he does off the pitch is fantastic and should be highlighted but what he does on the pitch is what he gets most grief for.
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