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  1. The ones in charge warned there would be social unrest when rangers died in 2012 and their legions of knuckledragging morons had no one to follow follow. See how well that panned out...
  2. Finally got something on draught in here
  3. What did I just read? Christ my wife is lucky to get a card from the kids (they are currently 4 and 1, so really from me from them) but from the pets?? And then you are saying the grief of not doing so isn't worth the hassle. She has to be some ride to get you into that mentality, has to be
  4. Ah le cochan volant if in France. Except he fucked off on us on the eve of France 98 and didnt leave the other one behind. Arseholes
  5. Nothing better than a couple in the office splitting up and the absolute fallout from that. Many a scenes in my old work place when some of the more mentally unhinged former couples had rather public out bursts.
  6. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    I started at 3, played NV and fallout 4. The mechanics are dumbed down and the story isn't as enthralling but my god I love 4. Unlike most other fallout fans I want a South America sequel..tha t should be fun
  7. Under 5s are 4 and under. It's the same thing
  8. The way they turned out for Aberdeen may have been a slight blessing mind you
  9. I'd gather at his age they'd offer 50% or so of annual wage as a lump sum and tell him he's free to go, if he doesn't like it he can wait out in reserves till contract is up.
  10. The front one went on my old civic and it passed the emissions tests no bother, it was more economical after I replaced it mind you
  11. One for the mechanics here, is there an easy way to change the side light bulb on a grand scenic MK2 if you have big hands? How the genuine f**k am I meant to get my hand in there? There is a battery and a bloody bar in the way Also, there is a certain place in hell for whoever designed their bonnet release mechanism.
  12. Just picked this up in the switch sale. It's far funnier than I thought it would be
  13. Known as the god machine in the house. 6 mam microwave bottles (can be done individually) and this thing. Magic. Did the old fashioned way when away and given this thing is faster than my Tassimo (yes they have been started at same time, usually at 6am) I would recommend it. Oh and if you drive alot and don't fancy the megabuggy check out the doona system, was originally bought for going into town or short car trips, ended up getting rid of the travel system she bought practically unused
  14. I misread this as herd of crusty socks and was ready to comment about the creative imagery from such a throwaway comment
  15. What help does she expect? Him to wheel him round? Or is it just handouts she's after? Actual nothing story trying to make Ronaldo look bad because he didn't throw money at a former Pro he probably never even met before?
  16. Thank f**k they spotted that, imagine the riddy not knowing what colour Ayr wear
  17. With the follow-up of you'd never tidy up it's always me that does it and only I ever put the dishwasher on...
  18. Going to have to fire it up myself and try and recall. Been weeks into Skyrim at the moment and all I recall at the moment is I missed something and cannot remember where for the life of me
  19. Shandon has feet of a Hobbit and bairnardo is the height of one.. I think Mrs shandon has a middle earth fetish
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