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  1. In Ireland you pay your bins separate from the council tax, so you Chuck in how much that cost it starts to add upand I'm sure there are other things not covered. My wife deals with the bills, I just supply the readies. Also over here the prices of other things rip the pish so it's made up in other areas too.
  2. People who don't listen to what they are told or grief culture, can't decide which this falls under. Friend of mine has a heart attack 10 days ago, he got out of hospital a week ago. This morning he didn't wake up. As friends and family are still being informed it was requested that nothing posted on social media until those close to him are informed. His brother is dealing with it all at the moment. The amount of utter oxygen thieves known to be in the group of close friends that have posted on his timeline is unbelievable. Either keen to be seen to care it wanting to be first. He can't see it so why do it?
  3. John James? I remember his blog, used to say he supported rangers and was very insecure regarding his personal safety, even Phil Mac giolla bhain (or what ever it is) called him a shitebag.
  4. Ah, black pudding country Aye. And opened a distillery in town too. Fairly nice whiskey
  5. Poppy day Any one who calls it that should not be allowed to get angry at someone not wearing one. So many times seen that referenced instead of remembrance or armistice utter utter utter bawbags
  6. Na, he does tours with his book. Apparently get really angry of someone mentions the murder case. Think he is in skibbereen or glandore now as it was schull (shkull) it happened. Lad that does the pub is mid 30s
  7. Yas. Someone who knows difference between acronym and initialism.
  8. Been in Ireland since 2016, the south part. Speak same language (unless from Kerry/west cork and that is what I can only assume drunk Doric sounds to others) Mostly same TV shows, drive on same side of road (unless rural roads where it's not uncommon to meet someone coming round a blind corner in the middle in case someone is walking...) Slight differences is the euro and Kms but you get used to it. Currently live in the arse end of the arse end of nowhere and the local hamlet type place has a pub and that's it. Run by a Norwich supporting Englishman no less
  9. I thought ok boomer was in relation to realising when one doesn't listen so instead of repeating yourself you just say ok boomer. But yeah I wasn't old enough to appreciate radio Luxembourg, it stopped when I was still getting subjected to radio one or funny mouth radio (tich mccooey)
  10. My £20 Bluetooth headphones have better sound quality on certain file types than my airpods. Apparently it's due to the way the sound is processed on Android to apple. Me, I don't really give a flying rats arse. The headphones are for when the wife is watching the latest round of reality shite and the airpods are for avoiding people when in the shops or on foot. That said. Being able to control the volume and change track via my watch also means my phone never needs to leave my pocket on the move. No cables, no fannying about with the music app. Certainly beats the old MP3 player days. Or the portable CD player with 60seconds shock proof buffering, or, god help me, the reversible tape player with the shitey foam coated headphones with the thin metal strip holding them together.
  11. Set of kiddies earphones and he will leave you be. Eldest went that way which is a blessing, youngest will too so I can play my switch in peace
  12. Kindle fire HD and you can get the dafty cases Usually a black Friday deal too
  13. Gay Byrne gone https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50289744
  14. Mrs weird: the monitor in older boys room won't turn on Me: I'll go plug it in for you Mrs w: oh haha I'm not that stupid. Me: goes up to older boys room (his monitor only goes on when ill) spots the power is plugged into the lineout and plugs it in to the adaptor hole. Mrs w: did you fix it? Me: it was in the wrong hole Mrs w: there's a wrong hole? Me: *blinks*
  15. Just borrow shandon pars wife's ones, she'll have no use for them if you bump him off...
  16. Aye, the wheels drop / fold and it's instantly a car seat. Handy as hell. No fiddling to take it apart and put bits in the boot. Was originally bought for the older boy for the car and shopping whilst the travel system was for everything thing else. The travel system was punted practically brand new as was barely used . For me it's up there with the tommee tippee machine as best gadgets bought
  17. For our second we just used the doona that we got for our first. No pram or anything like that.
  18. Need £10m before end of season. That is some serious cash burning. A player or 3 will need to be sold without additional players coming in or that can will be kicked further down the road.
  19. Hopefully settling in well and getting on. Given the turmoil with everything it would be nice for him to have some normality and be a happy little boy. I'm sure you and your wife would love to have some really positive news coming out of this for him.
  20. That would have been me. Can't even remember the quote, just one someone clocked out and reminded him.
  21. Saaaaaakes, whit a riddy. Isn't Walsh hamstring? Sure they said he was feeling it in training prior to partick or am I going dafter
  22. Fucked a metatarsal on other foot, same injury as last season, same layoff
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