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  1. I think my wrist is chunkier than that. That's like half my thigh.
  2. We want the financial reward for finishing second but do not award the title for those that would finish first.. Deferred wages for the players. Seems like that massive £10m hole mentioned in the accounts is causing some issues down in Govan. Must source some jelly and ice cream... Right have I sevcod enough?
  3. As long as she shaves her pirvatey beard too. Fairs fair.
  4. He's fairly sensitive at the moment, not seeing school friends and today we were meant to be driving from cork to Edinburgh to see family Seems easy to trigger at the moment and it the most ridiculous of things Oh more than likely. It's probably first time I have used effin educationally and it's confused the poor bugger
  5. Today's reason for making five year old cry, helped him with spelling 'for'. Apparently telling him only one f was enough. I am very good at this parenting lark.
  6. See game of thrones 4 years after I suggested it, she decided aye cause all her pals were talking about the end of series 7. Binge watched with the usual explain what is happening in front of her. I get the fear over her next brain fart for TV show watching which will undoubtedly lead to me explaining the basics
  7. I have a 5 year old and toddler under 2. Stuck indoors. No real outlet for energy. Of course a vino relaxo is happening. It's not as if tanning a bottle a night. It's one or two whilst unwinding watching what ever shite she who was be obeyed has recorded. Side note. She's dealing with the kids all day whilst I hide in my office.. working.
  8. Fund prices can go down as well as up. A phrase I may have said about 40 times this week alone. Some people are hilarious at the moment, apparently given the opportunity to pick your own funds mean I should personally be micromanaging it in order to stave off loses. You wanna stick in equity when markets wobble, crack on. You wanna invest it all in a cash fund (cash fund does not mean it's cashed and stays same value, see above about fund prices...) Crack on Just don't come whining to me when it's dropped in value as if I can actually do something.
  9. Successfully worked around work IT settings to install my home printer and scanner to scan documents for a massive project I am working on. Expecting some bother down the line if they do a program check but I get the feeling that as the director of pension admin is project lead my ingenuity might be a saving grace towards delivering project on time and it will be brushed under carpet once I promise to remove when project/ lockdown is over. The joys.
  10. Well maintained by number of those that were on gardening leave previously
  11. Stop, collaborate and listen... Wait wrong one
  12. If we do null and void the league, Falkirk stay down. Every cloud
  13. Almost makes you want a null and void league...
  14. No call for Dyson? Dodgy as f**k him, backs brexit then moves hq to Singapore, applies for contract to provide respirator machines despite having never made them... And wins. Ok Branson is the fudd paying no tax, got a 20bn NHS contract and still paid no tax and then tried to sue NHS. Tim Martin is a genuine c**t, from brexit to covid I hope his pubs all die. Ashley is a greedy twat but he has Dave king in his pocket and will no doubt end the mighty morphin Glasgow rangers with winning his court cases and costs.
  15. Keeping up my consecutive days making my 5 year old cry. Apparently being told not to jump on the couch is today's winner. Past winners include: Deleting duplicate recordings of paw patrol Sitting on the same chair I had been for the last 2 hours because his kindle needed charged and the charger was beside me. The microwave being turned off (1 year old discovered chairs can move and be climbed) His pizza not being ready. Ah the joys of being locked down
  16. For a pathia, i mix pineapple juice and mint for the weird sweet and sour taste it has. Always annoyed that's the one type never found in jar or at some Indians here. Love a pathia
  17. I remember seeing one in westerhailes and seeing the repayments and the shop was fairly busy. What got me was people buying laptops etc from there. By time they paid it off at an inflated price it would be practically obselete (most were near it anyway, low powered celerons) and the process would need started again.
  18. Have the same issue with items password protected in an email then a follow up email with password.
  19. We use display link on laptop, not many tvs have a display link po try. The it guy gave me a displaylink to hdmi converter but the TV is a rear projection bravia. It's 50 inch so one screen being laptop 15 inch and then second being a washed looking 50 is a smidge too dis proportionate for me without a decent length hdmi cable. Company ordered a few monitors for staff so I just need to bother my arse into the office to collect it next time I go printing.
  20. Chance to watch birds of prey (Harley Quinn movie) or once upon a time in Hollywood she opts for Hollywood. This will involve multiple stoppings to explain the plot in simple terms to her. Boot and pie would be administered but I let her choose in anticipation of getting my Morocco mole later
  21. We are on week two of this, my wife has lost her job as her workplace is closed for foreseeable. I turned the kids toy room into an office. The main door is locked. The second door to the bathroom is locked on my side so I can use it and wife and eldest can use that bathroom (using upstairs bathroom involves stopping daredevil toddler racing them up the stairs). I had tried the kitchen as an office but as alluded to elsewhere on the first day the toddler decided to sit beside me, toddler speak at me, shit himself and continue toddler talk. All whilst I was trying to explain to the hard of thinking that investments can go down as well as up. I have tried to keep to the same routine as pre work from home. Up shower, dressed, coffee and head to work. Just now I get proper cooked lunch and the commute has gone from an hour each way to a minute. I get to pop into the office once a week for posting. I'm midst a massive project and dropping to one screen is a pain in the tits. The other option is get the long HDMI cable I have and try and use my old TV as a second screen.
  22. I was €1.20 a litre of diesel. It's been up near €1.40 for so long. Just a shame I have no fucking driving to do
  23. Currently doing that self isolation guff as has roughly 36/32 counties in Ireland are doing and the youngest has been my shadow over the day. Wife said he's really taken to you at the moment and I joked it was Stockholm syndrome. Is that like autism or down syndrome she asks... I may be spending the night on the couch after I stop laughing
  24. Story being fell down the stairs and passed away after being in intensive care Mental. Absolutely mental with all that's going on and it's the stairs that gets you
  25. Unfortunately those in charge of our game have made it one of the only selling points and utterly shit the bed when the old rangers imploded. Instead of saying the contract was for the league they actually had those kind of games as part of it. Just waiting on what they come up with, this shower couldn't run a bath.
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