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  1. Ah good old owngoalabart. That wasn't his only effort into our own net was it?
  2. Club had an orange and raspberry that was a go to when I first moved here. Then it was only available in sugar free and disappeared. Club lemon uses to be better than Fanta lemon but they did an irn bru and fecked it. Why these companies with a sugar free alternative feel the need to ruin the sugary versions and remove the choice I don't know. Run a reduced sugar, full sugar and sugar free version and see where the sales take you.
  3. Used to love scampi and lemon nik naks, as well as the spicy ones, the rib n saucy were take it or leave it. Buffalo hunky dorys in Ireland are gorgeous, as are ROI taytos (NI taytos have a strange taste to them) Thai chilli chicken McCoy's are also fantastic
  4. Living in Ireland, we better get payback or I'm taking annual leave, the pelters I got after the last game was horrific
  5. Could have been Jimmy sands "He's aff/we're pumped"... Do like the small irony that someone named sands was involved in another rangers pumping after the Queen died. The sort of thing they'd be looking into his family history for any links at all and claiming conspiracy.
  6. Just had a wee read of one of their forums. The heads gone thread wouldn't handle it, they are foaming at the mouth, it's everyone against them, we are all indoctrinated for age 5 not to vote tory etc. Absolutely mental gymnastics to preserve their point of view (not to mention the odd wording of being put down the leagues...) One brightspark wanted to ban Dundee utd fans to send a message, I gather that message would be, We are that precious? They had a min silence weds, one yesterday and 90 of them last week as the games were off due to respect. Its plenty Edit: damn autococonut
  7. Good question, I am petrified to look. When you see sky cinema and sports all showing Queens funeral you tend to want to juggle with pinless handgrenades
  8. RTE 1 is also showing the thing. And then back to the soaps... RTE 2 I think is kiddies pish. It is an absolute shit show of stupidity.
  9. Sky have cancelled all programmes on Monday for every channel to show the funeral. If that's not petty enough. I am in the Republic of Ireland and we are getting the same pish. This also coincides with a work wellbeing day (ie free day aff) whilst the kids are at school and the wife works.
  10. Nice are playing tonight.. Aaron Ramsey plays for them now..
  11. Tbh I get where Kincardine is coming from. The vile chants and songs being sung happening every game and taking over the game chat can be tedious when you know it is never going to change until someone with a spine who runs the game sets out harder hitting sanctions for it. I do see some clubs are starting to reduce allocations to the teams involved, much to their derision from the fans about enjoying an empty stadium etc. Back to the game, either both were penalties or neither were. The reason the hibs player stayed on the park at the penalty was the double jeopardy rule (if its not a red card elsewhere on pitch its not a red for last man anymore) The two cynical fouls, the hibs boy challenges the foot where the ball was, it's probably deemed just late. Lundstram slid in, foot high and nowhere near the ball, it's out of control and can be interpreted as dangerous enough to be a red. I wouldn't be as confident as some on twitter about that being over turned. Morelos on the other hand, the boy already had an unseen off the ball trip on a hibs player go unnoticed, I wouldn't be surprised if rangers appeal his red and that suddenly got a citation. Feels weird saying this but I think collum was mostly correct yesterday. And that's coming from someone who got a twitter warning for calling him a useless w**k during the playoffs
  12. For me, it's when they get it correct in context that cracks me up, my eldest did that in the car when someone coming round the blind corner in the middle of the road and his wee voice piped up with a f**k sakes. My youngest was singing along to reel big fish song everyone else is an asshole.. That's another song to be removed from me list
  13. The mother needs a shake. Understand why she is refusing to accept her kid is gone but the whole thing is fairly horrific. Kid found with ligature round neck - she blames tik tok Kid has no brain function and by all purposes starting to decay internally. She's calling the doctors and nurses executioners for wanting to let him go. She isn't preserving his life she is prolonging his death
  14. M*A*S*H producer burt metcalfe is no longer incoming wounded. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/burt-metcalfe-dead-mash-1235189292/
  15. Christ, a live reenactment of a subcrawl / post 5's mix up. Puddle drinking.... Pissy worm... And other carnage
  16. The fact he buried his first wife at the first hole bodes badly for the other two...
  17. Know its not a trope but pie and perve reviewer big gus getting 'best poster' then posting a long thank you before being told it was a joke was definitely a highlight
  18. Ah yes, never learned after Elton John or Rod Stewart. Can imagine the boardroom, well we lost a million hosting them. Why not do it again. That will show the fans... Seems like that user needs to pay attention to their own user name
  19. Have to make sure right size so not tugged off or balls hit his face... I'm sure the wife has something he can borrow as these things never happen with her around
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