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  1. What's this? I thought that they had got out of the sports direct stuff?
  2. Been that long since I played it, I may need to dig out and look. Glad you beat it
  3. He's not a world beater just not a bad keeper. Will do a job if the defence pick up on his quirks and cover it before it's an issue.
  4. Short person without short person syndrome. f**k me preseason gets weird
  5. Mario Vs Rabbids gets quite difficult for a period. Cracking wee game. Looking forward to spyro appearing soon. That will bring back memories
  6. How old was your old phone??? I haven't had a remove battery phone in about 5 /6 handsets and a nano SIM has been present in the last 3 at least. As been mentioned you get a wee key to open it (sometimes contained in the earphones included) the tray should have an image on the SIM part to show which way, my current one the tray shows the SIM and the memory card / second SIM spot. But at least you have it done now. Enjoy installing all your apps again and trying to recall all your passwords. That's the real PTTGOYN about new phones.
  7. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    It's been brilliant fun going through it again, vague memories of quests but having done oblivion not too long ago it meant the faction quests where slightly muddled. Just got made guild master of the thieves guild... That I didn't recall the slog for that. Oh the nukaworld. So much potential so badly done
  8. weirdcal

    Fallout 4

    I'll be replaying it next, have gone back through oblivion, fo3 foNV and currently in Skyrim ( on switch rather than the Xbox). Hoping that having played all the others to hand I might forget the quests and enjoy it properly again
  9. Page 1, just every comment about child abuse . Obsessed was a term used regarding the admin and liquidation process but that's beyond obsessed that. That's unhealthy that.
  10. When your app signature randomly reappears on a post..
  11. Tbf he had a light touch and a good eye... Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  12. 720dpi docked and 540dpi in handheld mode apparently for Witcher. Currently playing Skyrim on it, tell you what no where near as crashy as the 360 version was
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