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  1. https://www.shopto.net/en/sony-ps-membership/?currency=GBP 40 quid for the year here
  2. A wee bit late to the game here but Concerned at: bi-curious, date rape and pumped all in the same year
  3. I started getting bachelor beans as Branston does not appear to be a thing over here I don't think I have seen a shop not sell kerrygold here. For some reason...
  4. We are full lockdown till December to try and get numbers down, I went to local lidl as nearest to me and it was like a family day out for a lot of them. Red and green lights to get into the shop based on number of folk inside and there were groups of 4 doing a single bloody shop. Then you also had those needing to block aisles to talk about how terrible it is to be back in full lockdown, pulling masks down to speak to each other whilst their kids are rampaging up and down the mad shit aisle.
  5. I had one from twitter but apparently can't post it as unsupported file here.. twitter_20201024_163305.mp4
  6. Oh there will be silence on my door step that day However I'll be inside watching the TV not realising the time
  7. If my wife liked football and posted here I'd possibly be a contender. Decided that tonight would be the best night to try toddler in a single bed rather than the cot. It's her turn to take him, it's her turn on the monitor for him.. And it's our anniversary. What a present
  8. Had to swap out the gag due to covid restrictions...
  9. You lucky lucky b*****d. Imagine another full lockdown and you have that sat in the house. Not jealous...
  10. Hearing ebbe skovdahl has passed away. Aberdeen legend https://sport.tv2.dk/fodbold/2020-10-23-broendby-legenden-ebbe-skovdahl-er-doed No UK obit yet
  11. More recipient of report post function leading to a straight red Didn't see what did myself but I believe that's how he ended that account...
  12. Watching Dundee defence there. No longer as despondent as previous at the thought of devine and bad mckay being in our defence.
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