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  1. Having to take the people's chariot into town after work. First one is full after one stop. Half hourly buses too. Fucking shite
  2. Labo is a cardboard accessories thing. Think all the Wii attachments you can get, these come packaged with games. Probably worth it on the cheaper ones. My boys are 1 and 4 so not a hope as one would try and eat it the other would be taking it apart. They did a Mario party game set with 2 extra joy cons before. No idea if it still exists but 90 quid for a new game and two extra controls was a bloody steal https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/super-mario-party-neon-green-neon-pink-joy-con-controller-bundle/11870515.html
  3. Pick up a couple of games for you once they go to bed.. Switch online is about 20 quid a year and that gives you nes and SNES games to replay and my lord is it worth it
  4. Doesn't your car adjust volume for speed? Mine does and my ex's did. Hit a certain speed and volume increases for you.
  5. You make that sound like a bad thing...
  6. Got to admit. Wine and spicy crisps everywhere at that.
  7. Look at the eco egg. Our youngest has allergies and this helped loads
  8. Have you got the daft wee hp printer app for it? Hp smart and the hp service plug in. If it was a xerox, then the lord God Xerox demands a bimonthly goat sacrifice into the ink tray
  9. My wife fits a tea towel held tight using the lid for excess moisture. Does the trick.
  10. I actually bolloxed it, I had mass with a capital and it autococonuted. Live and learn I suppose. At the end of the day if we can't poke a little fun at everything then the games a bogey.
  11. Even the thought of that journey gives me the fear. Playing school football in wick, April after Easter holidays and the ground was solid, ice clinging to the grass. Brora was where we stopped for cheesy to herf her guts up. Boys teams and girls team on same bus. Windy roads. School age. More than one was sick only one got the bus stopped
  12. Off the clock, get Tae f**k. Canteen is no place to air grievances with staff, in fact a HR complaint from either you or the staff member in question or both regarding bosses inappropriate behaviour in disciplining in an open environment that causes embarrassment or discomfort for those around. Then type up your CV as you will get managed out of there...
  13. Probably not used to seeing rangers in the black and this is causing mass confusion
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