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  1. Audible and trade whatever the f**k it is. Having the opposite effect they are aiming for.
  2. Ah. Parry and conceded a goal 8 years apart... Bollocking hell at least we are consistently inconsistent
  3. Tom boyd og was it not. Chested it into the net? Memories are hazy as a 14 year old at the time I was stupidly optimistic it was a one off disappointment for the tournament
  4. Microsoft security notices on Marco documents that pop up at the back of all your Windows. If anything deserves an auto focus it's these fucking things.
  5. Is there not a list of common errors that a splash page being added might help a little? At work I am technically tier 1 tech support for our website and it sometimes does help giving a list of what is known to work on one of these. However you do still have a number of folk who will ignore and contact you regardless, for example it was designed for chrome and after the inevitable 'it's not working' back and forth to find out what exactly isn't working, you find they are using IE.
  6. Ohya f**k, ciders that have never met an apple. Oooofr
  7. He binned twitter last year. No idea about CTO I binned that about 10 years ago.
  8. I have fibre to the house with sky and still have a dish. In fact I have two more dishes in the shed (thanks to storms) that they wouldn't take away when replacing. The first one the metal bar holding dish to bracket crumbled. The second one the bracket cracked and snapped. Dishes actually look fine.
  9. I thought it went not long after Ardersier? Or was it mothballed
  10. Those of a certain age up there would definitely remember Nigg yard... And yes that was a real thing
  11. Wall of sound creator and mad haired murderer Phil spector has died of covid apparently
  12. I'd say it's just to the other leagues can play. Why not have a break where players are locked down and clear the number cases going on at the moment. Hopefully after three weeks cases first and generally come down so games can get played safely
  13. ^^typical van driver cant park for shite
  14. Reminds me of a really bad joke Why does a mermaid wear seashells.. She grew out of her b shells. Sorry
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