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  1. 10.5% beer. Its fairly strong but nice OK, apparently wrong forum Id when uploading
  2. Bingo, the did part kinda gives it away I was looking for tagged poster to respond in a witty way.
  3. 4 hours and he's not replied either wid or did.. Shocking
  4. I remember doing a run through on thay using the shock and wrench for the most of it. Zap and twat I called it
  5. It only happened when you changed position whilst it was on. Had a day old game that was destroyed by it being moved by my then girlfriend. The lazer moved and burned a streak in it.
  6. Fuuuck you could do that?I might lose my VL now m50
  7. Bankruptcy incoming American companies love giving big bonuses to execs before filing.
  8. And that's that folks. Partick down Hearts down No compensation just costs to pay..
  9. Looks like I hadn't scored by this time last year.
  10. Aye could have been by the rolling stones..
  11. Looks like she forgot to properly dispose of the burn card
  12. Ah crap, thought I'd seen adverts for sportscene and start of league. As i don't have BBC Scotland here I just assumed it was this week
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