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  1. Pie and bravril, nae change from the usual tits and fanny's that are posting..
  2. Got my first pfizer ahead of my age group yesterday and given a return date of 7 July (18 days). I asked the doctor administering it (he's my gp) why so soon and apparently its due to fear of the delta variant and they are wanting as many people as they can to get at least one if not both before international travel resumes. I'm in Ireland and we are slowly gaining on scotland. Indoor pubs here from 5th July.
  3. That was the second game, baron samedi hosted. I had one and two as a kid, great times.
  4. OM gee not the name I heard. Though the name I saw mentioned is Essex born. Another name, well if the first idea does not work you could always go with then second idea, a b plan if you will
  5. Dreadful news, was aware of him from his posts across various pages (the amusing posts on the infuriating things thread being main point) had no idea the lad was ill.
  6. Craig cash does gogglebox after Caroline ahern died (he played her husband in Royale family) And dave lamb from come dine with me should narrate gogglebox and love Island so if I have to suffer there is at least some funny to relieve the pain
  7. Both of ours were bottle fed, we took night about on feeds so at least one of us had a decent sleep each night. It does get slightly easier when you get a routine going (and the tommee tippee perfect prep machine.. I.e the god machine is at hand). My eldest is one of the youngest in his class and is tallest boy and only an inch or two shorter than tallest girl who is about 6 months older he was mid 90s centile for height. . The youngest is 99th centile for height and is getting tall fast. Looking forward to him going to preschool and seeing his height to others
  8. Anything like the polish lads here then your engine will still be warm / ticking, even with buggered nuts. You getting it balanced or just letting it go as is?
  9. Almost, I have a renault so you might know where this is going.. , the wheel nuts are standard but it comes with covers and that is screwed in with a special nut and you get this key for it. Except the nut is metal and the key is plastic. Part of the NCT in Ireland is they need to see the bolts on your wheels, they will not remove caps themselves. My key disintegrated trying to get the nut of the cap off and I had to use a chisel in each bolt to get a flat head in to take the things off. So yes, locking wheel nuts are fucking pointless but giving you a plastic key to open a metal bolt is bat shit stupidity that I can only think that someone lacked the crayons that day to explain to the designer just how fucking stupid an idea that was
  10. I may be wrong here but wouldn't this just increase the number of shares held rather than % given the number of share issues diluting the overall total amount of shares held?
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