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  1. If I remember right, the rangers shop on the main bit in Inverness (past pedo Kim and his dodgy trinkets) was right next to the orange shop
  2. Watching the world cup on TV. In Ireland. No constant references to England team or 1966.
  3. Wonder if it launched from Belarus. Be something else if Poland threatened article 5 unless all Russian army, artillery etc is removed from Belarus, be calling a major bluff
  4. People who cannot drive when it's getting dark. Doing 35/40 in a 60 and fannying about with the full beams after every car passes (whilst braking at on coming car of course)
  5. Took till the replay to see the red. Studs up. Did think if there was a red mcmillan was looking the potential player.
  6. Given how much it will cost him, I get the feeling she's never going to have another headache again...
  7. Ah good old owngoalabart. That wasn't his only effort into our own net was it?
  8. Club had an orange and raspberry that was a go to when I first moved here. Then it was only available in sugar free and disappeared. Club lemon uses to be better than Fanta lemon but they did an irn bru and fecked it. Why these companies with a sugar free alternative feel the need to ruin the sugary versions and remove the choice I don't know. Run a reduced sugar, full sugar and sugar free version and see where the sales take you.
  9. Used to love scampi and lemon nik naks, as well as the spicy ones, the rib n saucy were take it or leave it. Buffalo hunky dorys in Ireland are gorgeous, as are ROI taytos (NI taytos have a strange taste to them) Thai chilli chicken McCoy's are also fantastic
  10. Living in Ireland, we better get payback or I'm taking annual leave, the pelters I got after the last game was horrific
  11. Could have been Jimmy sands "He's aff/we're pumped"... Do like the small irony that someone named sands was involved in another rangers pumping after the Queen died. The sort of thing they'd be looking into his family history for any links at all and claiming conspiracy.
  12. Just had a wee read of one of their forums. The heads gone thread wouldn't handle it, they are foaming at the mouth, it's everyone against them, we are all indoctrinated for age 5 not to vote tory etc. Absolutely mental gymnastics to preserve their point of view (not to mention the odd wording of being put down the leagues...) One brightspark wanted to ban Dundee utd fans to send a message, I gather that message would be, We are that precious? They had a min silence weds, one yesterday and 90 of them last week as the games were off due to respect. Its plenty Edit: damn autococonut
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