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  1. When I grew my hair out about 18 years ago I had one for playing football, handy to keep it out the eyes. This time round was just gelled back till it could be tied back as I effectively retired from playing football 6 years ago.
  2. Ram could only sign on 1st so assuming registration hadn't cleared.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised he's still going, hadn't seen him in years and went down a YouTube hole watching them
  4. My series x fan kicked in last night for the first time I can remember, it was 2078ad on civilisation vi on a massive map, and I was at war with another country It was on 30 seconds max
  5. It was the year of the real leigh griffiths blog so I can guess how reality might have faded into the fiction. Sacking manager when top of the league, getting in chisholm. Ending up a good number of points behind in the end. Old manager flying about on a jet pack Star striker living in a teepee down the park A cat with a moustache and it's own jet pack. I mean it's hard to spot which of those is real or not
  6. I remember this vividly, we were immense first half, then griffiths decided to play. Imrie came on and went straight down the tunnel about 2 mins later. Still not the best come back that season mind you
  7. Making them go sober to nairn surely was punishment enough?
  8. Work colleagues thread. Typical response to pic with something vaguely female in it by an older member of forum and wokesoft decided to try and call them out. So any hint of anything sexist has resulted in a tagging
  9. Evidently your name gives you away. Mice are able to reproduce from age of 6 weeks, have a 3 week gestation period. Litters of around 5-6 on average and are ready to reproduce again after birth. It had a chance with the humane traps, pest control would have poisoned them and they would be in the same position as snappy trap except poison might have been worse than the quick neck snap. And yes, the kids being scared to be alone in rooms sped up the decision. Plus the pied piper only specialised in rats.
  10. At my kids school here, they cannot start preschool without being potty trained or at least end stages. Also, you have to buy your own school books. None of this sharing a relic from the 80s between two people. You buy own copy books, own stationery etc and you also pay for rentals of reading books at end of the year. Parents who receive child tax benefit get additional amounts to cover this, but basically if the kids don't have it, it can be reported. The savings from doing this allows classes to have teaching assistants etc to help with kids not grasping the lesson. Still a b*****d getting the book list mind you
  11. Battling out with Frances Mary hendry as the most well known resident
  12. Magpies are bad for ripping and tossing eggs but I'm not sure about them eating them. I live in the country side so I often see a few rabbits come in to the garden. Couple of foxes too but they are usually heading up the cow field behind us. The odd feral cat as well, there are a few farms nearby and I thought at first farm cats but I'd seen one sat on the windowsill one night and it was a scrawny scraggy thing. We also get invaded by cows Alot. One of the farmers either has a houdini cow or has lost the plot and leaves the gate open. We don't have a gate so it's usually the first opening the buggers can see. Gave me the fear one time seeing what looked to be a giant crack across my windscreen.. It was drool for want of a better term. Also had field mice get into the house over winter there. Tried humane traps but they weren't falling for it, kids were scared to go to bed so got the ol wooden ones. Caught one in the kids room one day and only saw it as taking the 3 year old to bed. Tried best to hide the horror from him but he saw it and just said bye mouse.
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