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  1. Roi numbers are 10 digit Mine runs 3-3-3-1 As does my memory of the wife's number but that's purely down to our numbers being 1 apart (last digit)
  2. Dealz did have it, daddy's brown sauce and tins of vimto and irn bru when I first moved here, sadly not any longer. Found an Iceland today and managed to get bottles of vimto and the daddy's brown sauce (and greggs scotch pies) so not entirely lost.
  3. f**k it, I doubled my salary to be a specialist on UK based shite overseas. At the moment I am apparently in a never ending war with one of the biggest financial advisors in the Uk with how absolutely useless and thick their staff are
  4. Given his cause of death.. He would do anything for love, but won't get vax'd
  5. Aye, I am aware but scotland went for 50p. Ireland went for a euro per unit. To put it into context, the minimum wage here rose 50c an hour. Your average cheap bottle of wine rose 2-3 euro at the same time (ciders that have never met an apple with silly % went up about 6-7€). And I think similar to scotland its not a tax, so whilst vat here is 23%, it means any increase goes next to nowhere.
  6. Be lucky Scot gov didn't go the Irish method of minimum unit prices. Has absolutely shafted the lidl and aldi knock off brands in the alcohol section. It was pretty bad before for example Gordon's gin here was €23 and its knock off €14. Gordon's remains €23 whilst the knock off is €21 A 24 can pack of Guinness went from €20 to €42. Utter b*****ds
  7. The powers behind the restrictions in place where I live have just announced that all, every single restriction, should be removed as soon as possible. The pubs being closed at 8pm is no more. Ya dancer
  8. If we do, it won't be 'new' blood... Be nearly retired blood
  9. Christ I'd accept daphne broon at this rate.
  10. I'm still working from home, she is off today, I tell her i have important meetings 9.30-12. 9.25 rolls round and I hear the hoover being moved and plugged in, ask her what the hell? Oh I'll only be half an hour. Jesus wept
  11. Ah bollocks, once again thwarted by a premature celebration of life
  12. I dropped him from initial list due to that article coupled with lack of wiki page for him. I do believe he is deid mind you
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