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  1. Yeah, I'm hoping the standard of chat on this thread goes up! Winner
  2. That's my mind made up not going my eyes can't be assaulted by it lol ^100% this. Surely we play in black and white as we're at home? Dunfermline can borrow the pink kit if they want.
  3. I still have nightmares about the invincible's v Airdrie thread from last season. ^ Absolutely, a few of us need to calm down. I think Saturday will be our sternest test yet. Let's take it a game at a time, until we play everyone once then we can get a gage of where we'll be.
  4. Should be some game! Going by this thread there will be tears whatever the result. We certainly owe Dunfermline a good beating, they've had a hoodoo over us as of late. The Ayr juggernaut to continue unabated with Geggan, Moffat & Shankland to score in a 3-1 romp.
  5. Yeah, I understand it from fans from other clubs but hearing our own fans perpetuating the myth is so annoying. Also, where did £250k come from? As far as I'm aware it's just media bs. I haven't seen anything from the manager or the club stating that's what our asking price is.
  6. The Dobbie versus Shankland goalscoring contest is pretty amusing. Who would have thought they would both have 11 goals in the middle of August? Incredible, I wouldn't swap Shankland for Dobbie though. You can keep him! "Everybody loves Lawrence Shankland"
  7. Other than the ugly sisters, I think this team could give anyone else in the draw a game at Somerset and have a good chance of progressing tbh.
  8. Easy easy!!! I'm amazed McCann didn't sub Moussa it was obvious to everyone that he was going to get red carded.
  9. I described Tuesday as insipid but today was absolutely heroic! To a man we were brilliant. We have some team, let's enjoy it!
  10. ^100% this I'm surprised Ian McCall didn't do an Alex Ferguson and change the strips at half time.
  11. That performance was insipid. It shows what a big player Moffat is for us. Was it 88 mins before we had a shot on target? McGuffie, Docherty, McDaid, McCowan & Moore didn't really do themselves any favours wrt. getting into the starting 11. Only positive was another clean sheet. The goalie and defense played well.
  12. No Ecrepont? I'd like to see him get a run out versus Queens Park. www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ayr-united-starlet-finn-ecrepont-13056785.amp Scary to think he was born in 2002. Makes me feel ancient!
  13. ^This. Adams has the armband and is playing out his skin. There is no space until we play Alloa, Falkirk or QoS away (due to the artificial pitches).
  14. Talk about tinfoil hat stuff from the Dundee fans... Dundee fan 1 "We don't want Shankland he's rubbish" Ayr fan "Sir Lawrence doesn't want to join a crud premier league team like you, he can do better" Dundee fan 2 "We're five times bigger than Ayr, what a silly little part time club. Shankland should be thankful we are interested." Ayr fan: "We're not part time and I thought you weren't interested in Shankland?" Slience... Now jog on and discuss your latest attempt to stay in the big league and leave us provincial clubs alone!
  15. What's the cost of relegation? Home fans in Champ - 1800 (maybe optimistic) Away fans in Champ - 500 (average) Total = 2,300 Home fans in League 1 - 1500 Away fans in League 1 - 2 men & their dog Total = 1502 In my scenario, a loss of 800 fans. Give or take £15 a skull (the price would drop as well in L1) that's a cost of £216k to the club. Retaining Shankland doesn't guarantee survival but it makes the job easier. Why risk it for £250k? It makes no sense!
  16. You won't get offered anything close to £1m for him. I don't know about Ayr's financial situation but I'd be extremely surprised if they turned down anything over 250k. Prepare to be surprised.
  17. Laugh all you like! He's contracted to Ayr, hes happy at Ayr, we don't need the money and we have no motivation to sell that I can see. He won't be going unless it's a silly offer - in my opinion it's £1m.
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