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  1. With respect, I'm not the one who gets foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of John Hughes. It actually worked out great for us as you retained shitebags like Barr the following season when we pipped you to the League One title.
  2. You had a team of utter shitebags. Your board appointed Locke and gave him two transfer windows. With the maestro swapping Vaughan for an overweight and done Ryan Stevenson. Both of these were bigger factors than Yogi. Yogi has proven he wasn't the issue with his spell at County.
  3. What's the farmer up to these days? He could do a job in this team either at centre back or midfield.
  4. After the Thistle game if Duffy tries to play McGinty again he should be emptied. He needs kept as far away from the first team as possible.
  5. That's been Murdoch's excuse for 2 seasons now. Even today, he allowed Tait just to breeze past him in the build up for Raith's first goal. That's been happening far too often. He's better than last season but he's not the player he was. If we are serious about top 4 aspirations then I'm not sure Murdoch will cut it.
  6. I'm not sure about Murdoch. He's still not done enough. I'd like to keep Maxwell but he's a loan player. Hewitt I'm not sure either. I'd retain the following right now: McAdams, Reading, McAllister, Muirhead, Maxwell, O'Connor & Adeloye. We need to have a propert clear out at the end of the season and should only retain 6/7 max. I expect some of the ones we want to keep with leave due to better offers as well.
  7. I'm relieved to see Morton equalise. The league has split in two and the important results until we reach January are the six pointers against Hamilton, Queens, Morton & Dunfermline. Anything we get against anyone else is a bonus for me. This squad is utter garbage. We need a proper clear out in June. We have too many losers and shitebags. I'd honestly only keep 5/6 and the rest can get into the sea.
  8. Prediction for Callum's first question on Black & White TV. "Well Jim, that was a game of two halves..."
  9. Counting McKenzie as a striker is a stretch tbh.
  10. It would be nice if Duffy sets us up to win football matches rather than not lose. He seems to have resorted to Hopkinesque tactics of late. First half was as bad as we've been all season. Second half was better but begs the question as to why we were so passive and disinterested first half.
  11. I think Afolabi should be up top with Moffat behind him. It seems to be the other way round though.
  12. We're not getting much out the ref. I know Tomi can go down easy but Berra was trying to rip his arm off.
  13. Nice from Baird. Good from McKenzie to Maxwell and lovely work from Maxwell. Get intae these fifers Ayr!
  14. I'd say he's better than Afolabi, McKenzie & Salkeld.
  15. Duffy will only be here until the end of the season. Unless he makes some good signings in January and charges up the table. He is not the long term solution.
  16. Moffat must be sitting on the bench fucking raging with this shower of shite in front of him in the pecking order.
  17. At least Duffman has made some changes. Was that McCallister & Salkeld off for Afolabi & McKenzie? Edit - I think it was Houston rather than McCallister.
  18. Salkeld and Chalmers off for me with Moffat & O'Connor coming on. Move Maxwell inside with Murdoch. O'Connor out left and Moffat behind Adeloye. Make it happen Duffman.
  19. The time and space we are giving Raith is shocking. Thank f**k for half time. Grim.
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