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  1. I've just seen the tweet he is an absolute minter. Brechin's position is the same as Hamilton, Queen of the South & Forfar. IE - subject to a play off but play offs are cancelled. How can he not understand that?
  2. That guy is clearly Gardiner's mouth piece in the same way English is Budge's. Any sources and comments from them should be treated with that in mind.
  3. I don't doubt we wouldn't have been happy and yet I expect we would have accepted it by now. The vote was 2 months ago now and Hearts & Partick need to move on for the good of the game. Blaming every other club and accusing them of self interest is becoming laughable. Its also flipped many clubs and fans from empathy and sympathy to hostility to both now. Its a global pandemic and football is a small thing in that context. There was no fair way to end the league but PPG was probably about the fairest (in my opinion). We lost out on a shot at promotion via the playoffs as did many other clubs and have accepted it. Even Falkirk who were properly in the hunt for the L1 title and arguably on recent form the favourites. They have reluctantly accepted it as should Partick and Hearts.
  4. Totally agree. Its time to move forward. Fully expect Budge to continue the tantrum and go to court though.
  5. I may have picked it up wrongly but it was on the Record's live event page. I'm sure it said at least 3 premierships clubs and significant number of votes still to be cast. It didn't mention other leagues, I would be surprised if its not soundly defeated in the Championship.
  6. Daily Record are reporting reconstruction has failed. 3 premiership clubs against and loads of missing votes.
  7. Yeah, the indignation from Partick and Hearts is quite annoying. They were both bottom of their respective leagues on merit (or lack thereof). Its a fecking pandemic with no ideal solution to conclude the football season. Just accept it rather than accusing every other club of shafting them. They've been moaning for too long. I loved Thistle's latest statement - nothing says tears and snotters quite like providing a definition of self-interest and then saying that's not our motivation. It almost annoys me as much as the opportunism of Brora & Kelty. Just promote both of us its only fair. 🤣
  8. The sooner the better tbh. I'm hoping once the zombie that is reconstruction is put down tomorrow they will have to put up or shut up wrt. legal action.
  9. Why does the start date and number of fixtures in the Championship affect the Premiership, L1 & L2 teams?
  10. I imagine it must be. Still not certain yet though. As you say, most teams are heavily reliant on match day revenue and gate receipts so starting without them isn't really a goer.
  11. I think this confirms reconstruction is dead in the water. Hopefully we'll get confirmation of that tomorrow and clubs can start selling season tickets and get some much needed income. 👍
  12. Thanks itzdirk, I'd buy a couple. I presume they fit kids too? Not sure I can convince my better half to wear an Ayr one but you never know. If I'm wearing a face mask it might as well be an Ayr United face mask. 👍
  13. Thanks, I think the SRE is a closed group now on Facebook meaning you have to join it to see the posts and I'm not joining that rabble.
  14. Can you link me Robbo? I don't frequent the abomination that is the SRE.
  15. Speaking of League One. Shouldn't you be posting in the League 1 forum now?
  16. I see Uncle Roy at Ross County is suggesting the QC evidence he has seen says they have no case and Hearts should take their medicine and get doon.
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