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  1. 7 minutes ago, Robbo63 said:

    We will play I would think , first games supposedly 7,10 and 13 October , need games before league starts 

    Yeah, makes perfect sense. The group stage of the Betfred have effectively become friendlies.  

    ETA - Slight draw back is that usually the teams outwith the Premier have a bit of a headstart for the Betfred with the Prem teams not returning as early as us. It'll be the inverse of that this time.

  2. 14 hours ago, itzdrk said:

    If I could get one thing in the club shop it would be New Era fitted caps (not Snapbacks) big fan.

    I use these examples specifically for @ayrunitedfw as I know he loves them. 






    Bild3 (1).jpg


    You know until you posted that hat I had no idea who St Pauli were. Then I'm browsing the BBC sport website and this article catches my eye. An interesting read.

    St Pauli: The cult German football club that wants to change the game forever


  3. 5 minutes ago, Robbo63 said:

    Totally agree , a season ticket normally is value for money ( last season pay at gate £18 and a season ticket worked out at about £14.40)  , but in these unprecedented times I would pay the set number of home games gate price for my season ticket , just giving them my money up front and having no discount just because I could afford to pay in advance 

    I get what you are saying, I probably would as well tbh. 

    I'm not sure how palatable that is though given season ticket holders gave up a £55 refund last season and you'd be asking them to swallow the same again this season.

    I don't envy the decision makers at the club. There are no easy choices with this pandemic.

  4. I know France was being cited as an example that Hearts and Partick will be successful as the Courts intervened. Appreciate its different circumstances as their league format was expiring for season end. However, the relegations have now been confirmed.


    animated sound effect GIF


  5. 9 minutes ago, Robbo63 said:

    If that was the case , the season ticket could go on sale and the only cup games included on your season is the league cup which someone has said before not everyone goes to the games against the minnow teams and normally 2 of them are midweek which makes it hard for out of town supporters to get to , I believe a price should be set for a league match only season ticket takes away any debity

    I don't feel very strongly either way tbh. It comes down to how much the club needs the money.

    If the club want the funds and to get a similar amount in for the season ticket revenue they need more games. As you simply can't expect to get £260 for 13/14 home games its more like £200. Offering all home cup games is a way to get extra cash in early and also its relatively low risk unless we go on a run to the QF of the league cup or Scottish Cup and have home ties all the way. Pretty unlikely.

    Also the argument about playing minnows at home. Assuming the league cup runs and is the October dates you mentioned. That's going to be the first football any of us have seen live for 6/7 months. If its midweek it'll be more like a Saturday attendance. Given the novelty factor.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Robbo63 said:

    How could you do that ? It’s possible that you could get NO home games in the cup as it’s the luck of the draw then on the other hand you could get all games at home and have a great cup run , how can a club budget on that , and would fans pay the extra and take the chance of getting no cup games which would start a lot of complaints saying season ticket was not worth it as they got no home cup games ? Just my thoughts 

    Its not that difficult, you can't get no home games (that's impossible) as the League Cup group format guarantees you at least 2 home games.

    You are right though, there would then be an element of chance. In other competitions and how far your progress.

    I wouldnt dismiss it out of hand if the club want £260 for a season ticket with the truncated season it is an option worth considering imo.

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