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  1. Was he still caretaker for the Dunfermline game? I can remember him roaring at Salkeld. I could hear it from the North Terrace. It seemed to work as Salkelkd played a blinder. I've not heard him yelling at the players since though. One of the coaching team was shouting at the players up at Arbroath as I was in the stand so could hear it. It definitely wasn't Duffy though as the guy was quite slight.
  2. You're like a reformed character. What have you done with the real HMIP?
  3. There is a degree of truth in this. However, he has a limited squad. In such circumstances you would work on attacking set pieces. We are dreadful at freekicks or corners. Equally, you'd work on defending them. We concede more from high cross balls than I can remember (maybe the Queens guy can count for us). His tactics are unreal as evidenced by our 1st half v 2nd half performances. His prior transfer dealings are also dreadful. The body of evidence is that he won't get it right. His rounding on the fans is utter desperation on his part to deflect the responsibility for performances. The guy is toast. I'm up for a charity bet if we go down with Duffy or he gets sacked I win, if he keeps us up you win (and I win too tbf as we stay up). I win either way in truth.
  4. That's rightly not the chairman's job. If the manager hires the players and is responsible for their performance. Is the person who hires the manager not responsible for the managers performance? I don't see the distinction that you make. Ultimately, the chairman is responsible for everything on or off the field at the club. As for give Duffy a few weeks?
  5. The ultimate responsibility for everything on or off the pitch is the chairman. He does the hiring and firing. The lack of communications is embarrassing and indefensible. As has been evidenced today if the club wants to say something it can. Having no commercial manager or social media person is a pitiful excuse. It is genuinely making things worse which is in no-ones interest. I can only imagine (not in the know) that Smith is mulling over backing or sacking Duffy. Until he decides which way to go I doubt we'll hear anything. Friday's result could have a bearing on it but who knows. Otherwise, it strikes me as a ridiculous amount of self harm of the relationship between club and fans.
  6. Where are they buried on the website? I have genuinely never heard anything from the SLO. Other than I recall Itzdrk quite fancied doing it a while back but that's probably 2+ years ago now. Do they arrange sessions with the fans? I've got quite a lot to get off my chest and that sounds quite therapeutic.
  7. Wrt. the lack of communication - Honestly, it wouldn't take much from the club to nip this in the bud by addressing it head on. The ostrich approach or hiding in your bunker isn't going to cut it Smith. It's time for a statement on twitter or a message on the club website. The silence is being interpreted as you not giving a f**k about what the fans think or the club's on the field predicament. Whilst I'm certain it's not the case in the absence of anything contrary the tension will just continue to rise. Leaders are supposed to lead not sit there idly as things go to pot. It's time for you to show some leadership and take control of the situation.
  8. We've become a parody club now. Its great to know the club's communication priority is to tell the fans off. Whether it be Duffy or the club. Frankly, it would be nice to be kept informed of the club's plans rather than treated like mushrooms. Friday is gonna be some game. I reckon it could top the Raith game for toxic atmosphere. The club really do know how to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to communication.
  9. Moffat is only 36. Long may he continue to play as he's the only player in the squad older than me.
  10. The old lulling the opposition into a false sense of security only to strike when they least expect it. I wish I could believe that. Definitely the case. I'm hoping he sticks with the 11 who finished the game but swaps McGinty for Fjortoft (or Aero if fit) and McAlister for Houston. Also hoping that goal sparks Adeloye into life.
  11. The problem is January is Duffy. He doesn't even play our best 11. God knows what shite he'll bring in. I genuinely fear the worse. Fucking grim.
  12. In the absence of him saying anything to the contrary it certainly seems that way. The board need to either back Duffy in January or sack him now and justify their decision either way. In the absence of any communication Friday will be awful. The chants of Duffy GTF will ring out within 5 mins from kick off on Friday when we start so passively its untrue. Then we're on for a repeat of the home game to Raith. Maybe he'll chuck his toys out like Hopkin and walk but I can't see it.
  13. That's the point I was making with only Duffy communicating with fans. It's not a stretch to infer that. Unless we get some sort of statement from the club. I would expect the manager to be talking about January and his plans for the window. We've heard diddly squat in that regard and it's all rumours like 4 in or 4 out. We have 1 win in 10 league games and the manager is attempting to deflect. It won't be long before the anger is directed at the boardroom.
  14. Nothing quite epitomises us under Duffy than looking at 1st half v 2nd half performances. 1st half he sets us up passively by then we are 1 or 2 goals down and then he changes it and we try and fight back for a draw. Look at goals scored and conceded - the same pattern.
  15. Duffy's interview is even worse when you consider it is the only medium that the club are communicating with fans at the moment.
  16. Okay so if I take him literally (as you seem to). He said something akin to the below: I can't believe the fans expect us to run over the top of Morton at Cappielow it's a tough place to come and Morton are resilient. Just by a show of hands were any of us expecting to skelp Morton? I expect that would be an overwhelming no. Why did Duffy come out with the above then? He must be deluded? Or wait for it, he thinks the fans had unrealistic expectations over winning the game. It's not hard to work out. The point still stands - if not Morton, then who will we beat Jim?
  17. I expect we'll set up not to lose despite only having 1 win in our last 10 league games. We'll then concede one and then potentially a second straight after. Then sub off the jobbers who should never have started in the first place and actually try to create chances and may even be lucky to salvage a draw. This is about best case where we are concerned at the moment. Fucking grim.
  18. He didn't say it like it is. That's my issue. Morton are in just bad shape as us yet we shouldn't expect to beat them. If not Morton then who Jim? Who will we actually try to beat? He's done. Someone look out his pipe and slippers as it's time he was put out to pasture.
  19. One final thought - when you have a limited team you need to make the most of set pieces. We are terrible at attacking free kicks and corners - we rarely trouble the opposition goalie. That is something that can surely be worked on in training? Yet we get no better. On the flipside, we can't defend them either. Every time the opposition get a corner you fear the worse. Whilst that's the natural state of a football fan when you team is defending I genuinely can't remember it being as bad as it is now. Both of these can be worked on and we should be better organised. Yet we can't even manage that. The prosecution rests. Over to Dave Smith and the board.
  20. For context - we have 1 league win in the last 10 league games. I'm pretty sure Smith sacked Kerr for that record. We are bottom of the form table for last 6 games, second bottom in last 8 & bottom in the last 10. Taxi for Duffy.
  21. I'm genuinely astounded that anyone can watch that interview and think Duffy should remain in post. We were woeful in the first half we did not play okay. If he can't understand the fan's frustrations then he's an eejit. We don't have a divine right to beat anyone that is obviously true. However, that's about the only true comment he made. It also is related to a lack of ambition, he sets us up not to lose. He'd take 36 draws and think it was a good season. Moreover, he's actually made us a shambles defensively. This is what he was lauded for before he took over and even when he joined as a coach. His ability to improve defenders and keep it tight. We can't defend high balls or crosses. I'm in danger of sounding like the Queens fan who always moans about conceding from crosses. If Duffy remains in charge I expect we'll be relegated. I wouldn't trust him to make January signings. Hopkin was an aberration of a manger. Up to a couple of games ago I'd cut Duffy some slack (ie. not his squad) but performances haven't been good enough. He sets us up not to lose and he's made us worse defensively. It also took him 12 games to realise Moffat should start. Whilst Moffat is not the solution either, he gives us something different up front when the young guys run into space. Apathy has set in and Duffy needs fired into the sea. He's making things worse.
  22. Aye, my sentiments exactly. I'm done with him after that. The sooner he's gone the better he has no ambition. That's why he sets us up so fucking negatively.
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