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  1. It's like he's in zugswang but doesn't realise it. Brutal.
  2. Barclay to Health and Zahawi as Chancellor? Surely to f**k Bojo can't tough this out.
  3. I see it is Nepo again. The question is, will Sauron defend his title?
  4. It's published in the accounts. That's the total cost including wages, NI etc. The published set (on companies house) only has a balance sheet.
  5. This chat is fucking brutal. Just ignore the DKB, he will get bored and f**k off eventually.
  6. To all the DKB trolls. I have a message for you from Logan Roy...
  7. I remember that pre-season well. Did we not draw with Bolton as well? A great pre-season and a rancid season.
  8. I'd rather Sibbald over Crawford tbh. I'm still not sure what Robbie's best position is, I just know it's not on the wing of the midfield.
  9. Nothing like a bit of tory bashing to bring us all together again.
  10. This boy looks a player. As a point of reference he played for Swindon who were 6th in League 2 and a good few places above Salford, where Kelly was on loan. I'm not saying he's better than Kelly or even as good as but it shows the standard he has played at.
  11. We need experience but not fucking Broadfoot. He's totally repugnant.
  12. Aye, Griffiths and Broadfoot can get in the fucking sea.
  13. What's the official number of outs vs ins? The squad was meant to be smaller but I reckon we've lost a couple we were trying to keep (Adeloye & McInroy) who we are yet to replace. I reckon we will make 4 signings (2 permanent and 2 loans) for the league starting. It could be one more if we progress through the league cup group phase.
  14. Griffiths is in the same camp as Broadfoot for me. Too much baggage irrespective of their ability on the pitch.
  15. I really liked the green and purple away top from Hummel. It was decent quality although tightly fitting (I think all their tops are). I'm hopeful the away top looks better in the flesh (so to speak). How many years does the Hummel deal run?
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