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  1. I agree with your point. However, I'd never cite Scot Gardiner as he makes Walter Mitty look honest.
  2. I dunno. Although watching us makes my eyes bleed right now and as such I want this season into the sea as quickly as possible. I really can't see the season being cancelled, I could see a pause happening but with testing regimes now implemented and vaccines being rolled out we really are getting toward the end of this fucking nightmare.
  3. Any decent shouts on strikers? I was on Drinan watch yesterday and he came off the bench for 30 mins. I dont think he is an option given he is getting time for Ipswich.
  4. McCall bears a good chunk of responsibility for the fan's view of Crawford imo. He barely played him in the middle and continually shoehorned him into the team out wide where he had little to no impact. Theres no doubt Crawford was a capable player but he wasn't Lionel Messi despite what McCall claimed, did he liken him to Messi or was it Scottish footballs best kept secret? I cant remember which. I'd welcome him back and he'd certainly be an upgrade on the existing midfielders. However, it ain't happening.
  5. Nah, Sir Andy left at the start of this season (in August) and signed for BSC Glasgow. I think he was offered a deal but he wanted to play more frequently.
  6. Aye, this season can get in the sea as far as I'm concerned.
  7. The pitch this season seems atrocious even more so than usual for this time of year and weather. Do you think seeing it on camera versus in the flesh makes it look worse? It just seems a bit strange to me how it can be so much worse this year. As AUFC 1910 suggested. Can we not get a hybrid pitch that is grass and artificial? I'd settle for that.
  8. Two different refs inspect the same pitch 3.5 hours apart with no change in conditions and two different decisions made. Onnus is on the refs here, either the local ref fucked up or Munro has. They both can't be right.
  9. If you get an extra 30 mins to replicate those stats it will take a cheating ref tbf!
  10. If McPake can get Dundee to play like they did against Bonnyrigg that would be greatly appreciated. I dont want the Dundee that steamrollered Hearts, Alloa & QoS. Thanks in advance.
  11. I only played the videos this morning but its the best its worked for me. I could pause the video and fast forward or rewatch a bit. It never let you do that before. I was on Google chrome on my mobile. Worked great.
  12. £12.50 for the stream, thats no bad. Given your gate prices I was expecting far worse.
  13. I've never been a fan of astroturf. It needs to be looked after and replaced periodically (I'm not sure what the useful life is) otherwise you end up with a worn carpet like some clubs still use where the pitch is a farce. In those instances the ball doesn't even bounce as it should. That being said, if we're shelling out a fortune for training and we could save that and generate income from others using it, it maybe makes economic sense. Our pitch has looked a shambles this season.
  14. Directors loans were about £1.5m of which Lachlan was the vast majority at c.£1.2m. Balance sheet should look a lot healthier although you won't see it in the next set of published accounts it should be the one after. We might even be in net asset territory with Skyline Drifter unable to call us insolvent. 🤣
  15. Yeah, agree my understanding was a significant write down by Lachlan. On the assets, I wasn't altogether sure what he meant. I thought he was getting at the fact he would pay for them and the club would gain all the income from them. There are various ways that could be arranged but the key thing is its a new income stream for the club.
  16. I'd imagine it may feature as an event after the reporting period. The next statutory accounts will cover to 30 June 2020 and should be on Companies House towards the end of March.
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