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  1. Any news on Bully's backroom team? I still think we need a clean break where the backroom team is concerned. Its frantic at the minute, there is a lot to get done.
  2. Someone maybe wants to tell B&W TV that Houston is staying.
  3. It's not like there is much competition. I'd say the game before was better at home to Raith tbh.
  4. We are in trouble and simply have to strengthen to avoid a relegation battle. At least not puting a glove on Morton for 70 mins will show Bullen and the board that this team aren't good enough. They've failed 2 managers already. They've had their chance. We need 3 additions, all of whom need to be starters. Otherwise, this will be as brutal as last season without our Alloa safety net.
  5. "We're not obsessed you're obsessed. We're not Rangers fans you're rangers fans." Kindly f**k off DKBs.
  6. I am really sick of the vast majority of this squad. They only seem able to get a result when we change manager. There's got to be something more to that. I'm looking forward to the summer and launching the majority of this team into the sea to join Duffy and Hopkin. This season is all about survival and then the real work begins. For this season we need a new spine - centre back; centre midfield and centre forward. Central midfielder is the overwhelming imperative. We've been looking for one for at least a year now and signed none. That is an indictment of what has gone before. Mathie & Bullen have to get the right player in. Playing alongside Murdoch they could turn us into a much more formidable team than we are at present. I really feel for Murdoch, he's giving his all but he can't be everywhere.
  7. Is Conway not retired? He's not done anything since July as far as I can tell.
  8. The meringue. *Shudders* At least that shows it could be worse. We're bad but not that bad.
  9. It's easily double figures. 3 of the 4 away to Thistle were his fault. He's responsible for well more than 6 or 7. I'd say he's at 11 or 12.
  10. I'd rather keep Muirhead. Even if just to annoy Uncle Ian. I do know what you are getting at though. He is being played out of position too much. He's not a centre mid or defensive midfielder and isnt good enough in there. He needs played at centre back.
  11. I don't think its appearances related. The club have the option of another year. I'll be fucking stunned if we trigger it. He's easily cost us 10+ goals due to his ineptitude. Even last week he punted a ball straight up in the air that McAdams had shouted for. We got lucky the Arbroath man couldnt get it. He is the very definition of a liability.
  12. You really have to applaud Hopkin's grift. I'm sure he'll rock up somewhere else promising a 5 year plan and exciting football.
  13. On a lighter subject matter. I watched the behind the scenes video on B&W tv where @Finlay21 makes an appearance. I enjoyed it. I found it quite interesting to see what goes on in the background.
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