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  1. Heard he doesn't want to relocate to the west coast.
  2. I'm sure he had a tidy finish on his debut away to Hamilton and I thought we'd got a player. Hopefully it is just confidence and he can get amongst the goals against Pollok.
  3. It would certainly help if he could actually score goals. The number of chances he squanders is ridiculous. That and fouls conceded. He was driving me mad with conceding fouls yesterday.
  4. The break has come at the right time, no doubt wrt. injuries. Is there any news on Kirk? I wouldn't say we are playing especially well at the moment, which feels bizarre given we are top. In our recent games we seem to go for long spells devoid of any ideas. The first half was like that after Ashford spurned the early chance. If we get our shit together we can win this league. I agree we need a centre midfielder who keeps the ball moving and can recycle possession. A big January window coming up. If we're still top after our next four league games then I'll start believing: Home v Raith Away v Thistle Home v Dundee Away v Morton That'll take us to the start of the transfer window and we'd have a great chance.
  5. This is the reason I rarely listen to or watch any Scottish football reporting. They don't have a fucking clue. Aside from AVFTT, and I don't watch all of those either. They broadly don't know about the lower leagues and I have no doubt that they have no idea about Dipo's contract length. They'll be assuming two things: 1) He's only on a 1 year deal (admittedly, not unusual at this level) 2) Plucky Ayr will accept any offer that we graciously receive from our betters in the Premiership. They can all bile their heids. The suggestion he is worth <£100k is also laughable.
  6. Game management - we need to get better at that. Retaining possession - we should do more of it. Shelling it long - we need to do less of that. Simples. Make it so Bullen.
  7. Greenie for endeavour. That's like one of my jokes.
  8. Do they not have two Musondas? I didn't think Frankie was playing.
  9. Aye, he seems to have regressed to type (back to the bombscare he was at the start of last season). Hopefully it doesn't lull us into giving him a new contract this time.
  10. Come on Ayr! Let's win this, we've been grim but we can do it!
  11. He's always a handful and makes a nuisance of himself. I thought he was brilliant in the game away to Arbroath. He really deserved a goal as well.
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