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  1. Ian Murray is a bam. In another article he likened Hearts and Thistle's relegation to the disputed presidential election between Al Gore and Gerorge Bush. I'm sure he also reckoned Thistle were a point behind QoS when its 2 points so he can't even grasp basic facts. The fact he is one of the better ones in Scottish Labour speaks volumes.
  2. Agree that Jamie MacDonald could be a decent option if we lose Doohan.
  3. Is he the one who kicked Doc when we were playing Dunfermline then Geggan almost killed him? He seemed like a midfield enforcer so maybe not a bad option.
  4. Tom English seems to have lost the plot since there's been no live football. I used to rate him quite highly amongst the dross employed by BBC Scotland but now he's regressing to the mean in that particular pool.
  5. You've swallowed Budge's propaganda quicker than BBC Scotland. Asking Budge to put in a paper and formalise it is not the same as saying they don't want it. Also, she is the intermediary with these donors so the onnus is on her. They approached her and she has a responsibility to bring it forward or even pass them to Doncaster. I think he even said as much. Budge has had an almighty mare here. She's turned something that could be a good news story into a farce.
  6. I suspect you are right. They are already talking about relaxing 2m rule for work if other mitigation is in place (ie. face masks/coverings). I would have thought a similar approach could be taken to football if it were purely risk based.
  7. GL assembled a squad of shitebags (Bobby Barr being a prime example). He even swapped Vaughan for a clapped out Stevenson. Sometimes the initial manager dooms the team no matter who you bring in. Look at Hearts this season as a result of Levein. I think Hughes is still a good manager. He lost it towards the end of his tenure with his rants about modern day players. All of which was true. I think the players escape a lot of the criticism due to Yogi's rants with folks thinking Yogi had lost it. That Raith team should never have been beaten by that Brechin team. It still amazes me and didn't turn out too well for Brechin! With that being said I was glad he didnt get the Ayr job tbh.
  8. Was it Harry or his dog, that was looking to invest? His dog is the brains of the operation and has all the money so I'm hoping its the latter.
  9. I would expect so. I'll revise my earlier prediction it will be 8-2 against in the Championship.
  10. This cack handed plan is doomed to fail. Hearts can get doon. I expect the Championship vote will be 9-1 against. Particularly as ICT have acted like shitebags and have exactly zero goodwill. I am also not in favour of promoting some of the dross in league one up. *Shudder* Airdrie.
  11. Spence is a mutant. McManus isn't a bad shout but until the dust settles and we have clarity we'll be signing no one. Nor should we tbh.
  12. I think the ball will be in Thistle's court come end of June. If they honour his contract they would have to pay Docherty in full as they couldn't furlough him. In any case come the end of June extending becomes difficult for anyone because of the windows as they stand as Skyline mentioned. You would hope some form of common sense takes hold but I wouldn't count on it.
  13. If he'd said 'hot water' then I'd have to agree with him.
  14. No chance. It looks like its been designed by a closet Rangers fan pretending to be an Ayr fan (Sorry I mean to say one of our fans on the Somerset Road End facebook).
  15. I'd imagine they'll be priced at £280 tbh. Its been going up in £20 increments the last couple of seasons. Maybe they'll push it to £300 with £280 for an early bird purchase before December? Have we started a book on when the new season will start with fans in attendance?
  16. @diegomarahenry Not to go all skyline drifter on you here but I think any refund would approx. £58 for an adult. An adult season ticket gets you 18 league games for £260. Totally agree with everything else you said though. I fully expect only a very small minority will seek a refund. Which is fair enough as they obviously need it if they are unwilling to forgo it.
  17. I'd imagine there will be an announcement when normality is restored. With everyone forloughed they couldnt even process a refund. I suspect it'll be a system whereby those wishing to forgo it simply do nothing whilst those who need it can apply.
  18. Stock response from invaders on our club thread. Particularly QoS ones.
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