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  1. Falkirk v Morton

    Don't you mean Yogi?
  2. Results looking favourable for us just now. With both ICT & Dunfermline losing.
  3. Ayr vs Ross County

    I think you're getting confused here. I suggest you check FIFA's regulations. You don't get violent conduct without either excessive force or brutality being specified by the referee. They are one and the same.
  4. Ayr vs Ross County

    By the way, I should add Docherty is a dumpling for doing that. Dunno why he did it?The club should fine him and give him a warning.
  5. Ayr vs Ross County

    Is it really? Out of curiosity was it excessive force or brutality? Players shove one another or move towards one another to butt heads all the time. I've never seen anyone red carded for a shove. I could argue quite easily that a shove is worse than throwing a ball at someone. Why the different punishment? The red is for the melee that ensues afterwards imo. I assume 31 from Ross County was booked as well?
  6. Lochwood seems to be on perma-rant mode at the minute. Doohan last week and Moffat this week. I think he needs a cuddle. D'Jaffo can you oblige?
  7. Ayr vs Ross County

    I dont see how it is violent conduct though. Throwing a ball off someones napper is not going to cause them physical harm. Its clear you shouldnt do it but not on a par with punching someone on the face or grabbing their throat imo.
  8. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    Goalies Ross Doohan - KEEP If we can get him on loan again. Ellis Hare-Reid - KEEP We need a backup. Defenders Aaron Muirhead - KEEP. Under contract for next season. Stevie Bell - PUNT Not a centre half, too old and prone to bomb scare moments. Daniel Harvie - KEEP Under contract. Has come onto a game as of late Chris Higgins - PUNT Past it, remember Auchenleck! Jamie Adams - PUNT It pains me but too injury prone Andy Geggan - PUNT Too injury prone David Ferguson - KEEP On loan at Dumbarton and under contract. Finn Ecrepont - KEEP One for the future and under contract. Michael Rose - Off to Coventry (would have been Keep) Liam Smith - Off to Dundee Utd (would have been Keep) Midfielders Mark Kerr - KEEP As player/coach Ross Docherty - KEEP Contracted Andy Murdoch - KEEP Contracted - A stand out this season. Nicky Cadden - KEEP If we have the option Craig McGuffie - KEEP Mistake loaning him to Raith Robbie Crawford - Will be away (on balance probably a KEEP) Declan McDaid - Will be away (on balance probably a KEEP) Forwards Michael Moffat - KEEP Legend Craig Moore - PUNT The glass man Alan Forrest - KEEP Started to fulfil his potential and cruelly injured Calvin Miller - KEEP If available on loan again. Lawrence Shankland - Will be away. Obviously would like to keep.
  9. Ayr vs Ross County

    When was throwing the ball at someone violent conduct? Easily overturned on appeal me thinks.
  10. The league table doesn't lie. Best team in the league, congrats.
  11. I'll have to see the goals back to be honest! I might be in danger of sounding like Gordon Strachan but County were at least a head taller than us in every position. Meaning that any time they were under pressure they launched a long ball and then our makeshift centre defense more often than not lost out to Stewart and Graham. Once County worked that out we were in trouble unfortunately. I take it Moffat took a knock? I thought Cadden had a good game. Best I've seen him (last time I saw him was against Glasgow BSC). Miller was industrious but his first touch let him down a wee bit. Crawford was pretty good. Although I think he slipped for their first goal. Geggan was a bit meh for me tonight.
  12. Yeah, playing left backs at centre half and right backs at left back not so much though.
  13. Tell me about it. We must be into double figures for televised games this season. Its maybe a consequence of success but it means I and many others can't attend.
  14. Ayr vs Ross County

    Shock horror... I can actually make this game! Ayr to win 2-0 with the Moff on fire.
  15. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Don't worry Jobbie McCall will see yous alright. Expect a team of youth players at Firhill.