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  1. I'm maybe inferring too much into the 'are all under contract for next season.' I hope you're right because we cannot rely on the same guys in the middle of the park. Kerr said it himself just before he left that he should have played himself more. Muirhead has done a job there but it's more as a shitfest. I'd rather move Muirhead back to centre half and get a proper ball winner in there.
  2. You seemed to backtrack on the backtrack comment here. 🤣
  3. It's debatable what is the better approach. Hopkin has already said as much wrt. players on 2 year deals. Either that or I maybe read too much into what he said a few weeks back. Has Walsh been offered a contract? Does anyone know? I just think the list makes for brutal reading, maybe that's playing a part here in my thinking. We have retained the vast majority of the squad which mustered barely more than 1 point per game. Recruitment is going have to be bang on to get better results out of these players.
  4. Let's try again... You said the below. I asked you to quote who wanted this? You haven't done so - that's the making it up part. Also you didn't direct quote me in this one and that's not what I said... its semantics but the order of the words is important. There is a difference between 'discussions continue with under contract players' and 'players on 2 years deals are under discussion ( as quoted)'
  5. Reading between the lines = making stuff up. You've misquoted me again there. I said 'discussions are ongoing with players under contract' it's only like 5 posts up. It leaves it open and doesn't commit the club to anything, not sure why you are so peeved about it. You didn't write the press release did you?
  6. You are being totally disingenuous here. No-one has said the club should issue a statement on what the players have been told. Can you quote it? No-one has asked for players contracts to be divulged. Can you quote it? You are resorting to making stuff up now.
  7. Wanting someone out the club doesn't mean releasing them, though. In fact, a couple of posters have actually said they'd rather have them sitting on the bench or training with the reserves than release them. Look at Harkins when he got shipped out, Morton took him off our hands. Given how abject he was that season I'm confident there will be homes for those told to find a new club (if this has even happened).
  8. Agree, however, they could have put on the press release that discussions are ongoing with players under contract. That leaves it open. As far as it goes, it reads like they are all staying. This may not be the case but I'm with bazka6, it reads that way. Also, I dunno where you are getting that anyone suggested the club release them and pay up their contract? Can you quote it as you are the second person to suggest this and I've not read anyone actually propose it on here.
  9. I'm surprised no Unionists have come out with you didn't get 2 million votes. As that's what the No side got in 2014. Is that not what they used to argue with Brexit? You can't undo 17 million votes.
  10. I'm really not sure tbh. Labour down south are in a pretty dire state. They think they are fighting the Tories of old who cut spending and taxes. The current breed of Tories are now increasing spending and taxes. Admittedly, after subjecting everyone to austerity for most of a decade. I expect your timing will be close though. If it was my call I'd go along with that. As for the court route, I'm not convinced it will actually help. Going to court rarely does.
  11. You might not like it but if the Tories keep winning at Westminster in perpetuity. Then that could be the reality. Patience is the key here.
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