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  1. Madwullie Cup Result DearyMe defeats Mathematics by resignation. This was an up and down game to say the least, PnB let me off the hook a couple of times. Unbeknownst to me. Thanks for the game @mathematics
  2. My goodness. First you picked 2016-17 as an indication of times under McCall and compared to now. You had cherry picked a season where we were part time and compared it to a season where we were full time. We have never survived in the Championship as a part time team. You then summated 2017-18 as almost being screwed up and by inference we didn't play great football until Sandy Stewart took over. In 2017-18 we were the first team to score 100 goals that season (before even Liverpool and Man City) and it was great. There were times where things weren't great under McCall but there can be no question he improved things. We could have been relegated to League Two when he took over and we were top of the Championship when he left. We were better on the park under McCall than we are now. That's the fact, I don't really know why you sought to denigrate what have been some of the best times I've experienced as an Ayr fan. I find it a bit bizarre.
  3. That is incredibly disingenuous and revisionist drivel. We scored over 100 goals in 2017/18. We had a league goal difference of +50. We won the most games in the league. We beat the DKBs in the league cup despite being two divisions below them. If that's not entertainment I don't know what is. We must be the first team to have league goal difference of +50 and not play great football. Someone else can explain 2018/19 to you.
  4. Were we not part time then or hybrid? You're not comparing like for like there. One of the reasons for the step change was the move to full time football in 2017-18. Its often forgotten about.
  5. Expectations do need to be tempered a little bit. We've had two good results but until we've played the first quarter of fixtures we just don't know how the league will settle out. Will Arbroath and QP be bottom half or top half teams? Will we? I'm just enjoying basking in some positivity and actually looking forward to a game on Saturday. We still have frailties, that's self evident but it almost certainly could be worse. We need to sort the home form, let's start on Saturday!
  6. They've really earnt the Lolkirk name. I can't say I miss their crowd wanking!
  7. I'm really looking forward to this, which feels a bit ominous.
  8. Yeah, that was my recollection. He certainly retweeted a tweet suggesting as much. I recall it more as the moral arbiter who supports Thistle was here giving us a lecture as the retweeted tweet had some sort of slur in it.
  9. With Frankie alongside him it's not as frustrating. Last season both of our centre halves would launch it the way they were facing. McGinty just needs to get into the habit of giving it to Musonda to distribute. Big Sean also occasionally goes on a mazy run which I'm all for. I used to hate the guy but he's been a lot better this calendar year.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, I'll get the factor 50 in the car just in case. Otherwise I'll look like this...
  11. For the record I hate 960. I just played my opening move and realised I had dropped a Rook and a pawn for a Bishop. Thankfully mathematics decided to spare me the horror.
  12. @Aim Here Given @Ziggy lost 3 games on timeout when he was at Glastonbury the Division A table flatters me more than a little bit. The key question for me is whether any of the three chess maestros who support Dundee fancy coming back. @Ludo*1 @DeeTillEhDeh @eindhovendee Edit to add - @Curmudgeon must be most improved player. Having to edge him out in endgames these days where in the past I could get a nice positional edge and/or some material.
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