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  1. That's something to celebrate. Screenshot below as twitter doesn't seem to embed anymore.
  2. WATTOO needs to log off. That's an absolute minter of a post.
  3. Not if he moves to another job, hes under contract.
  4. I think we were last 2nd at this level in 2000 with Barr bankrolling our galacticos. I'm content with the season. A lot of the football has been turgid long ball to Dipo and he's carried us through games. Even more so than Shankland used to do. We've also shat the bed in every big game this season. Especially dissapointing when we get big crowds and we play terribly. The only pressure game we won was the last game of the season (away to Inverness, who were flying) which secured 2nd which was quite something. It's undoubtedly been a much better season than last but I am left thinking what might have been. That said 2nd place and the inevitable sale of Dipo will give us a warchest of sorts for next season. Bring it on!
  5. I do have a gut feeling that Bullen will leave. I could be totally wrong with that but it's just a sense. He knows more than anyone that expectations for next season have been raised. He made reference to it being twice as hard next season and creating a rod for their own backs. I wouldn't mind him staying if he brought in a couple of good coaches. An assistant that has a bit of tactical nous and a defensive coach. I'm not being facetious, but whoever is coaching the defence made a rip roaring arse of it for those two legs. We didn't learn the lessons of the first leg. The left and right backs didn't look like they knew what they should be doing or where they should be. That's a matter of coaching and organisation. The players are limited in those positions but you need to get the most out of them. We didn't. Edit - Just to clarify. If he doesn't bring in better coaches then I'm Bullen out. As I don't think he can take us any further.
  6. This something special chat needs fired into the sea. Getting to the play off final would be something. Getting promoted would be something special. Finishing 2nd by virtue of goal difference and when 2 points covered 5 teams is something. That's not a criticism, you can only play what's in front of you and it was some last day, winning up in Inverness. It's night and day compared to last season that's irrefutable but the something special patter is really annoying me. We need to aim higher, I'm a firm believer in the standard you accept becoming the standard you expect. It was interesting to hear Bullen say that it showed how far we'd come but how far we are away from taking the next step. I think that's a good way to look at it! I'm mellowing a bit but that 8-0 aggregate defeat will live long in the memory. That is utterly embarassing and I'm pretty sure it is a record defeat in such a scenario. I was encouraged by another thing he said which was that our players didn't have enough professional games under their belt. If you added up the appearances our players had made half the number of Partick's over their career. I think that bodes well in terms of signings, in that we'll be signing experienced players. Hopefully starting with a left and right back!
  7. I dunno mate, she took about 30 seconds on the first question and reeled off some superlatives about the team and Bully. I could be misrembering of course.
  8. Was that the BBC one? The person asking the questions was butchering the english language as much as Calum. And they are meant to be a professional. Maybe Calum is not that bad...
  9. You lost me with your hypothetical. I couldn't imagine that at all.
  10. FFS, the chairman isn't a wee boy with the petted lip who'll go its my baw and go in the huff. Criticism goes with the territory of being a football club owner. I expect he's faced it with his construction company as well. You can't please everyone all of the time, it's impossible. I think you do the Smith a disservice with your posts. Moreover, no one is in fact criticising Smith!
  11. Don't feed the DKB cretins. With any luck that lot get bodied by Ross County tomorrow and I doubt we'll see those cretins near our thread. We might see them next season though...
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