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  1. Is it bad that I'm really looking forward to the summer for the clear out of the charlatans and imposters?
  2. Thanks for the game. It was pretty level, as we talked about in chat afterwards if the c pawn isn't pinned it's a very drawish position. I was fortunate to have that resource available which allowed me to go a pawn up and knight for bishop. It becomes easier for me to play thereafter. As I got a big center and pressure on your kingside.
  3. So a 60 move game is a maximum of 150 minutes per player or 5 hours in total. That is maximum thinking time. It would be interesting if chess.com did a stat on move thinking time from where you login or are online review the position and make the move. I expect most of us move relatively quickly <10 mins when we are there. The waiting time is down to life getting in the way and not being on chess.com. I really don't think anyone is being slow deliberately. I can't see what they would gain.
  4. I should add as well. If you are chronically slow your fixtures will pile up and you end up playing multiple games at once which is not conducive to good chess. Unless you are @Ziggy who can juggle 20+ games at once. It's in everyone's interest to progress their games. Are there actually people playing slowly for nefarious reasons? Who are they? What advantage are they gaining? To @SweeperDee's point - I'm pretty sure the flexibility exists to agree a seperate time control between both players and report the result.
  5. You obviously ignored the in theory bit. With 24 hour/move time control it can take up 48 hours for 1 complete move (ie. Black and White to move). I have a game with @Leicesterlichtiewhich is at move 12 currently and started last Monday/Tuesday. I wouldn't say either of us have moved particularly slowly. I would posit that the time taken is very much down to the playing strength of the players involved as well. That is in no way a slight but rather a consequence of the depth of analysis that stronger players go through before moving. Personally my games go from slow to fast. Where my opponent plays a line I have analysed and I know I will play faster (almost instantaneous). Where I am not sure I will spend some time on analysis before moving. When I'm busy at work I usually can't move until the evenings. If my opponent can't move until the mornings it elongates the length of the game. I don't believe that's unreasonable. I'm not sure what you would like to see differently? A new time control? Double defaults?
  6. My appetite has been whetted. I want more incoming and outgoings.
  7. I was similarly pleased when he signed also by the fact we paid a fee for him! We don't do that for just anyone. It's been a letdown though, no doubt.
  8. I hope so... McGinty needs fired in the sea. I can understand why a team would give Chalmers a go but paying a fee/compo is wild. I suspect the same won't happen with McGinty, we'd need to pay the buying club.
  9. McGinty shouldn't be anywhere near a defence either.
  10. Is Salkeld not out with a long term injury? Not sure how he can be the next out the door.
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