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  1. Nice 👍 I'm thinking of going for a similar setup above my garage. Have read a lot on the right projector to buy. Have to be careful as there are lots of Chinese brands out there that claim to have great specs but are crap.
  2. That's the one upside of not being there. I don't need to be some sort of contortionist to sit down comfortably. If I were there I'd stand anyway tbf.
  3. Pretty sure I remember the one on the left playing centre half for us.
  4. If you see him in the flesh please feel free to boot him in the baws. Absolute weapon.
  5. It's no me you have to worry about its Death in Vegas.
  6. West curve you're a bit slow. Hursty got in first.
  7. Now that would be delicious. <<<< Insert Ainsley Harriott gif here >>>>
  8. Holy f**k, as arse collapses go that has to be up there. Fair fucks Hamilton. Raith take a look at yourselves.
  9. Was inevitable to be honest. He showed so little in an Ayr shirt he wouldn't have to do much to surpass that. Sounds like a bit of a screamer? Especially with the Raith goalie having the assist and Zanatta scoring from outside the box.
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