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  1. Aye went to play it last night and realised it had ended, severely disappointed, that was my lockdown evening entertainment ruined. Currently debating whether it's worth the £40 I bought it back in November from cjs cd keys for £27. Best price just now is Shopto who have it for £28.85. I haven't played it much as FM 2020 didn't let me play as many leagues on my Dell xps and was chronically slow so had to use my desktop pc instead. Edit - Actually, best price just now is Game who have it for £19.99 but I think it's a physical copy. So you have to wait for the post.
  2. And Jack Ruddy in nets for us. What a handicap that was...
  3. Initially, I thought it had a collar. I've always preferred tops with a collar. I'm not convinced with the weird neckline and agree that it is very plain looking. Maybe it looks better in the flesh? 🤷‍♂️
  4. I went with the following: POTY - Alan Forrest YPOTY - Daniel Harvie I went with Forrest because hes got 10 goals and 3 assists (3rd top in the Championship). I know he has come off the boil a bit after Xmas but I think that's partly to do with the system we have adopted and all the pre contract talk. Also given it is highly likely to be his last season with us I can maybe be accused of being sentimental. Harvie ran Forrest close for my POTY and could easily justify winning both awards. He has stepped up massively this season and improved his consistency. He still has the odd bad game but it's the exception now rather than the rule. Would love to keep him for next season but fear he is away as well. YPOTY for him.
  5. I dunno spanking Alloa for 4 with the return of 'liquid football' to the Indodrill then hitting Arbroath for 3 in successive away games was pretty ace. You're right enough though for the sheer enjoyment of the GIRUY to the media luvvie during and after the 4-1 pumping at Somerset made it all the more enjoyable.
  6. Still absolutely crass in either case. Especially given the timing, there will be more than enough time to have that battle. It should also be conducted in private rather than in the papers. Is Jim Traynor on the Hearts payroll? It reeks of his incompetence.
  7. Nothing has even been decided yet. Absolute bamish behavior on Budge's part.
  8. Dear oh dear... that's pretty shocking. Stay classy Heart of Midlothian.
  9. I dont know how good McCrorie is so wouldn't try to compare. I've only seen him in the flesh a couple of times for Queens & Morton. I thought he was competent. As for Doohan, in the league he had 14 clean sheets last season and 8 clean sheets this season. With our defence in front of him that's pretty good in my book! Besides that, he is the best keeper I have seen since I started going to games. Much better than Samson and he has spent most of his career in the Premier League. A feat that I still find very baffling.
  10. My thoughts are more or less as D'Jaffo posted above. I disagree on the following: Releasing Moffat, he will be more of a backup player next season and I expect he'll also assist with the coaching. Retaining Bell & Muirhead seemed a bit strange to me. I would keep 1 or release both. I'm tending more to releasing both as Aero is too much of a hot head. Retaining Docherty - That is a non starter. I think it's better for all concerned to part ways. January loans - I think it's too early for a proper judgement here. I would probably try to bring Drinan back. Not too sure about the other two though.
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