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  1. Aye, did he not get off the bus look at the sky and say "Game off" then told the ref it was a player welfare issue. 🤣 Seriously though, that game should never have been off. That was a Friday night game when we were flying a couple of seasons back and the wind wasn't that bad. In fact it was substantially better than the wind up at Arbroath where the referee decided to play to half time when the game clearly shouldn't have been on.
  2. I'm sure I recall him once agreeing that the referee had a disaster. Can't remember the game or the context though. Another character. Bring him back I say, he'd have had a field day defending McLean on Saturday there!
  3. Aye, he always defended referees if I remember correctly.
  4. I suppose... which is the unhappier hunting ground? The Caledonian Stadium or Palmerston Park?
  5. I'm holding off with any prediction until I see if we manage to bring in a couple of signings.
  6. I think we pay them £120 a year for cutting the grass and some electricity as we've got some lamps not maintained by the Council. I've found them fine since we moved here. However, I think its significantly worse than that in some of the city centre flats where they cover insurance and what not. One of my former colleagues who stayed in Finnieston managed to boot them out as factor of their building. It wasn't an easy process though and they fought it all the way.
  7. Thats not my recollection, If I recall I think the support was split pretty evenly on whether it was a good appointment or not. A number of us believed it was the cheap option again.
  8. I could be wrong here but when Watt resigned we were still higher placed than when Roberts got sacked? He was a disappointing appointment but at least he walked when it clearly wasn't working. He does have a pretty good job outwith football so probably not a tough decision for him to make but he gets plus points from me for that.
  9. I think the only time there is a delay to a suspension kicking in is when you accumulate 6 yellow cards. Then the suspension takes effect 2 weeks after you've hit the 6 card threshold.
  10. Pretty sure 2 yellows is an immediate 1 match suspension.
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