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  1. Yeah, I remember that. I don't recall him for ICT but as Northern British said with ICT's style of launching high balls to 6 foot monsters it passed him by. Definitely a proven player at this level though. Also a player one of our rivals wanted to keep. So I'd be delighted if we get him.
  2. I'm starting to get excited. Either Walsh or McGinn would be huge signings. Both and I may even have to renew my season ticket. 🤫 I like the three behind the striker, I could see them swapping about and being a nightmare for defenses. A bit like Forrest, Moff & McCowan were at the start of last season. Goalkeeper still worries me if I'm honest. I'd settle for someone competent if unspectacular. There seems to be a good number of clubs looking for Goalies at this level as well. So competition could be fierce. I think we'll get a better feel on who is actually available on Monday with the release lists from clubs.
  3. Better than the chat on bins and Chinese takeaways! 🤣
  4. I don't think hes having a go at the club. He's having a go at the inconsistent guidelines. The guidance from government has been pretty poorly communicated and thought out throughout.
  5. I didnt even realise the Prem was back! Not that I tend to follow it anyway, Saturdays just aren't the same without the Super playing.
  6. Ditto. He just wasn't up to it, too slow in thought and action. Perhaps he had an injury as suggested as he has played at a decent level and is sub 30 so shouldn't be done.
  7. Bullet dodged I think. I'm confident there is better out there. Have clubs revealed all their released players yet? It must be pretty imminent.
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