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  1. The meltdowns are ridiculous as are the calls for Kerr's head or that he doesn't know what he is doing. The squad is 5 players down. Meaning he has limited options to actually change it up during games or bench/rotate those underperforming. Kerr should be given the time to bring in his own players and have a proper preseason as manager. This season is all about continuing to be a Championship club, if we are top 4 great if not as long as we are far enough clear of 9th I'll be content. You can call this a lack of ambition but for me we have to be realistic and Kerr needs time. I've saw and heard enough from him to convince me he is not another Mark Roberts.
  2. Have you managed to source him and Scally some Thsitle training gear or are they still using the ayr stuff?
  3. Agree with the team selection and back to 433. That's what has given us success and Kerr needs to play himself to allow us to play 433 effectively. Geggan is no good in there.
  4. Next 2 games are mahussive. 6 points by any means neccessary...
  5. For a moment there I thought I was on a Queen of the South thread. Off you pop Doonhammers...
  6. Brutal... Dunfermline wanted it more. They pressed us continually. We weren't at the races until 1 nil down. I drove 2hr 30 mins round trip to watch that p1sh! I confess I left when Moffat was subbed to get back on the road. The small squad and injuries is beginning to bite. There are a few players needing benched. Particularly the two centre halves - how many bites at the cherry did Nisbet get? I think it was at least 4. January can't come quick enough. We need to refresh the squad and make some additions. ETA - Pass marks for Moffat, Doohan, Houston.
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