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  1. Tower Hearts win 4-2 on penalties. Not a bad game at all.
  2. It has went to penalties here at Hampden. The last time I saw a penalty shoot out here might well have been that U16s Saudi Arabia game.
  3. It's definitely HJ. I can confirm. Apologies for my ageism. Have a photo of Hampden this evening by way of my contrition.
  4. 1-1 after 90' here at Hampden. Fallin came out for the second half like a steam train (outwith any periods of industrial action), and took a deserved equaliser. Tower Hearts were clinging on. Spotted a tree growing out the roof here. Bloody disgrace. That didn't happen in the olden days, when it was mostly unroofed. Game is apparently being streamed LIVE on You Tube. Extra time beckons. Attendance: 1,071.
  5. I'm told that HJ has been spotted alive and well at the Linlithgow game tonight. I've asked my informant to go over and ask for a selfie. Because my informant is in his 60s, that won't be happening.
  6. Trip to Hampden for the Scottish Amateur Cup Final 2021/22. Tower Hearts AFC (from I think Shettleston) are leading Fallin AFC 1-0 at HT. Goal from an early penalty, the award of which was disputed by some around me, presumably on the grounds that he only nearly broke one leg instead of both. Tower Hearts have been the better team of the two. Lovely to be back inside Hampden for the first time in 28 months. Thanks to me saving my pennies over the intervening time period, I was able to invest in a pie. Ps. Photos added to the QP thread if you want to see the catastrophe of a building site over at Lesser.
  7. Lesser Hampden this evening. 67 days until the Championship commences. I'm doubtful this will be ready on time.
  8. HT here at Falkirk. Bonnyrigg 1 Auchinleck 1. Bonnyrigg leaving some notable names on the bench - Weir, Brett and McGachie to name a few. Plus Budgie the goalie from the all conquering 1990 Midlothian school league winning team which yours truly played in! Bonnyrigg taking the lead with a familiar free kick. Plucky Auchinleck from two leagues below in the pyramid equalising with an OG.
  9. Great Tapestry of Scotland has this in its window. I'm quite taken by each of these strips. They don't make them like that anymore etc.
  10. Absolutely incredible to see a team from Midlothian make it to the heady heights of League Two. Huge congratulations to all involved at Bonnyrigg Rose. Not a great game today, the work was all done at home last week, and I daresay Bonnyrigg had one eye on the cup final next weekend, certainly some of the substitutions seemed to have that in mind. The greatest danger to Bonnyrigg today prove to be the tractor driver moving the tyres about at full time. Exciting times ahead. League Cup draw only a few days away.
  11. A ground very close to home! It's a lovely ground indeed. A wee shame all of the trees around the perimeter have been felled now. Safety first, since they were showing a nasty habit of falling over. It was Bonnyrigg again for me today. Four weeks in a row now, with a fifth to follow next weekend. Not so random perhaps!
  12. Fantastic result! Well done Bonnyrigg.
  13. At Bonnyrigg Rose again. Three weeks in a row, am I now a Bonnyrigg fan? Superb crowd inside New Dundas Park. Cagey game so far, as expected.
  14. This will be worth a visit. The Dreadnought is a superb pub, their offie will be equally good I'm sure. Can't wait to visit. On Leith Walk, opposite Elvis Shakespeare.
  15. Bus is quickest. #31 from city centre (can get on either Polton Mill or Bonnyrigg services). Roughly 30 minutes from centre of town. Get off at High St, ground is at the Toll bang in the middle of town. Also the #49 from city centre (to Rosewell), but takes much longer as goes via Dalkeith. Or get train to Eskbank, then either 25 minute walk up to the ground, or catch the #49 or #141 buses from Hardengreen Tesco beside the station. Enjoy the game!
  16. Passing through town today on my travels. Thought I'd take a wee detour by Claggan Park. Can't get too near the pitch as they have finally locked the gates. The pitch doesn't look horrifyingly bad to me. The grass is a touch long but I'm sure they own a lawnmower and could have used it prior to a game. Hard to tell from a distance how firm the surface is. I'll just say I've seen plenty of games this season played on similar looking surfaces. Couple of brown patches which look like they could become a issue in wetter weather. My overall feeling would be the pitch issue was not insurmountable.
  17. You can go wherever you please. There is an informal segregation whereby visiting fans are asked to gather in one half of the banking behind the dugouts but nobody will mind if you go for a dander around the ground. Uncovered standing in the away section. This information for the Fraserburgh game will be pretty similar to the Cowdenbeath game I would imagine.
  18. Have you been in Barrels on Bridge St yet? Excellent pub. Right up your street.
  19. Excitement building at the Broch / the Burry as the Bonnyrigg team bus has rolled into town and the locals can resume their favourite sport of body shaming prolific goalscoring and well respected Bonnyrigg strikers. I have warmed up with a trip up a lighthouse and a four mile saunter along the beach. But as I'm a couple of pounds over my ideal weight I did spot a couple of lithe statuesque locals watching me eating my cheese scone in the museum cafe and mouthing fat bassa at me. May the best team win. [emoji257]v [emoji1655]
  20. Orphans at Eden Court tonight was a triumph. Going to put it up there as my favourite play since I saw Local Hero at the Lyceum. Usually have a slight fear about entering a Musical Theatre space, think a very ill-advised trip to Mama Mia has left some deep psychic wounds. However, I really enjoyed the music in the show tonight. Track 4 in particular due to the sudden onset of tutting near me as it was belted out by the cast. A worthy successor to the film. Got a few good belly laughs and struck the melancholy notes just right as well. Would say I would recommend, but I think its national run has more or less finished now, maybe one more show only to go. Found the use of the BSL signers on stage really interesting tonight. Instead of plopping them at the side and telling them to keep out of the way, they were popping up in amongst the cast in all sorts of places, joining the chorus for the big songs, and were the butt of one of the funniest scenes in the pub. Really inventive, not intrusive at all. Great to see this kind of thing, the signers being integral to the performance, as they well should be. Ps. Those seats at Eden Court are not the comfiest for a three hour play!
  21. Also at Bongo! Enjoyable game, once it got going. The Fraserburgh goal keeps it interesting for next weekend.
  22. If he's so Sumo, how come none of the Fraserburgh defenders spotted him as he sauntered in to nod in the first goal today? Must be his Ninja Stealth.
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