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  1. Scotland 1 Northern Ireland 1. U21s friendly at whatever this park is called this season. Went to visit old Love Street (not much sign of its heritage other than the street names), saw a MASSIVE plane heading for Dubai, and noticed that a Scotland player had a ZZ top. First visit here. Tick.
  2. Dalkeith 2 Easthouses Lily 0. Not much incident here other than the Lily goalkeeper playing on after his arm appeared to fall off after a particularly heavy landing. He was clearly in a lot of pain.
  3. My direct debit has been reduced from £71 to £27. It has been a pleasant surprise to open that email. (I live in a house, a very wee house in the country, watching afternoon repeats with an air source heat pump, and can't remember how to switch the heating on. In the country.)
  4. Will try that link again: https://www.calmac.co.uk/summer-timetables/berneray-leverburgh
  5. Fairly dull drive through Lewis initially, then it becomes spectacular once the Harris mountains come into view and are then driven through. Next to nothing in way of amenities after Stornoway until you reach Tarbert. Recommend stopping off in Tarbert. A few food and drink options, I liked the Loomshed Deli for my coffee and lunch. After you leave Tarbert you come down to the string of Harris beaches. All of them are brilliant, I particularly like Nisabost and the very short climb up to Macleod's Stone. Must be nigh on impossible not to stop off at one of these if you have any time to spare. Your ferry will be from Leverburgh. Not particularly scenic but Calmac port towns seldom are. Timetable for the ferry is here: https://www.calmac.co.uk/summer-timetables/bernera-leverburgh. Would always recommend booking. The capacity is 34 vehicles only. Watch out for the section on that link aboce re tidal amendments. The ferry zigzags in and out of various rocks, meaning it's quite regularly curtailed due to tidal amendments. It's amazing how indirect the route the ferry takes is due to these hazards. Once you land on Berneray it is a straightforward drive on to South Uist. Causeways link the various islands so no more ferries needed unless you are heading on to Barra from Eriskay.
  6. Keith 1 Cumnock 2. Scottish Cup first round. We're up for a birthday doo on Speyside this weekend, so this game came handily out the cup draw for us. Not a classic in Keith, but Cumnock were mostly comfortable throughout. Game played in heavy downpours. Occasionally football could be spotted through the gloop. Less so for the guys sitting in the wee supporters hut to shelter from a passing storm, the windows of which promptly steamed up. Managed two bonus Highland League grounds on my travels today. Rothes I've been to when passing through before, glad to see the robot lawnmowers are still going strong. Forres Mechanics I've ways driven past and shielded my eyes from the garish yellow adverts. But what's this, when you actually go into the ground it is indeed a lovely ground with a stunning old grandstand. Both grounds promoted up my "must visit for a match" list (which is very long and ever growing). Rothes was already highly positioned on there so I must right that soon.
  7. Kingussie looking in great nick ahead of the final tomorrow.
  8. I'm really looking forward to this! Hoping to get tickets to a Barrowlands show, and probably a weekend tour of some or all of Manchester, Leeds and Gateshead. Tickets on sale tomorrow.
  9. Update: working my way down the list. Onto Brave New World. 7.0% West Coast IPA. Grapefruit. Outstanding.
  10. Avoiding the Old Firm game in a cold tap room in Gala. Perfect. Liking the look of the 10.0% Mexicake imperial stout. Vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, Chipotle, mulato chillies. Saving it for later.
  11. Heart of Midlothian 0 Killie 1. League Cup, Second Round. I don't get to these shiny big grounds very often, so I enjoyed my trip to Tynecastle where their cute wee disco lights got an outing before the game. Killie were well worth the win. Taylor putting in an incredible performance at the back, and Killie looking so much better than last time I saw them at Montrose.
  12. Never regret taking in a game there! Lovely setting. Did you happen to notice whether the Eddleston to Peebles cycle path has opened yet? I usually approach Peebles from the Neidpath end so I haven't been past Eddleston for a while. The cycle path was due to open in the Spring, but got delayed as our infrastructure projects always do.
  13. Dalkeith Thistle 0 Lochee United 0 HT. Scottish Cup Preliminary Round. The Road to Hampden started badly for the Lochee supporters bus, which turned up a good 30 minutes into the game. It's always a gamble pointing a vehicle around the City Bypass outwith the golden quiet hour of 2am-3am (on aleternate Sunday mornings). Lochee may have found this to their cost. Fortunately their absence left me with a clear run at the pie hut, and I made good on my intention to demolish a steak pie. And another. Absolutely outstanding pies. Game has been finely balanced so far. Dalkeith had a couple of good chances early on which surprised me as I thought this would be quite one sided.
  14. Edinburgh United 2 Ormiston Primrose 2. Edinburgh twice coming from behind to take a point in a dramatic game, the primary drama being whether the pies would be heated by half time (they were just out the oven as the referee blew his whistle!). Good end-to-end end stuff, both teams had a pile of chances and the goalposts were rattled a few times. Paties Road was looking splendid in the late summer's evening sunshine. Good night out, beating sitting in the house by a comfortable margin.
  15. 2-0 Golspie FT. Fort ran out of puff. Had plenty of possession but Golspie defended very well.
  16. Sure is. But since I'm driving I had my pre match pint at Black Isle.
  17. It's really boggy behind each goals. Like walking on a sponge. Not sure whether the actual pitch is like that. The Flymo would have blown up.
  18. Fort William 0 Golspie Sutherland 1 HT. Enjoyable game here at a sun drenched Claggan Park. Fort had much the better of the first half, with some eye catching players, in particular the No.11 who looks like a tricky winger who is very comfortable on the ball. Golspie made only a couple of ventures up through the verdant grasslands of the Fort William half but managed to nick a goal just before half time.
  19. Just parked up. Looks like game may indeed be ON but if you see any DIY shops in town would you mind bringing along a wee flymo? The grass is like the rough on the 8th at Royal Troon.
  20. I think you are referring to the lines in the penalty box appearing to be dashes instead of solid? A good spot if so. It's simply the way the photo rendered when it was uploaded to P&B. I think the image has been compressed and stretched slightly. I can assure you that the only dashes you find in Dalkeith are those which are sold in the Bull.
  21. Demolished by a hurricane! Awful what happened to Moor Park after Storm Arwen.
  22. Enjoying the guy in the white shirt, with his back to the game, staring casually at the bandstand as Bonnyrigg stroke home a 98th minute penalty equaliser.
  23. Dalkeith Thistle 4 Ormiston Primrose 1. An impressive start to the league campaign continues for Dalkeith, now three wins in a row, and 14 goals scored.
  24. Surprised but delighted to find out a new brewery (Otherworld Brewing) has opened up in Dalkeith (near me). Surprised as it has been on the go for a good few months and the first I heard of it was visiting this superb wee beer shop in Castle Douglas (nowhere near me) today! I'll have to wait for these to chill to try them out. This new brewery appears to be directly behind Cross Borders for those who know the area, which must mark it out as the greatest postcode in Scottish Brewing? Now, must find a stockist somewhat closer to home, although I suspect the Eskbank Trading will have these in by now as well.
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