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  1. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    At Edinburgh University to see Whitehill Welfare bid farewell to the Lowland Legaue. Man of the match so far is the sun, which is on blinding form.
  2. whisky lovers

    I bought the Kilchoman 12 and I like it. Here's a photo of a ferry.
  3. whisky lovers

    Lagavulin today, they are punting this Game of Thrones special. Not sure how price here compares to Heathrow etc. Also on the perils of exclusive editions, their Jazz Festival 2017 is on promotion, giving away free samples, and they have bings of it left. I've clearly overpaid for that bottle on a previous visit but I got a nice wee canvas bag.
  4. whisky lovers

    I didn't buy one (yet). I had resolved not to get too over excited in the distilleries on this trip, as at the current rate of progress the Islay bottles I've accumulated over various visits will take me well into my retirement years to finish! On Day 1 here I then proceeded to show no restraint whatsoever inside Bunnahabhain, and added two more bottles to my pile. So by time I reached Kilchoman I had taken the step of deliberately leaving my bank cards behind and carrying only enough cash to buy lunch. (Their cullen skink and panini combo is as good as their whisky but not so collectable.) However, my sister and family are coming over today to join us for the rest of the week and this will mean a trip to Machir Bay will very much be on the cards, with Kilchoman the obvious lunch stop, so my resolve will be tested again! If I do buy one it will be for the drinking as I do enjoy their stuff and I'm interested to see how it is changing with age. But I've no real moral objection to shifting a few bottles on auction sites in future. A pal came out with me two years ago and has trebled his money on his Bowmore distillery only purchases with very little effort on his part.
  5. whisky lovers

    Visited Kilchoman today where by chance they were launching their new 12yo. Can't believe Kilchoman is 12, I remember it's first steps. Not the baby on Islay now either with the new one opening last week.
  6. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Hiya Jute
  7. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    The original ball disappeared over the fence towards Cramond. New balls please cried the referee. On came ball two and lo and behold it was a wee bitty mucky. They tried to make him goal kick, but he say no no no. He leathered ball two off the pitch, on came ball three, we held our breath, and thankfully he was happy and on the game went. Quite right. He trains all week for this.
  8. I see the finals went: 12 May 0-0 51,000 16 May 0-0 34,000 28 May 3-2 31,000 Quite a drop off in crowds. I'd wondered if the Hibs #9 may have been Bobby Smith who sported a textbook perm, but it was Higgins in each game.
  9. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Civi Service Strollers vs Kelty Hearts. The Kelty goalkeeper just refused to take a goal kick because the ball was an "embarrassment". He then went on to say "I don't train all week to kick a ball like that". What a pleasure it is to be in the presence of a man of such importance.
  10. Groundhop 2019 dates

    This blog about last weekend is a good read. It seems "the worst referee of all time" didn't do too badly after all, getting both the penalty and retake correct, and not a word of criticism about any of the red cards. Good bit of balance in his writing. He also reminded me of my lasagne pie at Peebles, which was wonderful. Great weekend, which I'm slightly missing today as I await my one solitary game of the day. Although the weather today is minging. https://the66pow.blogspot.com/2019/03/east-of-scotland-football-league.html?m=1
  11. A View From The Terrace

    That Eriskay film was incredible. I just started a bucket list.
  12. Love the floodlights!
  13. Start of Tutti Frutti ep1 (1987), I see a football ground in the background. Is this Parkhead maybe?
  14. Groundhop 2019 dates

    Moving on from #RedCardFerryTollGate where do we think Hop 2020 could go? I thought a Glasgow area hop could be very good. A day orbiting around Glasgow culminating at Pollok and a night out in south side. Magic! East Ayrshire is another very obvious hub, with four great grounds in the vicinity of the great City of Cumnock. Imagine the headcount once the Talbot clicker was applied! Muirkirk in the Friday preceded by a wreath laying at Glenbuck. Boom! Another alternative could be the bionic man Highland League crawl. Wick > Fort William > Cove. A mere seven hours of driving and could easily be accomplished if we kicked off in Wick at dawn.
  15. Groundhop 2019 dates

    Probably utterly futile of me to comment on one referee performance amongst six, however... For what it's worth, I agree with you regarding the penalty award, as my original comment said, but I had the benefit of being within ten feet of two of his three red cards and I can tell you he got them bang on. One was for a very high tackle followed by a motion of the head (as an IHS player described it), one was for a fairly derogatory insult directly to his face. The other red card was in the middle of the pitch and I didn't see much wrong with it based on how his IHS team mates reacted at that moment in time. I think this is basically the case of a referee getting fed up with players being grossly abusive to him, resulting in him dealing with it via caution, and why should he not? If referees clamp down on verbal abuse I think our game would improve. I wouldn't take aggressive personal abuse in my job and I don't see why he should either. If I'm totally honest, I'm a little perplexed why you as a neutral would feel emotional about the game enough to swear at him. I'm willing to believe he did his best and called it as he saw it. Why give him verbal abuse, what were you hoping to achieve by swearing at a stranger doing his job to the best of his abilities? It's only an opinion, and my £5 is worth the same as yours. But I'm pretty happy in how I conducted myself in this regard.