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  1. There was a good ones along lines of Pirlo, because he ruined Scotland from No.10.
  2. Just spotted my first tram since March. The tram has always seemed a bit irrelevant to my life, I've only had cause to use it two or three times, even then on of tnose was just to take a wee shotty for the sake of it. The sight of the tram prompted me to check the passenger numbers for this project, which I think is pretty generally derided as pointless. Quite surprised to see numbers going up markedly. 5.2m > 5.7m > 6.7m > 7.3m > 7.5m in last few published years. Obviously will take a dunt for COVID reasons. Not the white elephant I'd imagined it to be.
  3. Adding a picture of the glorious Wemyss Bay station. (Not taken from a train.)
  4. Wemyss Bay's big brother wants a word with you in the car park.
  5. Worrying news from Barra. I well remember the footage of the camp beds in the town hal at the outset of this when we were instructed to stop visiting the islands. BBC News - Covid in Scotland: Rising cases on Isle of Barra https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-55660777
  6. I'd forgotten earlier that Aberdeen also won a cup double in 1985/86. A nice fact being that this was an Edinburgh double, and the 1989/90 version was a Glasgow double.
  7. Aberdeen won a cup double in 1989/90. Here's the teams, you can see a good number played in both.
  8. Mine also in P3. I quite enjoyed Michael Rose (the BBC poetry guy) , fair made my work zip along as I was lugging-in! We didn't have live lessons from the teacher though. Instead we had a variety of Seesaw: a maths task (number sequences), a reading task (compound words), a project (make a musical instrument), and a wellbeing task (make a healthy snack). All-in it kept us going for about four and a half hours, which was much improved on Spring term where some days he was done on the assigned work after 30 minutes. We finished the day with PE, which consisted of me leathering a football around a local park with him. Great fun!
  9. Read this book yesterday. A GP based in Edinburgh/Orkney writing about the impact of COVID on his work in period up to October. He calls it contemporary history. Not quite an instant diary record, but allowed a little bit of time to reflect on some of the mistakes made, and some of the triumphs, whilst clearly leaving the story on the cusp of the second wave and aware of challenges to follow. Really interesting read. A long read article which was extended into the book can be found here: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/may/12/gp-doctor-on-how-the-coronavirus-pandemic-has-progressed-edinburgh
  10. I'm right in the midst of this:
  11. Noticeable increase in the police presence around the Pentlands today. Police cars at the Hillend, Castlelaw and Flotterstone entrances, the road was coned to deter parking. Also saw two police cars patrolling the Biggar road. (I was out for essential childcare reasons before I get accused of some sort of nefarious skulduggery.)
  12. The Kelty v Stranraer game is a late ko today because the ground was being used by a fourth team for a home tie. Thornton Hibs were scheduled to be playing Nithsdale Wanderers in the South Challenge Cup at 2pm. Nithsdale withdrew from the competition last night, however, and looks as though SOSL may be about to suspend their season.
  13. Today is the first day I haven't woken up to a layer of fresh snow overnight since Boxing Day. In its place there was a new climatic challenge. I think this may be the coldest weather I have ever experienced in Scotland. Thaw seems to be coming per forecast.
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