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  1. "Consideration of the options available" - did this include moving to the astro at Lochaber HS for the season? If the league were willing to work with the club in a compassionate and pragmatic way, I don't see why this couldn't have been an option for a season. The number of postponements would certainly have dropped. I don't really know the full circumstances here, but from the outside this does seem rather draconian. If this marks the end of Claggan Park as a Highland League ground, I'm just glad I managed to get myself to a game up there before the end came.
  2. Wow. I'm pretty flabbergasted by this. See tweet for the steps taken to admit spectators to matches at an amateur football ground. Details including: * Intalling temporary changing rooms on an adjacent plot of farmland. * Building a new pathway to the ground from those temporary changing rooms. * Putting two thirds of the perimeter of the pitch "out of bounds" to spectators. * Asking spectators to avoid face-to-face contact, and avoid touching their own faces. * Face coverings strongly encouraged in all outdoor settings. In context, the average crowd here at games I've been to must be about 20. I just can't comprehend the level of detail, expense and effort made here. A complete surfeit of caution.
  3. There's a better picture of the new stand at Linton Hotspur. Not bad at all.
  4. Cross Borders first (I think) venture into the wonderful world of Hefeweizen. Pretty decent. Made a wee detour into Cornelius to stock up, was my first time in town for many months.
  5. Feel strangely proud of this. Sod all to do with my work. I've just mentioned how much I like their whisky occasionally, and trailed sand from the beach into their cafe now and again. Definitely recommend this one though, a lovely whisky.
  6. First time for me at Lugar Boswell Thistle tonight, a visit from Muirkirk. Pretty easy six-nil win for Muirkirk (including a couple of cracking free kicks, and Christian Nade scoring for them). Lovely ground to spend a sunny summer's evening.
  7. This thread is incredible / terrifying. Puts the Stockbridge floods into some perspective.
  8. This is a worry. 454 at Ainslie Park tonight.
  9. I'm with you! Lagavulin Warehouse tasting and Bunnahabhain Warehouse 9 tasting leave you worrying about driving a car four weeks later. That's my kind of whisky experience. Caol Ila also did amagnificent tasting in a wee room with church pews, where they were very generous with the samples. Recommend doing the Lagavulin tour with a very rich American couple on honeymoon, who crack open the 1966 cask for their tour buddies! That was 2011 so we were tasting the 45yo stuff. Basically if you get led into a darkened vault where you find yourself instinctively zipping your jacket up to combat the cold, you know they're about to break out the good stuff. Whereas the tastings held up in the visitors centre or some tweeded "library" are usually keek. But I'll give an exception here to Bruichladdich, who treat their guest in the visitors centre very well indeed.
  10. Heriot-Watt University 2 Newburgh 1 HT. Game is zipping along at a fair pace, despite the temperature being 22oC at kick off. Home team took a two goal lead and were good value for it, Newburgh scored a free kick just at HT. Love the Oriam, the building looks amazing in this light.
  11. Yes I have. It didn't have the ambience of say a Lagavulin or Bunnahabhain tour, and they weren't as forthcoming with the samples as I would have liked, but it was a good enough way to pass an hour or two. The good thing about Oban distillery is their shop. They have bottles from not just Oban but their sister distilleries (Lagavulin, Talisker, Cragganmote, Glenkinchie, Dalwhinnie). You might pick up something decent. Shop across the road (Oban Whisky & Fine Wines) is worth a look also.
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