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  1. I bought a Springbank 15 only. A model of restraint. Went into Cadenhead after Springbank and neither offered me a dram. Stingy. In Islay they are much more generous with their samples and I buy much more, there could be a correlation! Anyway Campbeltown was nowhere near as dingy as I'd heard. Sure the High St is a bit run down with usual load of empty shops, but it was a pleasant enough place to wander about in for a couple of hours. Left via a long walk at Machrihanish Bay, which was wild and stunning. Walked for two hours and still didn'tmanage to walk the length of the beach. Off to Islay tomorrow (weather/ferry dependent), currently bunkering down in Tarbert where about a month worth of rain fell on my head in the five minute walk from my hotel to the pub. Soaked through doesn't even begin to cover my woes here.
  2. I've arrived in Campbeltown. I think I might eat my credit card before I venture near Springbank.
  3. Ah, so this is where The Grill on the Corner is.
  4. Yes it is. If you like concrete slabs and corrugated iron this is your venue. If you delay going in until it's a bit full and the lights are down, that won't be a bad thing for your eyes. Sound was decent where I was standing, and the lights and strobing were impressive. Good crowd in tonight, so it turned into a perfectly decent night. Would go back.
  5. My first time in there tonight for Ride. Initially thought it was a rubbish venue but I warmed to it once the support band came on. Walking back into town now, it isn't handy for the centre, I'd say that much against it.
  6. Just had a wee Lagavulin 16 for the first time in months. My god did I miss it. Really hitting the spot today.
  7. Newsagent at end of Meadows opposite Summerhall has crates of the stuff. Two bottles for a fiver. Money very well spent.
  8. No. I never look up when I'm eating sausage rolls. I come from a big family, food is a battleground.
  9. This is uncanny. The Greggs we went to is in fact part of the Dumfries tourist trail. It marks the site of Greyfriars Church where Robert the Bruce murdered John "The Red" Comwyn in 1306. Dumfries, a town whose history seeps out of its steak bakes and sausage rolls.
  10. Heading on a wee road trip next week, overnight stays in Glasgow (for a gig), Tarbert and a long weekend in Islay. Hoping to visit Machrihanish, Campbeltown and a greatest hits blast around Islay. Some whisky may be consumed. Much needed break after a pretty frazzled few weeks. Weather doesn't look too crappy for December, but keeping an eye on the wind speed for ferry days.
  11. Be quick, you still have time to fix your quotation marks in line two, nobody else may have noticed.
  12. Quality scenes in Musselburgh as a man with a scarf tied around his head climbs through a window.
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