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  1. There shouldnt be any reconstruction at all, a reversal of the original decision would be the best solution to right a wrong. Because all this reconstruction nonsense is all about righting a wrong. Two wrongs dont make a right imo.
  2. Cant understand the negativity regading Shanland, he has proven himself as an excellent goalscorer and its kind of petty to doubt whether or not he can do it at a higher level . Why couldnt he?
  3. My apologies yes it was 6 last season and 1 this season for a total of 7. However 2 of the 6 were against County so that means he can score against low teams and also against the winners of last years Championship. I suppose he can only play the teams who Caley are drawn with in the cups. Yes it is strange that the play off games are not counted as league games because it is the league playoff afterall. Do agree he had a decent season last season and also with maybe not backing it up this season. However I think the loss of Polworth to Motherwell and Walsh this season to injury have had an impact on his goal tally, as those players had a good number of assists for White last season. So it could be argued he hasnt been given as good service this season as last. Still think 23 goals is not a bad return but agree with you it would be good if he could get more league goals.
  4. Dont think you are painting the full picture tho. He also scored 7 Scottish cup goals last season to get Caley to the semi final, also scored 2 goals in the league play off against Ayr to get Caley to the play off semi final. So he has scored 23 goals in total for Caley in a seson and half which isnt too shabby.
  5. Thnik White may have been a target whether Cooke had been injured or not, as he is an experienced player who has scored over 100 career goals and Im sure when I was watching Inverness play on tv last season Jim Goodwin was at the game singing his praises saying how good a player he was.
  6. So much entitlement and impatient attiude in younger generation rather than appreciation, however we need younger supporters to keep on following the club. Maybe a little bit of perspective and respect on all sides from us that are a bit older to the younger generation needed too as some young people have a good grasp on football tactics and finances etc.
  7. Well I watched the game on tv and Sutton said exactly the opposite and have to say i agreed with him, he said service to White was awful and that he is a very good player who is a handful for defenders.
  8. I think Jim Goodwin is an upcoming excellent manager. Im sure that given backing from the board to allow him to bring in his own targets will see St Mirren develop into a solid Premiership team.
  9. quag quag quaagmire

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