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  1. Got to have Branco back in some capacity and James Ward, no brainer
  2. Big man, Blantir Vics is a great fit for you, history season, need a main striker and it's the hame toon team, no brainer. I would even subsidise the £1000 a week wage you know it makes sense pal. Good luck
  3. Well done Gaffer, Millsy and boys. Proud to be fae Blantir, stick together next season and have a go in The Supa, a team that has made history within Blantir. Enjoy the next few games
  4. Don't think that was an intended dig at your club Peter, calm down dear. The players were quick to jump ship but this is past shit, Christ even Ginge V Maryhill threw 3 goals, which was a massive game and killed the teams chances of staying up but next season is the most important season now!!!
  5. It was me that took the team down that season, fire fighting with players leaving and having to fill jerseys with who ever was available, despite going down it was down to 1 point and the last kick off the ball, leaving Lanark safe. In that Cambuslang has a great history, fabulous catchment for players and 1 of the best playing surfaces in the West. A club no too far down the road needed a season to create a hardcore of players and by adding quality won the league at a canter, have beating quality team in the Scottish and are in contention for promotion this year. Give John the time to add better players for next season, rebuilding disnae mean winning the league in the 1st season does it. I thought it meant moving forward in the right direction. Wardy was a success in my opinion in his time at Cambuslang, Christ he signed me to make sure we won the league at a crucial time. Sign of a good manager ;-)
  6. Great 1st job for ma auld pal ;-)
  7. Blantyre are far too strong a team to lose this game
  8. f**k, sad news, Jim if you can text me any details. Charming man
  9. Am available, fit and ready tae get another medal ;-) no cup tied either
  10. Tis, I don't have a bad thing to say about ma time at the buffs, other than I could have maybe stayed on the park more, enjoyed ma time there though there was really massive problems at the time, but had a really good relationship with committee and support, ma gripe was your last manager was a tit but he was found out eventually, anyway all the best, heard you were a really good amateur player but didnae crack the juniors
  11. Get you in The Bull mate on the 22nd for The Scottish, Jeanfield are a good strong team, should be a guid game
  12. Expected Blantir to take all 3 the day, massive game next week, great park and set up, will suit the Vic's at Lochee, game of the week for me!!
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