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  1. Just given a listen, Sounds like a metal by numbers effort, I know that's an accusation that has been thrown at metallica for about 30 years but mostly I think its been unfair this however contains absolutely zero innovation and is just patched together parts with little transition. 'there should be a guitar solo here, put one in. should we match it with the rest of the song? nah why would you do that?
  2. If getting the ones who love you telt one last time isn’t the way to go I’m not sure what is. It’ll take some amount of bravery for someone to walk up and demand the deid ones music be shut off cos it’s fucking shite in the middle of a funeral. I would admire anyone that did mind. If I could be arsed I may even make that part of my inheritance/funeral plans. Songs i love but knew would piss people off with a payment to whoever stood up to me even tho I’m no even there.
  3. The ball in the Japan net. Sure FIFA have shown us pictures of the ball being in, cut back and scored, but that’s not good enough, cos your da fell asleep and dreamt of Spain scoring again, how can he know who to trust? FIFA must show evidence that his dream wasn’t real.
  4. Germany going out is funny, but it’s a shame they went down swinging and didn’t drag spain down with them. The Spanish are ridiculously lucky for that, they put in zero effort to equalise absolutely pathetic.
  5. I know VAR will always be debated but it has been generally gradually improving(with still a long way to go) That is until now, it’s seems to have completely regressed to its worse form.
  6. Every single club thread in the league has opposition fans posting within the last page or two. It’s a multi-club forum, that’s kinda how it works, quite why you guys get so bugged by it I don’t know.
  7. I don’t think the real life story was quite so wild. The bear was just found in the forest next to a pile of coke which if had snorted/ digested until it’s heart gave out, it wasn’t bothered by getting into any antics, it just knew it felt fucking brilliant and was going to have a much as it could. The story of the guy smuggling it is probably more cool, all going well until he ditches the plane, jumps out at way too low altitude and finds himself lying in some poor blokes driveway. And to think I get pissed off to open my door to an icy windshield, imagine getting ready to go out and seeing a body lying there with a parachute on, that’s really going to f**k up your day.
  8. The reason he’s in contention tho is cos mcpake has shifted his mindset from hughes ball, this version of chalmers moves the ball quicker, makes many more forward passes and has brought a degree of grit and determination to his game that looked impossible for him under hughes. A ridiculous amount of our play goes through him. I wouldn’t have him POTY but only cos bene is being a fucking boss. I don’t know how to rank the rest but only because we have so many putting in solid performances week in week out, but rarely do we get a 10/10. Mehmet is another that’s grown a lot, but we’re so good in defence I’m not sure we’d be much worse off if we replaced him with a deckchair. (Tho many a keeper would claim their best games are when the don’t make a save)
  9. Ultimately meaningless but denying that goal goes completely against any modern interpretation of the offside rule.
  10. I’m not sure the announcement has the police shutting the road. I think we’ve worked on an alternative. Hopefully all goes smoothly on Saturday
  11. We’ve just had to wait 5 years for a win, let’s not get greedy just yet.
  12. Interesting, if your staff are reliant on tips and you not cutting their hours on short notice then that’s says a lot about you as a business and it’s not a good look, don’t go blaming other things for you being cunty.
  13. We absolutely have that level of professionalism in our squad, get the goal(s) required and trust our defence to see things out. We aren't a team designed to score 5/6 goals, but we are a side who know 1 or 2 should be enough. We've dropped 4 points from winning positions so far and i'm pretty sure mcpake is annoyed at that record.
  14. Lighter, which means they travel faster so as much force on impact(if not more given we accept players are more athletic than they were)
  15. For someone who is willing to put more effort in than myself, where would brazil and france meet?
  16. Dragon soup seem to be prominent in side of pitch advertising particularly SPFL TV games, I am also not a drinker of it.
  17. Whilst I agree, those 2 sports also are looking at repetitive load happening during training which don't result in concussions.
  18. Similarly I think dragon soup are playing rather fast and loose with how big they show the alcohol % on their adds, Its clearly a nudge to say if buy our booze, it'll f**k you up. Its interesting to see how sponsorship has changed. Sport always seems to attract the 'vices' It was tobacco, but they banned the sponsorship, so booze featured heavily, but its been pulled back, so now we have gambling, and with gambling with traditional bookies becoming frowned upon its cyrpto to stock trading apps( you know the ones with like 90% of customers losing money) for another form of it. Christ even CBD are beginning to get in on the act.
  19. I believe pro rugby has a concussion test which you sit pre-season and they compare your scores if a concussion is suspected, It was however suggested some players were playing dumb in the benchmark test so if they did get concussed they had a higher chance of blagging through and getting close enough to their baseline score. I think it was last chance u I was watching where a young american footballer was being re-assesed to be allowed to play again after a long lay off. He was giving all the right answers when being asked by the medic(no sickness, dizzieness etc) He then later tells the camara that his head was absolutely spinning doing sprints etc but he was desperate to play and wasn't going to risk having to sit out longer by being honest. Its madness in terms of long-term health, but you can see why players do it. I'm positively surprised by the PFA being so supportive, hopefully that's a sign of the message getting through not to play on and also to be looking out for there fellow pro's who may be trying to push through.
  20. We had a fairly attacking side out in the away game and a daft penalty aside were not troubled, I don’t see much reason to go more defensive. We could well make those changes later on if we’re ahead, but happy to go for goals at the start(as much as we do anyway) Hamilton is a fantastic player, but we just don’t need a DM most games, all going well and promoted he’ll get a lot more games in the championship.
  21. You are required to provide catering for both home and away supports. Refreshment Facilities: . These shall be provided to spectators. In the event of a segregated area being required, it must have exclusive catering facilities and both male and female toilets which may be of temporary nature. The club shall ensure that the refreshment requirements of disabled spectators are catered for.
  22. If you can’t handle a battle then there’s no chance you’re getting close to us, it’s what we’re best at.
  23. Really poor from the keeper there, he’s got plenty of time to shift his feet, no need to be diving that early.
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