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  1. Benedictus absolutely dictated the entire game on Saturday. He probably doesn't need the armband to do that but his leadership was exactly what you'd want. He was captain in the league cup games as well so its not over hamilton, I'd guess dorrans could get it but I don't see what he offers in that role that Benedictus doesn't.
  2. They’ve taken one bad rule and made it worse. Now there asking footballers to make the refs decision on if there was an accidental handball and let the ball cross the line or should they try and clear it and risk a rebound?
  3. As a polite group of sophisticated international scholars we rudely had the local constabulary called on us by one of these novelty locals. (I don’t known enough Italian but I’m pretty sure his side would have been translated to complaining about the gang of Teenage bam’s who were winding him up silly) We also had a supposed human statue break character massively, if your going to chase us around the square, don’t go expecting a tip. Otherwise Rome is an utterly fantastic city. Vatican is worth seeing but you’ll be treated like shit and be glad to be out at the end, colesseum is an incredible sight and worth taking in. The rest, I don’t think the other tourist sights are worth deliberately seeking out but that’s not a negative, it’s just the general historic area is so great the ‘highlights’ struggle to be significantly better, I agree with the overall theme of the thread to use the metro and walk about and take it in, maybe use things like Spanish steps or trevi fountain as a point to wander round but be sure to take in the sights of the surroundings as much as the focal point. something I’ve not seen mentioned is the tomb of the unknown soldier, at 100 years old itS rather new vs a lot of the city but I think it’s worth taking in Food/drink, it’s a general theme but take a dive up random side streets and see what you can find, loads of fun and you can easily bump into a great host and probably pay half or even better than something on the main drag 50 yards away. Edit- for anyone not booked already go in autumn and eat you’re body weight in roasted chestnuts, thank me later.
  4. They wouldn’t cope, simple as, we brought a reasonable but nothing special support and just about sold the place out with a handful watching from the old banking outside the current ground barriers, Hearts, hibs, OF etc they wouldn’t have any hope of containing significant number of fans unable to get a ticket but chancing it. Other grounds in the past like Dumbarton where an expected number of fans who couldn’t get tickets may look for alternative viewing points have done things like shutting roads and having an early ticket check, but London road can’t just be shut for 100 yards either side, and medowbank has larger and better uncontrolled viewing points than most places. I simply have no idea how anyone on the licensing committee has signed the place off
  5. Watching netball final and clearly my p5 teachers attempts to educate me on the game failed, I am utterly confused about what the goalies are doing? They just seem to accept that once the goal shooter has the ball they’ve to just stand there and let them score? Surely you’d want to be right in their face, trying to prevent them getting their shot off and if they do be trying your absolute hardest to smash it out the air?
  6. There’s satélites more grounded than those 2 tbf.
  7. 4-3-3 seems our default currently and I’m not sure that’s going to change, i think mochrie will probably get one of the wide starting spots and whilst I think all 3 of the central midfielders had good games yesterday Hamilton is too good to leave out, especially when you’d expect Montrose to offer far more in attack than Edinburgh did.
  8. There won’t be many worse grounds in Scotland than that, regardless of the level. Seeing the old terracing behind the barrier made it a bit tougher as well, restoring that would make such a massive difference over the lazy last minute effort that’s been pulled together.
  9. Utterly incredible, we knew they were a joke club but ffs, I consider myself being early and well prepared arriving 15 mins before KO, If there’s fans arriving 20 mins + before KO not getting in on time there will be chaos.
  10. There isn't a single formation with the current group of players that doesn't force at least a few players into unsuited positions Medowbank continuing to be a shithole, I'm incredibly shocked. Hard to believe those that built an absolute dump of a ground with years of planning do also did a shit job with a rushed standing area. You would have at least thought they'd have put some banking in? Planning on both but fully expect 3-5 to be the worse 2 hours.
  11. I don’t think we can just ditch formations forever just because how they worked when grant set them up, I think it’s fair to say he was pretty hopeless.
  12. We've had many a scapegoat in the past, difference with chalmers is he has done a lot more to earn it.
  13. Ever picked a toddler up? If so there is absolutely no chance you can genuinely be telling us that they are not significantly more succulent than menopausal Janice.
  14. Grant being bizarre(or more accurately a bit fucking mental) is a given, anyone giving him a microphone is as big of an idiot as grant himself. WTF do they expect to happen? or are they not caring and just happy to get another sellic man on board?
  15. If we can’t get a winger in(which We’ve needed since day 1) then I’d be tempted to go with 3-5-2 again, that worked a lot better, especially when wighton was the one set to pick up the loose balls and try to create.
  16. I think it needs remembered that those who go to away games are normally the biggest spenders already in football, the majority will be season ticket holders for example. Also clubs aren't that bothered by away attendances, they are often a tiny percentage, Maybe more shown at my club who will already be expecting a big drop in away fans, alloa who are 20 minutes along the road brought a crowd similar to inverness for example.
  17. It’s funny I find the comparisons between Spartans and Cowden. Ainslie park is little more than a back pitch at a leisure center with a stand a some turnstiles, In terms of location Central Park isn’t that much different, with depending on where you park passing the leisure center is fairly common. i think it’s unfortunate timing really, I believe Cowdenbeath have explored potential other sites in the town, if the timing was right when councils were spending some cash in the 2000s then maybe they would have aligned things up with something like the high school redevelopment and got something built there. As it is there’s no obvious source of money to build another facility. I here the talk of becoming a bigger club with more links into the community, which is absolutely brilliant if it can be pulled off, but the current situation at Central Park is surely restrictive in developing that, pretty hard to have boys and girls through the age groups playing and training at one location when your struggling to get access for 2 hours a fortnight.
  18. he’s been fine. Been rotated as part of the front 3 apart from some of the game yesterday when he moved to wingback.
  19. Ok m8. I’m absolutely sure the events 61 years ago has notable relevance today
  20. Decent highlight package. Keeper has made an arse of it for the goal, definitely not a pen for sammon falling over. Doesn't clear up durnan's header and i can't see ours doing any better when the main cam will have been about 3 ft away and we only tend to put the behind goal cam in the end we are attacking. Would have given benedictus MOM, proper leader.
  21. McCann going down with cramp and then making 50 yard sprints is commendable. should of had an assist today, fantastic work until Todorov fucked it.
  22. It’s was glorious, very high up in the things you love to see.
  23. It was if Adrian was fouled or not that was the big delay I think. I was surprised to see it given, he had 2 hands on it when foden came in.
  24. Part-time or not at this level the profesional standards will be high. I don’t think there will be many allowances made for well payed players.
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