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  1. See if you are genuinely trying to improve your reputation with historic and recent events of clear bigotry you do absolutely everything you can to avoid anything being linked with that. When you are at being genuine , well…
  2. If riordan, o'conner or Griffiths decided to screw the nut at any point during their careers, OR if Nisbet, shankland or to go back a little bit dobbie took things seriously before they ended up at last chance salon for FT football whilst robertson chucked thing following his release by celtic, Tierney decided to give up after any one of his injuries and Hickey used his move abroad to chase women and drink beer, we'd be sitting here wondering why taylor is comfortably first choice left back with little behind him when we have consistently produced top class strikers.
  3. As mentioned leys park road will certainly cover you, though won’t provide quick getaway it’s as good as any approaching from the west. Garvick hill and it’s surrounding streets are popular. As is parking at the top of the cemetery and walking though. For the crowds we get EEP is easy to get parked nearby. Loads of residential streets, close enough to town for a temporary/overflow car park to be put in(leys park) but far enough that nobody actually uses it for that.
  4. Adrian mutu. Christ forgot about that guy. Pure entertainment, tho mostly off the field. It looks likely Newcastle will sign at least one talented nut job going by Chelsea and city. I suppose it’s an ok short term shortcut, you get a talented player, you can afford a boring competent replacement for when their off on one and dumping them once you’ve got through that stage is easy. Any controversy on the club can be dismissed as transitional.
  5. City’s efforts were certainly 2 stage. The signing of Robinho was huge, but he was a bit of a maverick(and later proven rapist) and was given a bit of a free run of the place on top of a healthy wage, for someone of his personality enough to justify no champions league. The rest of stage 1 was to basically sign any half decent but not great player they could. Enough to push their way to champions league where the could convince more proven stars. With financial fair play rules(which will no doubt be manipulated) and squad limits I think Newcastle could be a 3 or 4 stage operation with lots of player and likely management turnover, with many in a few years time laughing and how little they did for a big pile of cash.
  6. You've got to protect your family as much as possible, but that's part of the issue IMO, sneering c***s look down on a certain demographics= those demographics don't fell welcome = sneering c***s get their way. Again I want to place the blame on sneering c***s, I just wish the Balance could be shifted so the sneering c***s become the unwelcome.
  7. Away team are changing in that concourse. North east has been semi-regularly used for away supports, and has become the default until we drop all covid protocol.( apparently red zones are now optional, but not sure if social distancing for dressing rooms have been dropped) Space in the north east for 1200, I'd imagine that should be fine, we can accommodate 400/500 in the main stand as well before we need to address the red zone issues. It's only likely to become an issue for rovers games just now.
  8. The law is a pile of shite just now, but the ruling is correct based on the current law. I’m reasonably confident the distance you are from the defender is considered with anything over 1m being considered not interfering.
  9. Same position, celebrated dykes thinking no chance it could be ruled out. Bizarre the ref found reason to do so before thankfully changing his mind. Certainly didn't enjoy the winner in the moment. Maybe just the events of the game and that it wasn't a clean finish but I had a feeling it would be ruled out, took until full time to fully enjoy it.
  10. Seems that way, we regularly see penalty reviews(whether initially given or not) that show clear simulation with nothing done against the perpetrator. Absolutely mental protocol.
  11. It’s a small fine relative too what’s been given before, even when you account for it being an earlier round. IMO it’s an unnecessary rule(who does it harm?). Fine Probably a result of officialdom that new entrants are not used too.
  12. Aye, like Cathro clearly not a manager, and the gamble by hearts to try and move the ‘laptop’ guys into management was wrong. But they certainly can have positive influence. I think we need to view analyst positions in a similar way to sport scientists etc. They are there to provide information, not necessarily make decisions. Had hearts given their physio a management job and they struggled I doubt anyone would question why they got another physio job later on.
  13. That’s because they were interchanging their positions. Mixing it up on who would come from deep. He didn’t need to ‘get back in position’. He was just taking up a different one.
  14. Aye, he was even given stick at livi for being shite at them, how we give him them at this level is mental.
  15. Should VAR have saved us from that defending? Clearly hits the arm leading to a goal, or is my understanding wrong?
  16. We will, and the board will stick their fingers in their ears and claim all is fine. Instead of asking why season ticket holders aren't turning up.
  17. you don't know anything, none of us know anything. Only the board and Grant have the intelligence levels needed.
  18. We will, It just depends on what division we're in when we do. ' The board would like to congratulate the supreme leader peter grant on leading us to a historic 2-1 victory against Edinburgh university, victories in the lowland league are difficult to achieve and we believe this will give the players confidence that we can avoid relegation this season.'
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