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  1. edit: go to www.dodgybot.com to find out how.
  2. You don't even need to name 11 players if you don't want to.
  3. Right who the f**k has voted for this? Absolutely mental stuff, it’s a shite idea all round. We have a big squad so we might be one of the sides but that doesn’t justify it.
  4. Thomas certainly, but we need last seasons Wilson, not the version we’ve had this year on the rare occasions he’s available.
  5. I put teams like talbot(the favourite WoS side) at about 5 years.
  6. No. There’s 2 other people who thought the same, worryingly they were the ones that mattered. Curious what you think the foul is? Hopefully at least explain the madness, if not excuse it.
  7. I agree that LL should have more promotion slots and league 2 should be automatically relegating 10th at worst. However there’s a complete lack of understanding of how things work in Scottish football. Blaming the SFA for example like they have any authority. If your auntie had baws and the SJFA properly engaged a decade ago things might have been different but we are where we are now. There’s no point in screaming about what you think should happen, you need to present arguments about how you encourage clubs to vote for it.
  8. Don’t think that’s right either. LL sides go straight down(if the maths requires it, they can be saved with LL side beating a League 2 side going into the HL). I think rules are all licensed tier 6 sides can go up, if it’s 1 side they go up, if it’s 2 sides they have 2 leg head to head play off, if it’s 3 you play the other 2 single leg.
  9. Cable ties yass. Pity they didn’t need to go up a ladder for it.
  10. Long live harry Kane’s disallowed goals. There just so funny.
  11. Aye. Do clubs send copies of the players contacts through to these websites?
  12. We have just have the abandoned tie vs Killie to play. Would make sense to play it that weekend.
  13. I think it’s an effort to try and start games better. Didn’t work yesterday tho.
  14. Didn’t say always foul. I was directly talking about those situations where a loose ball could result in a counter attack where he was closest too it, in the middle of the pitch so conceding the free kick would’t have mattered. Nearly any goal conceded is preventable and I’m sure Allan will be disappointed losing the ball in that area, but I think we do need to credit the cross and finish, both were excellent unfortunately. Don’t think the penalty was that bad, he’s clearly trying to send the keeper the wrong way.
  15. As usually pointed out, games between us at Palmerston are nearly always shitfests, a relegation scrap is unlikely to change that. Desperately hope for a win, the last 2 games makes me think we can. Game can go either way, without new signings OFW, the back 4, lawless and McCann will nearly certainly start. Questions over the rest of midfield and if we have o'hara coming in and going 4-4-2.
  16. I know it'll annoy some, but McCann isn't in the team to score goals, think of him like Bayne or Moffat,(and without wanting to disgrace the legend) even Brewster. He's getting game time to hold the ball high up and bring others into play. He's done quite well at that, we'll need others to provide the goals tho. As for the Ref, he rarely gets games at this level and it showed, The SFA sent him an experienced linesman to help him out but it seemed he ended up relying on him rather than just a supportive colleague. He didn't have control of the game and the amount of 2nd half yellows is a symptom of a ref losing control and trying to rein things back in. Too many incidences that whilst on there own could be argued didn't line up with previous decisions. Must be a first I've seen a ref turn up 5 minutes late for the 2nd half as well. Such a bizarre thing to happen.
  17. Not sure why? It's a tactic used at all levels. There's obviously times to drop off and look for better opportunities to win the ball, but a loose pass in the middle of the pitch is rarely on of those. A foul has little consequence and a potential breakaway has high cost.
  18. Happy enough with the point. 3 were there for the taking late on but things were quite open by that point and I'd by lying if I wasn't worried that we'd ruin the efforts to get the equaliser by conceding late on. Any point we can get is valuable, I just hope we can get enough to get safety. Cole and Dorrans brought a better dynamic, but I'm surprised at the level of praise they've got. Dorrans' touch was unusually poor. Cole's passing gave us opportunities but he completely avoided any 50/50, happy to give up possession and not do anything to prevent the counter attacks. He needs to understand we are in a complete scrap, IF the balls there to be won you go for it 100%, if you don't win it you make sure the other guy doesn't get comfortable possession, even if that is by fouling him. Everyone else in the team that's played the last 2 weeks has done that, if he wants to start he needs to do it too.
  19. I don’t think it’s that much worse than last week. Just a better opposition making our lack of quality show more.
  20. Been a long time since I’ve been in a brewdog bar, but the reading from a script stuff does ring true. Do the still sell beer in weird measures for unknown reasons? I don’t mind some of there beers. Some of them are insane w**k shite, but that’s a given for any ‘craft’ company but haven’t bought any since them being total c***s came pouring out. I’m a principled man like that. (Had there not been a wide range of comfortable alternatives that might change)
  21. BBC coverage is very weird. General tone of ‘this gang of mercenaries are actually ok at football’. Have they not been paying attention on lower/non league football for the last decade or so, especially the last few years.
  22. It was mental stuff, I have a suspicion grant owed someone a favour or two with currid. Signed him twice and never played. But then again Grant is so clueless that its hard to say for sure what was just pure incompetence and what might have been more.
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