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  1. Have Chelsea left anyone out of the 25? Possibly a case of might as well have him rather than an unused place? Looking at the squads in general it just shows how ridiculously bloated nearly every side are for available players. How we have managers complaining about playing too much is insane.
  2. I think that’s key. If you listen to lower league ramblings you get the impression guys who end up playing for him for more than a season or so learn to how to play along and figure out when it’s just dick being a bit of an oddball and when they need to take him more seriously.
  3. I can't imagine Murray being moved to left back after only conceding once in 4 games, stranger things have happened though. I don’t think it will happen now. But it’s a strong possibility to happen at some point this season.
  4. Bench him. Wilson and Turner did really well together. Edwards is fine. He's no match for Comrie on the other side though, we need to get him on a ten year contract. Edwards is in a difficult position, no matter how well he performs, as soon as Martin proves his fitness he’s going to walk straight back into the team and rightly so. You also have Mayo coming in who might take his spot with Murray moving to left back. He also seems to be struggling the worst with the ‘poor first half, good second’ syndrome that we have. He’s doing ok for now, but there’s a few mistakes that could have been punished more and with the quality of others that can also play his position it’s going to be a case of when he gets dropped not if.
  5. Who is the home side for this? I fully agree that Flanagan no longer being at Alloa is a massive bonus, he completely controlled the midfield in the past. Trouten will still probably score mind you. Whitaker being available again is going to be interesting. He’s performed well so far but it’s going to be very difficult to drop Wilson. Do we go with 2 defensive midfielders? Play him at left back?
  6. I read a study that did show a notably reduced oxygen intake during exercise. So if someone already has a reduced ability to take in oxygen then adding another aspect might not be particularly great.
  7. It seemed to be the same story as our league cup games. Poor start, Thomas crosses to Murray and we score, we gain a bit of confidence, the game opens up a little and we look a much better side and score a few more goals. It might not be the prettiest at time’s but we keep winning so all good.
  8. Dundee look a mess. Adam will get them a few goals but 3-5-2 will absolutely kill them. It doesn’t suit Kerr, Marshall, Ashcroft and possibly McKee. Forester doesn’t suit being on a football pitch, neither does Hamilton. Hearts aren’t playing at their capabilities and will probably get some laughable results against them this season but tonight looks like them showing they have the players to get comfortably enough points to win the league even if they rarely hit top form.
  9. Timo Werner loan deal has hit a snag. Sakes, Surely we can find a way to give him 3 birdies a week?
  10. Oh no. Parents would need to adapt their lifestyles to account for a pandemic which wasn’t part of their original planning. That’s a shame when nobody else is needing to change how they do things...
  11. What a hit. Defiantly should be making the rest of the squad change their surname, imagine how many goals we’ll get with 11 Murrays on the pitch.
  12. Thomas-murray-goal i like this combo
  13. Dow and Martin on. Edwards and f.murray off. we need more creativity and Edwards is just a bombscare. We really shouldn’t be in a position where we are using him so regularly.
  14. Have dumbarton started issuing refunds yet? They’ve gone rather quite on this.
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