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  1. I think relaying on clubs getting knocked out of other cups so another can run smoothly is unlikely. The clubs likely to succeed in one are likely to succeed in the other. Unless you set up formal arrangements where you don’t enter one until your out the other which I can’t see happening here.
  2. A play off containing LL clubs is unworkable just now. We wouldn’t know who the club was until after the spfl play-offs were concluded. 3/4 weeks after the end of the season.
  3. There’s space for junior cup games to be scheduled for Saturday’s initially. The issue kicks in when postponements come. The league fixtures the following weekend will not be postponed to allow a 2nd attempt. It can get rescheduled for the next ‘free’ weekend but these can be months apart and if you’ve had a league or SCC game postponed then they’ll be rescheduled in those free weekends first. I find it very difficult in that scenario where junior cup games don’t end up being midweek. Which either means looking for alternative venues or having early evening kick offs in late season. Aberdeenshire clubs going to Ayrshire for 6pm kick off, it’s a nightmare
  4. You'd still need to start the season a week earlier to squeeze that in. Well no, given there are enough midweeks + a completely unnecessary gap in fixtures in January.
  5. There are two midweek rounds for the League Cup, the only way to "work the fixtures around it" is to start the season a fortnight earlier, which is basically going into June. You could at least make them play in a round including the worst runner ups. (Unseeded)
  6. It is now your personal duty to report every single thing you can on this guy post screen shots of your reports and update us all on the headsgone live.
  7. If it’s being done purely from a player development point of view there is absolutely nothing stopping the managers/coaches getting in touch with each other for a bounce game. Indeed most summers they’ll be games going on between non-league sides and nearby spfl youth teams, with results differing wildly depending on how many senior pros play alongside the kids. it’s absolutely fine for pre-season, but it isn’t for competitive games.
  8. There’s a girlpower equivalent going round as well. these sort of things go round all the time but normally only 1 or 2 on my friends list do it, I guess lockdown has started to destroy brain cells that much that now a lot more are finding this absolute pish something to join in with
  9. Yes, just as weetoonlad has 2 phones depending on ifs he remembered to edit it or not.
  10. Relax guys, smith is an utter irrelevance and is just rambling pish to fill a column. You can laugh at how ridiculous it is, but don’t take it seriously.
  11. That article is superb. i particularly like the idea that league 2 players are going to earn moves playing well against colts. ’ Who’s that big number 4? worth putting an offer in, he’s really used his physicality and 300 senior appearances to completely body the scrawny 16 year old forward we’re playing’ Anyway it’s not going to happen, it didn’t happen when smith had any Influence, it won’t happen now and it won’t happen in 9 months once he’s completely forgot about this and trots out a similar article . On the junior cup, it’s admirable trying to keep it going, but I can’t see it doing any more than gradually dwindle away in the new structure. The early rounds are going to struggle and I can see a fair few withdrawals from smaller sides once it becomes clear midweek games will come in after 1st or 2nd attempts, possibly moved onto school Astro pitches. Regionalisation might come in to try avoid this, but then it loses some of the romance. For the bigger sides these early rounds will inevitably at times find themselves right before/after important league games, and whilst they’ll be happy to muddle through those early rounds, squad rotation will come in to some degree. Fans, managers and players will all have one eye on the league game. Then as we get to the later rounds the games will still be played with importance, but the neutrals and 1 game a season types won’t be there as the head to head games between sides competing for league titles and the promotion play-offs as well as Scottish cup games vs league sides will be the games that attract them. Then we get to the final, which clubs will not find acceptable to be played at such a late date. So we have fans/players going through all the excitement/heartache of the end of the season and a week or so later look for them to go again. The talk of 15000 at games in the 80s or 50k in the 50s will be replaced with talk of how the finals used to get 7/8k and be by far the biggest game of the season and in a decade you’ll get the same ‘ok granddad’ answer from those that never saw this as adults.
  12. It seems the press have just taken the clubs to publicly announce and added up the players. As far as I understand there’s nothing stopping furlongimg and topping up wages to 100%. If so it makes zero sense to not do it unless you have players who are earning way beyond 2.5k a month. The odds on police shutting down village pubs when the punters know to stay sush are low. Lock ins and serving underagers have been going on for forever under nudge nudge wink wink arrangements with police knowledge, unless regulations for covid are significantly more severe than this then the same sort of arrangements will take place. Bars can quite easily run a bottle bar(or even at an extreme BYOB) But you do make a point of people outing it over social media, I would be far more concerned about stopping that than a very very small chance of police stopping by. A huge percentage of the country are either deliberately ignorant(or as you put smart arse c***s) or too stupid to see the problem , you have been paying absolutely no attention if you can’t see that irrespective of your own experience.
  13. A bit of both. Speeding especially can kill others, doesn’t mean it’s not roundly flouted. you are also making a big mistake by thinking the idiots aren’t in the majority, they absolutely are. Unless you have been paying 0 attention to pop culture or politics. Mrs Brown Boy’s, xfactor, see how popular they are and expect the millions of viewers they get to suddenly triple their IQ?
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