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  1. The ‘it’s up to ofgem’ shit is fucking laughable. No, no it’s not, Ofgem have a price cap . Charging less is absolutely within the power of the energy companies.
  2. Bringing through youth is great and all, but it absolutely must be with the aim of making the first team better. We could produce the next generation of a world 11 but If it doesn’t result in better results on a Saturday then it’s pointless.
  3. Queens Park, A higher up the pyramid heavily financed version.
  4. I'd have thought they'd have suspended all their managers markets until they decided how they'll adjust to murray going to rovers and the airdrie job becoming available
  5. Hamilton vs Rosberg were let to go toe to toe mostly, but the car was that dominant the Merc knew they had both titles anyway. Can’t remember a time when there’s been more than 1 team going for the drivers championship when there’s not been clear number 1 drivers
  6. Even the treatment to their own players seemed excessive. Groups of stewards having to pull players to safety. Anyone with a phone out is a twat, you can not claim it to be a moment of jubilation if you're thoughts are to film it. And yes, I too have been on a pitch.
  7. This. I can’t see many managers lasting more than 3/4 years, they’ll either be sacked or ideally be successful enough in that time that they’ll move on. Even Campbell who is comfortably the oldest manager suggested would likely stay for that.
  8. I’m so smart, you guys just don’t get crypto . f**k me, that’s the defined theory of why people get dragged into conspiracy theories and scams.
  9. I’d imagine whoever comes in won’t be making calls on contracted players until he’s seen them in pre-season
  10. Forgot about Bartley before I saw this poll, he wouldn’t be my first choice but another decent option IMO alot of pressure for a first job but I think he could handle it
  11. 10 minutes ago I was convinced our board weren’t going to do it. It looks like it’s hughes decision but by the wording I think he’s possibly been lent on to see Himself away. Either way, I’m delighted
  12. Hughes who is known to be terrible with transfer windows, hughes who looked at our midfield, criticized it heavily and thought chalmers and polworth were the solution. Not going to happen.
  13. He’s disappeared about this time in the past. Perhaps with his EoS role he uses the summer to reset from football, or alternatively is busy with that sort of admin.
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