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  1. I don’t really think we have striker problems tbh, we have reasonable options, the problem is that there is no attacking game plan for them to carry out, they are just being asked to try and score with whatever lucky bounce ends up near them.
  2. If Wilson isn’t playing we might as well give you the points. He’s the only one who looks anything like a proper midfielder.
  3. Alloa-parry rovers-hendry Dundee-adams QOTS- Jones. Morton- Nesbit Hearts-Gordon ICT-Doran. Ayr- roscoe- slim pickings here, it would have been smith or sinsallo but they’ve both recently left. Arbroath- O’Brien
  4. I do kinda agree with The judge that they can’t prove his death was directly caused by the assault. I was expecting that decision, but to drop it to ABH when you see the state she had put him in and when you add in the utter terror he you could see he was in when they visited him in hospital. He had almost been convinced that being her punching bag was all his life was worth, horrifying. The fact she had just come out from the previous assault and did worse surely should have told the judge that another short sentence wasn’t going to be sufficient.
  5. We really must win this. Been saying that for the few weeks and it’s getting more and more desperate each game. I doubt we’ll get the points this time either. No point predicting the starting 11. It won’t be what any rational man would come up with.
  6. It’s nearly certainly in reference to what our future owners want to bring in. A lot of the talk on their investment was on how our off-field set up needed improved , with not having our own training ground something they mentioned.
  7. That’s a good point, boys worked hard and we didn’t get the rub of the green, take that level of performance and commitment into Saturday and we’ll do well.- SC post-match almost certainly. Truth is it’s another shitty draw with absolutely no attacking game plan. We are now looking for favours just to reach the playoffs. Officially safe tho so there is that to enjoy, well done craw.
  8. Crawford’s tactics gets harder and harder to explain. predicted subs, McCann for Thomas. MacDonald For Whittaker. Gill for McManus.
  9. Absolutely scumbag behaviour, these people need condemned for from everyone in reasonable society. Gender revel party’s are a disgusting thing to engage in during this pandemic. and indeed all other ocasiones also.
  10. POTY comrie YPOTY Wilson(I was surprised he qualified but given he was in contention for POTY he completely deserves it. GOTY. Comrie. Party because he is one of the shining lights of this season but it was a great goal, it’s a damming incitement of this season that from 8 goals they can’t find a team effort and I can’t think of one that’s missing. F.murray free kicks Joint 2nd place.
  11. The queen in just one day has, 1. Woken up 2. Eaten breakfast 3. talked to people(and I doubt the ambassadors get any different treatment to the hello, what do you do, oh that’s interesting, thanks you conversation given out when they meet us at plebs. 4. Eaten lunch 5. Changed clothes. What an amazing accomplishment, how can it be done?
  12. New leagues as part of the pyramid are ratified at the SFA agm. Unfortunately I can’t give you a date for that, but it will be close season some time. Are you against ground shares completely? If so I’m not sure why, if it’s about security then you need to change the rules for every club, currently clubs only need to show the have use of the ground for the next year(I think that goes up to 5 if you want a silver license) if it’s a point of principle I’m even more confused, Do you believe playing in a stadium nobody else uses is somehow noble? There can’t be many occasions where members have rejected applicants the board are happy with. Glenrothes strollers and syngenta possibly, but they were more the board recommending to the applicants they might not be suitable and those clubs pushing through anyway.
  13. It’s not a secret conspiracy ffs. You really need to stop desperately claiming it to be.
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