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  1. It’s infuriating, its a road, why are they so surprised there’s another car?
  2. It’s not a national law, Most areas have local by-laws preventing it but not all, Edinburgh is a notable exception.
  3. What a waste of space of an article. For as much as a joke Doncaster is, he’s absolutely right to say he can’t rule out anything, it’s not his job to say so. Nothing more than a “journalist” writing an article and then asking a question that can only have an answer that they can quote to justify what has already been written.
  4. The french and Italians who already have laws aimed at preventing non-vaccinated kids into schools, those french and Italians? It’s clearly possible to try and keep kids from entering schools if unvacianted, it’s being implemented in several countries worldwide. On refusing to employing those who refuse(note not unable via health reasons) vaccines. You can sack someone for not wearing a hard hat, of course you should be able to sack someone for refusing to follow a rule that makes your company safer. f**k being the guy being sued cos you sent an anti-vax c**t to a vulnerable customers house who later died.
  5. Maybe it’s the distance, but English football seems completely devoid of characters. So much entertainment has been provided by shithousery up here and nobody down there gets anywhere near that standard.
  6. To clarify, he will be at Dunfermline and available to play for us until the suspension on league 1 is lifted, at which point he goes back to Airdrie on loan.
  7. 100%. The only factors in easing of restrictions are case numbers, hospital admissions, ICU and deaths. Now vaccinations help reduce those numbers and especially by giving them first to the most vulnerable helps reducing things going down that line, but we have little idea on how to predict those numbers in a partially vaccinated, less restricted population. I am not interested in false hopes, let me know when we have confidence that any easing WILL happen. Not when we hope, cos any guesses so far have tended to be wrong.
  8. I quite like the angle being taken against anti-vaxers tbh. They have given up on trying to have a debate about it and gone hard on ‘stop talking shit, you fannies’.
  9. I’m in a bit of a rut right now and have been since pre-Christmas. Pretty sure it’s related to entering tier 4/lockdown. I got by through spring/summer doing the odd jobs that normally get neglected and since September have had a decent enough routine, but that’s been taken away and I’m finding it difficult. Not wanting to turn this into a Covid thread as there’s a place for that but feel I need to be honest and admit that this is all getting to me.
  10. I think especially at league 1 level the amount of players where PT wages make up a significant proportion of income will be surprising high. Especially in the youngest and older lot of players. How many experienced guys are dropping down from FT level with nothing behind them but a bit of savings? Guys relaying on a decent PT wage to see them through whilst they figure out where their going to earn for the next 30 years. How many young players released from FT clubs think they’re still a big talent who just needs to ride out the next year or two and get themselves back to where they should be. I know it’s anecdotal but the few I know of a viewed it as easy money, guys that left school at 16 for *full time deals* (modern apprenticeship that didn’t actually result in significant wages). They get released at 19/20 and suddenly get offered more money for half the work. More than enough to pay digs, lease a semi-decent car and chat up naive girls in nightclubs that ‘am a footballer, played for hibs’. It can take a fair while for it to click for some that they need to actually live off their own efforts. For those a bit more screwed together, take denholm as an example he would have been 25/26 before his footballing wage wouldn’t have been significant to him. Championship is starting testing now as a condition to keep playing. And whilst there is a few PT players who probably have more interactions than normal I don’t think there is an example in the uk where a proper bubble is operated. The NBA who locked all players inside a theme park seems the only success. The first step would be to try for 2x playing. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to finish leagues at that and have promotion and relegation with play offs. Anything short should be null and void.
  11. That is absolutely brilliant. Reading first few paragraphs Sporting integrity
  12. Let’s be honest is there a better way? I quite enjoyed the last one.
  13. I think it’s safe to say excess deaths in the last year can only really be explained by Covid as the singular major factor. I don’t think until all the data is collected fully that it can be split into different categories (I.e respiratory disease death, possibly Covid, Anything caused by delayed treatment or increase in other factors (mental heath). The fact that excess deaths is similar to the Covid mentioned in death certificates suggests that any increase in deaths from other factors are balanced by any deaths with Covid mentioned that may have occurred anyway.
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