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  1. Did Queen’s Park not sneakily keep a set of keys after the sale?
  2. 900 is for the full ground, if there’s free movement around the ground then that creates the potential for over-crowding, that risk is increased with the some cover in places but other places with no cover. This risk, and the clubs ability to manage that risk is considered under the safety factor for capacity. Safety, along with a judgement on the physical structures(is it grass banking, good quality terrace or ageing and crumbling) etc are given a multiplier by whoever is working things out, the worse they judge things the worse it gets. So for example if the council were happy that the situation could be reasonably managed and that if everyone rushed for cover there was safe spillover etc then they may give it a factor of 0.8. That means the club can only sell tickets for 80% of the true capacity. If at the next review(which I believe is yearly) they think that overcrowding of an area was not managed as well as they expected then they can reduce that factor to say 0.5. The area hasn’t got smaller so the full capacity hasn’t changed, but the available capacity has been reduced. TL:DR. If you manage prevent the overcrowding well enough they’ll be happy, if you don’t and issues arise the capacity will be cut to a level that they think can be managed. Can’t be bothered reading the guide again to check if it’s in there on somewhere else but there’s a worked example showing the process which takes into account a similar situation of overcrowding in a singing section, things like regular standing in gangways etc were given as reasons for giving that area a smaller capacity.
  3. It’s all generally based off the green Green guide. That’s a slightly old version but I’m not paying £95 to get the latest. It does have a few interpretations at times which can lead to interesting discrepancies particularly as you move between councils. One of the factors in calculating capacity considers if there is free movement between covered and uncovered areas as explained below a. Partial cover Experience shows that where partial cover is provided, in poor weather conditions standing spectators will, whenever possible, migrate to covered areas. In certain circumstances this can result in unacceptable local concentrations of spectators, particularly where the covered area is smaller than the uncovered area. Additional safety concerns arise when conditions under the roof are inferior to those on the rest of the standing area. In such situations management might consider the following options: i. to extend the existing roof or provide a new roof covering the whole area ii. to install appropriate barriers, to prevent or control migration Spectator accommodation – standing 131 iii. to adopt appropriate stewarding strategies to manage or control the migration, preferably with the assistance of CCTV monitoring. If none of the above options are acted upon, or if either options ii. or iii. are implemented but the problems of migration and overcrowding continue, further consideration should be given to the following options: iv. to limit the final capacity of the whole section by restricting the available viewing area to the area under cover v. to limit the final capacity of the whole section by a reduction of the (S) factor. Management and, where a safety certificate is in force, the local authority, will need to judge carefully all the circumstances before deciding which of the above options to pursue.
  4. Absolutely this. It’s a great time of year when you have a league title dangling just begging to be clinched. Should we be comfortably ahead(which TBF with this squad is 1-0 after 5 minutes) i may glance to the Clyde score but I’d be absolutely raging if it turns out they do their bit for the Grangemouth promotion party only for us not to win we can only control our results and full focus is required on what we can do. KRH master class please
  5. Looks likely as allan was signed on the same day as that tweet. A good 6 months at a shite clyde team suddenly made him a great player.
  6. I tend to forget about andy rodgers, and then I get remined by him making a c**t of himself again. Did he even play against us or is sitting in the stand watching his team being spanked the highpoint of his career?
  7. You haven’t upset me, we’re just bams on the internet spouting our opinions, it takes a lot more to upset me than someone not agreeing with my one. However you are taking utter shite to suggest just because a team like airdrie are capable of winning by a few goals have better than a consistent team. Airdrie have shown their ability to chuck results regularly, we haven’t. Your last comment seems strange, we are built on turning draws into wins and the odd game we aren’t good at all to be leaving with a point minimum, that isn’t going to suddenly flip.
  8. Oh I know that it happens but not all the time, often teams keep up the same performance levels and even with a bit of rotation they don't drop off. I just don't believe that its in our squads and especially mcpake's mentality to not enter a match without sheer determination to get a positive result. Oh and we are 11 points clear having lost 1 game all season, any suggestion we aren't comfortably better than the rest is clearly false.
  9. I think this is the huge thing. Sometimes I wonder if I was being overly harsh last year on him, not because I think what he was doing was any good, but I think perhaps he was trying to go exactly what his manager wanted and he’s doing that again. Difference is his manager this year isn’t an utter weirdo and tries to give his players instructions to win games and not to boost meaningless stats.
  10. Agreed, our mentality won’t shift, there will be no coasting along from us, perhaps a very minor relaxation in terms of injury or suspension risk. For me top 2 has been decided, I reckon the bottom 2 has been as well but with both being shit Peterhead may just have a chance to play 2 more games before relegation. Recon Alloa and airdrie will take the remaining play off spots unless Edinburgh get themselves out of their rut and go back to their early season form. So basically call the league now
  11. Mileson didn’t care what would happen if he died, he wouldn’t be around for the ego boost which is all he was after.
  12. Not quite, would put us on 72 with Falkirk capable of 73
  13. Any adequate why uefa/sfa have scheduled a game whilst the far more important club game is taking place? I get why you want to watch both live at the grounds, but the clubs have made reasonable adaptions to at least allow you to watch both, the far less important international sides haven't made any effort. Club before country every single time, it shouldn't be a concern.
  14. 2022 is the only year they can associate with.
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