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  1. Going into this with abit of confidence, hopefully nisbet and Ashcroft make it. Here’s some facts that almost guarantee an away win* We’ve won our last 4 at home, Morton have lost all their away games, they have scored 7 goals on the road this year, nisbet has scored the same in his last 3 at EEP. *to keep DA baracus happy obviously we are no more likely to f**k this up than any other side.
  2. Aye it does probably go down as a foul on the keeper the other way but I don’t think it’s a strong enough claim to be a pen, one of those you’d get a free kick on the halfway line for not a penalty.
  3. Nisbet has been attracting some attention but tbf rearranged games are a magnet for scouts/managers. They’ll go to as many games as they can and when there’s not a huge amount of options they’ll turn up anywhere just in case they find a gem.
  4. Buzzin. Nisbet is some boy, he ain’t stopping scoring. Credit to gill he looked shaky most of the game and then comes up with 2 huge saves in injury time. A back 5 with gill, Edwards and Devine looks fragile as f**k but they did what was needed. Shitfesting single goal victories at sumerset when unexpected is kinda what we do and once again it’s delightful
  5. We’re either going 5 in midfield or playing turner out wide and Kiltie off of nisbet. Also Anthony McDonald is a real life person who is on the bench which is a surprise.
  6. Aye 4-4-2 is pretty restrictive, I look at the Center mid options and wonder how only 2 get in when it’s by far our best position. Similarly i was the manager with those full back options then I’d be asking McMillan to move across to left back. It might not be his natural position but he’s comfortable there and would be a better choice than the natural left backs. It’s just a reminder of how shit we’ve been at times, Here’s Ross Millen, mind him? He was the boo boy favorite during some dismal league 1 football, and here’s Callum woods ever present in the 2011 title winning side moved to the England and has spent most of the rest of the decade playing championship football down there. Vote now. Went for Gallagher Woods rusty Morris longridge Gibson mason hardie cardle Faiss Kirk Midfield was easy tho as said geggan deserves to be in the side but anyone that can scroll past mason and hardie is mental. I feel sorry for Murdoch played a much bigger role this decade but went for Gallagher based more on talent than sentiment. Less so for Ashcroft/Martin who’ve been with us a while and miss out to a guy who basically only played for a couple of months and sat out injured whilst we got relegated. But when those few months win you a title it’s massive. Clark would probably want in, he gave us a few seasons of reliable goals whilst faiss gave us 1 superb season and 1 terrible season with the rest of his time being a bit part player. But he was absolutely brilliant that year and I prefer to think last season didn’t happen.
  7. Some of the options available in the official team of the decade
  8. The ref did absolutely fine baring possibly missing millers elbow but it’s easy to see why something that far off the ball gets missed. Pushing someone who is through on goal over is a red card 4 minutes in or the last minute. ‘The spectacle’ isn’t what the ref is there for.
  9. Having watched the highlights gill definitely needs to do better from the free kick. The 2nd penalty is ridiculously clumsy by cole. And o’ware’s defending is still hilarious 2nd time round.
  10. None. Easy decision from the ref and McCall was pretty unhappy at him in post match interviews
  11. HL has had real difficulty in getting a champion before the play-offs with 18 teams, I doubt the LL would want to be put in that position. Tho with floodlights becoming mandatory there is more scope for midweek games(again tho the HL has these and struggles)
  12. After today by my reckoning Nisbet needs 6 goals before the end of the season to be our best goalscorer since Crawford got 22 in 02/03(faiss destroying league 1 diddies aside) I once watched Chemin in a reserve match when he first joined, the boy had literally no idea where he was meant to be on the pitch. Spent most of the time standing way out of position, bench and half the team screaming at him before someone would eventually go over to him and direct him to a more appropriate position. Up there with phinn getting picked up and moved to where he should’ve been standing at corners by our keeper at the time(who for some reason I can’t remember) Paul George had me quite excited, he had ripped us a new arsehole in the youth cup final a couple of years earlier and there was 0 doubt in my mind that he’d tear up league 1. I was very wrong.
  13. Not exactly uncommon for a team winning comfortably to make a few subs and the game to die off. Mcgill hasn’t taken any of the chances he’s been given. Can’t really complain about him getting some time today but I’d definitely be looking for McCann to play ahead of him in more important occasions. The ref decided to that partick were to play with 10 men for 85 minutes cos o’ware decided to commit a red card offence after 5 minutes. What do you expect him to do?
  14. That was ridiculously easy. Not often you can win 5-1 and not play particularly well. Partick need a new squad in January if they have any hope staying up. Baring Brechin they are the worst side playing this level in at least a decade(yes I would have them as worse than falkirk last year)
  15. We don’t pay any wages until he’s available for selection.
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