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  1. There’s going to be some confused Catalans trying to figure out what some boi yasss means in a few years time when we go to the Barcelona forums.
  2. His arse does taste like chocolate are we’re here to make sure every c**t kens. You might as well get used to it, we have another 2 months of this before we’ll have anything else to talk about, once we start playing games again we might ease up and only remind you every 10 minutes before ramping things up again when he puts Scotland into a major tournament for the first time in a billion years.
  3. So the pub pays the club £50 so they can get 24 people in watching the game. But unless all of those people would not have attended the match the club will likely lose money. If only 3 choose to watch in the pub when they would have gone they have lost money. If all 24 would have otherwise gone to the game they would have lost hundreds of pounds. When you look at how big of an impact bbc games have on crowds you can definitely see why clubs would be very wary of fans choosing streaming over attending the game. Unless we can find a way of making sure streaming only is used by fans who otherwise wouldn’t watch the game then it’s a big risk. I wouldn’t mind allowing season ticket holders access to a stream for games they couldn’t attend, but you would need to be very careful that you don’t just end up with pubs just buying a season ticket and streaming games, or me attending the game with my season ticket and someone else using the stream. Or what would be 10 folk paying £20 each at the ground now just paying 1 fee to watch a stream in someone’s living room.
  4. Probably late in the day here but what the f**k is going on with Stewart’s thumbs?
  5. On what way is that different to the last 10 years or so where clubs have been operating streaming for non-uk viewers? We haven’t just invented streaming, just opening it up for a bigger audience. At some point that will likely revert back to what we’ve had already.
  6. Seems the most appropriate place. Feeling pretty shit tonight, missing my mum like f**k. She died 4 years ago and there no special occasions recently/ coming up but I was innocently flicking through a few pics of my niece and it hit like a brick everything she’s missing from. I’ve not had the best of weeks mentally which is probably contributing but I haven’t felt this low in a long time. Not expecting any response really and I’m not exactly open about my feelings but feel venting here is better than nothing.
  7. You can even go more recent, there’s now teenagers who have little concept of how big the hardie free kick was. A generation being raised on a diet of relegations, league 1 and play-off defeats. Sakes
  8. The key part of the visible from the outside aspect is the existence of a secure boundary wall at least 2m in height. It’s not just a case of preventing folk looking over the wall but in making the ground secure and not have fans sneaking in. And if you can’t control entry properly then all the other safety aspects that go with licensing are significantly compromised. On catering, as with things like cover and other spectator based aspects of the licensing . It’s about creating a standard that fans can expect to experience. Indeed just about everything is about creating a basic standard you can expect at different levels in the game. What facilities the players can expect, what fans can expect etc. These aren’t guidelines about how to improve your club/ground, they are essentials that must be met to play at various levels(above tier 6 and in the Scottish cup currently but I’d love to see lower levels of licensing)
  9. The changes from last year would be, Dundee becoming 2nd seeds, Ross county now 1st seeds in the north. Killie taking a 1st seed in place of Motherwell in the south with the change in who is playing in Europe. Importantly in terms of regions Arbroath now a 2nd seed instead of Partick, So Alloa move south. In the unseeded section Berwick and East Kilbride are replaced by Brora and Kelty. So region change for stenny possible unless they deliberately keep Brora and Kelty apart.
  10. For us there’s really not much appealing games, the top seeds are all very meh, we’ve not played Killie for the longest so maybe them but they are probably going to be one of the toughest to take points from. From the unseeded teams. I’d be happy to have Falkirk and if Kelty do play in the south then I’d like to play them. Probably take Annan from the rest as it holds the most appeal as an away game. (Hopefully by that point away fans can go to games, particularly if we played them in the 2nd batch of games) Generally we absolutely must avoid partick and queen of the south. They would be horrendous games to have.
  11. If I’ve worked it out correctly these will be the pots Top seeds North, St Johnstone ,ross county, Hibs, hearts South Killie, St mirren, Hamilton, livi 2nd seeds North Dundee, Dundee united, ICT, arbroath South dunfermline, Ayr, Morton, Alloa Unseeded North Elgin, Peterhead, Forfar, East fife, Montrose, Raith rovers, Brora, Cove, Cowdenbeath, Brechin, Strirling. Kelty. South Queen of the south, Partick, Stranraer, Clyde, Dumbarton, Airdrie, Annan, Albion Rovers, Queens Park, Edinburgh City, Falkirk. Stenny. Potentially a swap of Kelty and Stenny to keep the non-league teams in separate regions.
  12. I think this one instance is basically just to allow the player to continue playing at her local club. I highly doubt this exception is going to have a bunch of top players scrambling to go play Dutch amateur football just so they can compete against men.
  13. IMO it’s perfectly fine, I’m fact better than that, a sporting world where you can truly be judged on your ability and not your gender is quite idealistic.
  14. Even the outlying clubs don’t have a huge amount of difference. @HibeeJibee worked out Berwick s travel a few years ago(back when they were in the big leagues ) and the difference was negligible. The biggest journeys only happen a few times a season. The rest are just journeys to different parts of the central belt. Elgin are really not going care if it’s a 3 our trip to methil or 3 1/2 to coatbridge.
  15. So even if we take your scenario, 2 players chasing a ball, one has a 5 yard head start but you think the attacker is obviously going to get there first, control the ball comfortably in an area where he’s got a reasonable angle to work with and get a decent strike away with no one being able to get back ? How can you accurately calculate that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get a red card for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity when the attacker hadn’t got the ball under control.
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