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  1. Tell him isn’t big or impressive and normal people achieve that height with just a basic healthy diet(and lots of beer) Don’t forget the beer
  2. f**k all. They only thing to speculate on is couple of random trialists a taxi driver dropped off. One at least seems unavailable until january.
  3. Aye, but any of out of contracts will have been without a club for at least a month.
  4. Excellent game at humbug park where Crossgates came out on top despite being behind with 5 minutes to go. Haws had the better of the first half and rightly ahead responding quickly to the equalizer. Crossgates started the 2nd half better and with tempers flaring 2 bookings in quick succession(tho the 2nd tackle could have been red by itself) saw haws go down to 10 with 25 minutes left, the game was then entirely one sided from there. Pressure finally told with the equalizer with a few minutes left, the one way traffic didn’t stop and the winner game just into stoppage time. Ref probably wished he added about 30 seconds less on as the tensions boiled over and the game just about finished with an absolute rammy at the dugouts with most of the players involved. If was hard to keep track of what was involved but I think about if they had there been VAR about 3 red cards could have been shown. Ref settled on 3 yellows, one going to Campbell which was his 2nd. Glad to get out the ref blew for time moments after the free kick was taken. 331 at the game, a very good turnout.
  5. I earn an average uk salary, have a great business plan that is going to make me a multimillionaire, but I was scared I came into those riches I'd only have 2 Ferraris in my luxury home garage so I haven't bothered. Due to the tax changes I am now desperate to start the business.
  6. The old firm kids postponed their games due to youth internationals.
  7. Probably not a huge amount, just like darvel losing the play-off hasn’t done much
  8. If the WoS champion is unlicensed then the SoS and EpS champions have a playoff, if only one is licensed they get promoted automatically. If none of the tier 6 champions a licensed nobody goes up. It’s not that complicated
  9. That seems to be rather restrictive options
  10. Wasn't the deal with him going to Livi was he go back to hillfield swifts on loan?
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