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  1. f**k sakes. He was incredible. Absolutely ridiculous the amount of talent that we lose young.
  2. I don't care that this is probably made up, he's had a turbulent career in the 14 years since he played for us for just a few months in which we were relegated or he has personal issues. This gets me excited.
  3. FTFY, we’re not fucking around here. Every dropped point = a body part he receives in the post.
  4. If we get dorrans in we're just about done, I'd like an alternative ball winner to wilson on top of that but not sure we'll get it.
  5. We are very aware how bad an era this has been for us. Nobody is trying to hide that, the scrambling to to use the fact you've beaten us a few times during this period somehow makes morton good is the bizarre part here.
  6. Morton have had 1 decent side in the last 10 years, not getting the better of them is a problem for us.
  7. Pretty much as Dorans has been described above, takes the ball off the back 4, keeps the ball moving.
  8. Read your conditions for the Clyde game. Utterly insane, way beyond what any other club I’ve seen require.
  9. Which is why a comprehensive highlights package should be available .
  10. BBC showed virtually every minute of 2012 and 2016 for all sports.
  11. Rats BSC would be more suitable.
  12. Aye a wee bit. But that’s slightly my point Crawford’s natural instinct was to set us up to be hard to beat and hope to knick something. Grant is the opposite.
  13. Going to be tough for us whatever seeded team we play. We are set up to try and dominate possession and win through attacking flare. Time will tell if that’s going to succeed in the league, but if we’re looking to have a cup upset seems less likely to work vs being well organised and hoping to hit on the counter. Baring the seeded team having an absolute shocker I think this is as far as we go.
  14. Lack of a machine gun category lets them down.
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