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  1. We're not. Same distance to 9th and now further back from 8th. Morton drew and Hamilton won(yes apparently you can do that)
  2. I'm going to forgive him based on lack of match sharpness tbh.
  3. This is my big worry. Bad appointments happen, no board can get them all right, but what they can do is acknowledge mistakes and take time to address them. Our board don't want to do that. better just blame the fans.
  4. Can grant hold his own and get a win to be the joint 2nd longest manager to get a league win? Or will he let it slip and hold that title all by himself?
  5. I do agree Derbies benefit from this panto. We loved going after simmons especially but davidson, baird etc were worthy candidates. TBF i think there's a few potential candidates on either side that if the right circumstances happen and they stick around can become the good old classic villain. They lack of derbies with fans recently haven't let these things establish themselves properly.
  6. Always felt the north stand was good for keeping the noise in the area it's created. But pretty poor at projecting that out into the rest of the ground. Guess its hard to have it both ways.
  7. Our game management has been pathetic all season. We have absolutely no idea how to control the situations in front of us. There's enough experience on the pitch so it must come from the manager. Just simple things like taking time over throws and slowing the game down at the right times. Its been that long since we've been ahead in a game we had absolutely no idea what to do once we got there. As for the celebrations, was it a tad excessive for some of to run 50 yards to go have a go at the rovers fans? Yes. Was it excessive for rovers fans to go on the pitch? yes. But its fitba, its supposed to be OTT.
  8. Top 4 at this stage requires near title winning form from the start for a new manager. A tough ask. Realistically we have fucked things that badly 8th would be 'success' at this point.
  9. That's why I consider it a minimum standard. Its not a particularly good season, but if we were to finish 4th and have a good effort at the play-offs, developed youth players, or maybe had a cup run it would be something we can get behind.
  10. Picked out the two key points for me. 1. Absolutely. Typically 4th requires about 1.5 points per game, 1st 2 points a game. Those are the two main targets of this club. The first being the minimum standard we should accept from any manager. To be on 1.5 points per game at the half way point we need to win 7 of the next 8. That’s how far behind we are of an acceptable standard. The earliest chance we have to get to 2 points a game is be winning out next 14(fourteen) matches. 2. this is the biggest question and I’d love to have an answer.
  11. I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for them, being that far removed from reality must bring problems for them in day to day life. But I’m also slightly jealous with how easily they can be happy. Waking about with a spring in their step cos when their wife left, shagged their best mate, took the house and the kids she left them keep the toaster.
  12. New floodlights too(which better work after all the laughing we did at rovers) Can't expect players to get used to them right away, need a few games ...
  13. Perez would have probably been a bit quicker if he wasn't physically fucked. But I doubt he'd have been close. Great thing this year knowing its mostly a driver battle. They are in good cars of course but are consistently well ahead of their team mates,
  14. Excellent last few laps from max. Bit fortunate on the margins for DRS, him getting it and Hamilton not, But holding off hamilton in that scenario takes a bit of doing.
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