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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Long term we should be looking at tier 6 being licensed(or at least all in process) the doesn't matter if that is EoS premier or LL2(in whatever form). Something like the LL rules on day1 (clubs have 2 years) Think that would provide a good progression plan. Rightly Never going to happen with tier 6 containing some very small clubs, but once a established system develops (I.e removal of conferences) it should e achievable.
  2. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Strange to hear the railway stand is potentially unusable. You only renovated it a few years ago, how the f**k is it already in disrepair?
  3. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Probably us in our 1st league 1 season. You beat us in the challenge cup, east fife in the league and cowden in the playoffs. They do seem to be particularly arsy. They are the only club to take the 'we want every fan to pay a £1000 deposit to get a unique serial code that will allow access to their individual seat' seriously, every other club it's been a token gesture at best. It achieves f**k all apart from discouraging fans from attending.
  4. Dundee United v Dunfermline

    It was very odd f**k knows why he did it
  5. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    I'm particularly in love with joe thomson , him and beadling are 2 great midfielders. Keena is also a premiership striker in waiting Unfortunately who they line up alongside aren't showing any sort of form.
  6. Dundee United v Dunfermline

    I don't think we were that bad. Played with good intensity and Vincent should of had us ahead. Fell out of the game later on and we all know clark is a real danger in the box. Craigen got caught at the goal, both giving away the free kick and then caught sleeping. He has been at fault for a few recently and I'd be quite keen to get Martin in there. Anyone know why he wasn't in the squad?
  7. Dundee United v Dunfermline

    Actually excited about this. That's not normally a good sign
  8. Dundee United v Dunfermline

    Certainly a more interesting game now. Any word on who(if anyone) Crawford will have in the dugout with him?
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    I wonder what position the HL is in to refuse applications if the applicant is licensed. If Banks o' dee applied do they have to be accepted? What if a tayside club got licensed?
  10. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Newmember can surely tell us exactly how many Bridies per month we can be give to any manager?
  11. It was Johnston who let him go. McIntyre had left 4 years before that.
  12. London is massively over-funded compared to the rest of the country, it's an utter pisstake what westministsr will spend on infrastructure close by whilst ignoring everywhere else.
  13. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Both aird and mcmullan went through purple patches and quite spells. In fact is there a single winger that can claim anything different?
  14. Ton v County - Friday night

    What the fucks going on at county? More than enough quality(and money spent) in that side to dominate this league especially with Dundee United not showing any sort of form. You started well and don't really have any excuses for not carrying that on. Going by the state of kettlewell and Fraser is it simply a case of being unable to deal with things when they go against you?
  15. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Thanks for your input m8