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  1. Reading through this sub-forum and this thread, it is clear that anyone (Malky3 this time) who disagrees with or puts forward any form of argument against the SNP/ independence, is branded a troll and/ or subjected to abuse. It’s pathetic, juvenile behaviour. As there simply isn’t going to be another independence referendum anytime soon, perhaps the Scottish government should concentrate on running the country and improving it. Who knows, this might even convince more people to support and vote for them/ their cause.
  2. Is this a thing? Not read about it anywhere. Who’s looking at him?
  3. Enjoy. Probably the best restaurant in Glasgow IMO. Staff are good too and down to earth, for a ‘poncy’ restaurant.
  4. Looking at our goal difference and the number we conceded..... think how good that team could have been without that liability in goals.
  5. Is this just a problem on web based? The app seems ok but cannot load any forum pages on IOS.
  6. They’ll not be sniffing around our players any time soon after we (Curtis) Mained them last summer.
  7. I We’ll have a look and let Tommy know ......
  8. Glasgow really being asset stripped. Probably inevitable given their recent success, but still sad to see. SRU won’t be giving a shite either as Edinburgh are improving.
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