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  1. This. 2 episodes to go and it’s very good. Agree Linklater is excellent in it.
  2. This is my thinking. And it’s going to really piss me off if it happens.
  3. Exactly how I feel about him. Always want him to do well. Felt the same as he did the lap of honour with the players after the play off 2nd leg. I mean, we were shite for the most part under him, but no hard feelings whatsoever. And those two games…..
  4. Think there was a vandetta against Sevco, or something like that. As you say, P&B folklore now.
  5. I started this last night. Then gave up. you’re right, it’s shite
  6. … and a few slices of breaded butter.
  7. Gordon really is so much better than both Celtic keepers.
  8. They’ll be peeling the badges off the Motherwell away top as I speak. Or type.
  9. Sounds like a great way to spend a few days in London. Enjoy. And congratulations.
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