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  1. The St Mirren squad is going to fairly bulk out over the next week or so.
  2. Whilst I do agree with this, it was only a few short weeks ago that pretty much everyone thought GA was an imposter and wanted rid. ‘Tis a fickle game indeed….
  3. He’s going to play a blinder. I just fucking know it.
  4. This. It was excellent. Has the second season been confirmed?
  5. Alexander would probably use the brush to mop the floor and the mop to clean the windows. The mop bucket would be used up front.
  6. Agree. Pity (for Celtic) he’s not very good at football
  7. To the game… I went shopping yesterday afternoon to try and avoid the misery of following the game. As I walked in the door of Aldi I made the mistake of checking flashscores on my phone, just as St Mirren scored the opener. The “JUST f**k OFF Alexander” that was meant to be internal, came out, rather loudly, drawing looks of confusion and disgust from other customers going about their business. A sort of MFC Tourette’s if you will. Anyway, always thought it would end well and that Alexander was a great manager.
  8. Indeed. He also seems to have disappeared for ages (years?) and has recently returned. My, how we all missed him and welcome him back with open arms….
  9. 5 Motherwell goals in one game?!? I haven’t heard of such a thing since Alexander took over. well, if it works for you…..
  10. Fair point. We should channel some positive energy to defeat the evil, Ghostbusters II style. 3-0 ‘Well
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