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  1. Yup, and he duly obliged with the expected dull responses. I wish him well, not against us of course, but can’t help thinking he looks like he should be stacking shelves in Tesco.
  2. McGregor? Really? I think he’s a cracking player.
  3. Superscoreboard? mention of non Old Firm* team? Anyone else smell shite?
  4. Pretty much resigned to this myself*. Still, it’s been fun.... For all that I hate the thought of him playing for them, hope he has a great career and gets a move to the EPL in the future**. *crosses fingers that he doesn’t join them* **crosses toes that he comes ‘home’ in the future, a la POD, not McClair*
  5. Joking aside, seems like he’s on the verge of throwing his career away for good. Shame really, as he was a cracking player when we had him first time round.
  6. ‘mon then Villa, lets be having you. Just for the utter fucking seethe.
  7. What did the wee fella on the left graduate from? Nursery school?
  8. Aside from everything else, he’s not that good. Bain that is. And Tom English, thinking about it.
  9. He’s got a point though. Time will tell but not so sure it’s a great appointment (or appointments). Quite like you lot as well, hope you come back up first time. At the expense of United.
  10. Sable or muscat varieties are especially good. Or the candy floss variety M&S sell. Long overdue thread this.
  11. Agreed 100%. Think that’s around what we will get for him, but it’s frustrating as hell. As someone said a few posts up, if he were an English championship player, think what he’d be valued at......
  12. What a season though. Turnbull has scored the same number of goals, from midfield, in a team that before Christmas looked like it was in real danger of relegation. He has almost single handedly turned Motherwell around this season. Edouard has played a couple of extra games, as a striker, in a team that is comfortably better than its opposition, creates multiple more chances, and has sauntered to the league title. I do take your point, and of course I’m biased, but I wouldn’t swap Turnbull for Edouard.
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