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  1. Initial reaction was that it was in poor taste and harsh on the player. However, it quickly became apparent this was and is intended as lighthearted and the player was ‘in on it’, as now confirmed. So fair play Livi. Hearts fans bleating in here should drop down to the championship forum and start to make themselves at home.
  2. Looks good, but more like an Italian style vegetable stew than a paella.
  3. Think he was sleeping. And sleep-gibbering away at his keyboard.
  4. What’s the silly old biddy up to now? Can the other club chairman not just tell her to wind her neck in and give us all peace. Hearts, just f**k off down quietly please. You’re utter shite and were going down, full season or not.
  5. Don’t think it’s a mafia at all. More like one of the shitey gangs in The Warriors. Maybe The Orphans. Or The Baseball Furies.
  6. Hummus, preferably a jalapeño one, and sliced pickle. Add sundried tomatoes sometimes. Decent sliced brown bread or in a wrap, if that’s acceptable for this thread[emoji848]
  7. Hope we were one of the 6 tbh. Get fucking down Hearts and stop your blubbering.
  8. Hope so, I really do. If this was the ‘Well manager vacancy and Levein or Dodds were even linked, it would boil my piss.
  9. I’m worried for the St Johnstone fans. Even the thought of it should give them the heebie jeebies.
  10. Both legs of the play off please. On a constant loop. With two hours of build up and then post-match analysis of the snottery tears from the Sevco fans.
  11. And a linesman is a linesman. Unless it’s a female, in which case it’s a linesperson I suppose.
  12. I like ‘SPL’. Much better than the SPFL Premiership. Think we should rename the top league when reconstruction happens. And if it doesn’t, and we don’t, I don’t care either way. Take that.
  13. Honestly don’t remember him being anything other then a flapping, useless clown. Maybe being very harsh, buts that’s my recollection. Almost happy if I’m wrong.
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