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  1. O’Donnells for me. Get that there are better moves/ build ups in the selection, but can’t help but love an absolute blooter from outside the box.
  2. Yup, that’s right. Although technically Jake Hastie is a Rangers player. Best ask them.
  3. The Well Society (fan ownership group..... or the fans)
  4. Hoping our manager is of the same view, although COVID likely to still play a big part in who we can attract from down south or even further afield.
  5. It’s a recent phenomenon.... could also be termed the ‘friends of Declan’ policy, after our soon leave club captain......Who we signed from Livi.
  6. Will have a listen. Just as soon as the Si Ferry one is out the way.
  7. Craig Reid, last minute of the last game of the season, to beat Aberdeen. Get your finger out Burrows.
  8. The games don’t kick off till 6pm mate. But, I take your point 🥺
  9. In that photo it looks like half the seats are facing the wrong way. Maybe no bad thing.
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