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  1. And snaffles a handful of the contaminated mints from the bowl on the way out.
  2. Chill man, it’s only football. Have a curry.
  3. The game? Blah, blah whatever. On curries, any recommendations for shop bought? M&S range always decent and Iceland (strangely?) do a range of very taste Indian street food stuff. But any real wonders, not to be missed? Paneer or not. Anyone ever had a shop bought naan that wasn’t a pale imitation of the restaurant/ takeaway version?
  4. Has Mark McGhee thrown his hat in the ring yet? Obvious choice.
  5. Hang about mate, we’ve got bigger smaller fish to fry on Wednesday
  6. Meanwhile, we are taking a running jump in the same direction.
  7. This. There are far too many that don’t appear to give a shite and want away. Starting with our ‘ill/ injured’ club captain. Well, they can all get so far to f**k and enjoy the stellar careers they all think they’ll have elsewhere. And yes, I’m raging.
  8. Whilst I’m not disagreeing, my gran, who would be in her mid 90s had she not died 6 years ago, would probably dominate our midfield.
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