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  1. Coming to a boro forum near you......


  2. Is to retire from P&B. 99.9% of the time, I was joking. Don't take things too seriously people, we're only here for the banter. P.S. accies to div1

  3. That'll be the one, At least if TNA did chose to do this they could only better the last one.... David Arquet vs Jeff Jarrett vs DDP.
  4. Normally that goes without saying BFG = Abyss = Monsters ball = pish. I'm hoping that we see AJ and Sabu ontop of the cell and Sabu does an arabian guillotine off a ladder through a table. Lethal Lockdown is like HIAC but with weapons, loads more action and much much better, like War Games in WCW I love when there is a match where there is action happening all over the place, same thing with the royal rumble, there is so much happening sometimes they miss eliminations (and wee here the word "teetering" 50 times) Love it. P.S. Bring back WCW's 3 stages of hell match.
  5. You can tell how much more the good mic speakers are enjoying beingin TNA just because of the freedom to use their own creative control on how they portay their characters. And giving guys like Flair that kind of power really pays off.
  6. Single best Promo I have seen in YEARS! Foley and Flair look like they have just found that fire that they had in their prime, amazing promo, Foley really hit himself a little too hard, that'll hurt in the morning. Flair vs Foley in a match next week on a LIVE edition of Impact and also the $100,000 Battle Royale. Also I love everytime Angle wrestles you get the feeling you are watching someone on top of their game, someone so good that he is a once in a generation wrestler, amazing, there is no doubt that right now he is by far the very best wrestler in the world, miles ahead of anyone else. When he does retire it will be a loss for the business. TNA stepping things up very well, I hope they really do have a suprise for BFG they all know what we expect yet they keep hyping the suprise up, we will soon see.... we will soon see.
  7. He would say "Thanks for stating the bloody obvious"
  8. Quite a bit on an insurance bet for bursaspor tonight. Would have been a nice wee return, but I'm more than happy with the points..... even if I can't buy a pint with them. Oh and Livi, Arsenal, Leeds, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea..... My coupons lately have been utterly shit. I'm going to give this betting lark a rest.
  9. Drowned in concrete will do that to you.
  10. Aah yeah, that'll be right, I never really watch smackdown, can't stand the amount of filler (raw review, vault matches, 20 minutes about cenas new movie, ect...) I did mark out for Bearer, aahh attitude era flashback if only for a moment. I do HATE how the wwe take us for idiots by doing things like Killing bearer then having him appear a few years later and how The great khali and that shing guy are now brothers after years of them being wrestler and translator, and so on. Vicky guerrero has to be the most hated heel working today. The new mexican guy is a bit of a hit and miss, not really enjoying his parts, JBL is an utter c**t, but Smackdown misses him.
  11. BT Vision has told me that I have recorded smackdown, watching it now it's this weeks one (well the latest, ya ken?) and can someone tell me why there is a Y2J vs MVP match from 2007 in it for no reason? Edit: Also I thought chops were banned by vince? Saw Kane and Masters using them to WOOOOOO's Also Kane saying "Creatures of the night" Been watching too many Jeff Hardy promos
  12. Lovely looking? Fucking hell... she was a kid!
  13. I was front row behind the north end (not the preston north end, but the magnetic north end) and being low down it is a pretty shoddy view of the opposite box, You can see it but with 23 bodies floating about you can't always get the best of views, no idea what the penalty was given for, but there didn't look to be much protest, seen the headed goals fine enough, our 3rd (I think) was set up for us on a plate by the PNE LB. Things were great until the 40th minute.... Ya live and learn... Probably the worst kind of defeat is thinking you have won by miles then losing.... either that or losing with a 95th minute goal, can't decide. Leeds might be shit, but it's never dull. Also on the odd side was that there was an announcement giving the clubs condolences out to a Leeds millionaire who supports the club and whose company sponsors run full along the main stand, died the other day after falling off his segway. Bizzare!
  14. Awww what have I ever done to you Sherrif, Protect and serve the people or I'll have your badge!

  15. Good bait on here intentional or not, but I agree with it all, we were utterly utterly gutless, Gradel was the worst man on the park by miles, The whole of the north stand were singing for the last ten minutes "4-1 and we fucked it up, 4-1 and we fucked it up!" Totally gutted, first half was amazing we were scoring and also playing some good football, they scored to make it 4-2 just before HT and we came out with the mindset to sit on the win, they came out with an attacking mindset, came at us and we crumbled, missed 8 of the 10 goals as they were are the other end and I was behind the goals at the kop end so never got a good look at them or the penalty they got. Max Gradel hit every cross either Out of the park or straight to the first defender, he needs to be dropped was shit against sheff utd too. Grayson got his tactics totally wrong but I'm far from calling from his head. Luckilly a number of other teams in the league got draws so they haven't slipped as much as we might have. Win away to Ipswich next will make up for it though. Feel free diddies to take the piss, you know I would if it was your team. To add fuel to your laughter fire, I'll tell you this.... at 4-1 down we were all singing "You're getting sacked in the morning" to fergie.... he had the last laugh, we deserved to lose. It's as simple as that, we were shite. Luckilly we are still in a good position and the Championship has a long Long season and we still have a lot of guys to come back in from injury/suspention. Look on the bright side.
  16. Your patter has taken a dramitic turn for the better recently, keep it up!

  17. Leeds still have that feel about them that takes you back to when English football was a mans game and not like it is now, foreign nancy boys diving all the time, quiet fans, a million step overs per game by the wingers. I like to watch that show on ITV4(?) that shows you a game from 30 years ago, I saw Newcastle vs Leicester recently and it's amazing how much football has changed, the tackles then would all be automatic reds now, players would play on no matter how much of a bog the pitch was, I love the old game, and you get an extra feel that Leeds still have that old fashioned way about them sometimes. Looking forward to tonights game, I think it will be the exact same line up as last week due to injuries and Snodgrass being suspended. Prestons 2 Man Utd loan players both have injuries too though. I hope we go out and put on a good show and win by a good margin, none of this slipping up to the bottom clubs at home pish please! Will be getting there nice and early and getting a pie and a drink, not sure what to expect attendance wise, doubt Preston are taking a large away support tonight.
  18. Do you like Alan Carr?

  19. Aye I'm amazed at the amount of fans they get from the orient, they go mad for Man Utd.... no idea why? Talk about glory hunting, they come from another continent! Not seen any other Top 4 side try to appeal so much to the Asian market. Truely a hideous club, can't wait until bacon face retires, when the old faces (ferdinand, VDS, neville, scholes, giggs, fergie) all go then thats the spine and heart of the club gone, they will be left with lack of identity and glazer at the helm to run them into the ground.
  20. Was flood not sold/loaned out? Or am I getting it mixed up and he is out injured? So thats McDonald, Boyd, Robson, McManus, Flood, Thomson and Killen.... 7 players from the old firm he has brought in within a year. Strange thing is Killen thats Twice he bought that player and twice he left him to rot before he got sold on. Snodgrass was brilliant before he got sent off, got a huge cheers when they read out the team sheet and subs and also got a huge cheer when sent to warm up. If we do manage to get Promoted again this season then I'm sure he will get a call up, shame that the SFA don't want to know you unless you are playing in a EPL yo-yo club or the Old Firm.
  21. +1 Cheers! Hoping for a decent EPL team that we can beat with a bit of luck and then draw a big gun. Blackburn and then Man Utd would be good. Win lose or draw, Leeds vs Man Utd is a tie we live to be a part of. One of the Main reasons I can't wait to be back in the EPL.
  22. Other than Snodgrass ofcourse. Talking of the manc game, anyone know when the first round of the FA cup will be drawn? Gutted that we got pumped out of the diddie cup early on, but The F.A. cup is where we want to be doing well in.
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